This is a collection of letters and orders of Aurangzeb compiled by ‘Inayatullah in AD 1719 and covers the years 1699-1704 of Aurangzeb’s reign. Longest Living Immortal Trees of Heaven Still Exists on Earth! 17. This happened three or four times. …”, “… The newswriter of Ranthambore REPORTED THE DESTRUCTION OF A TEMPLE IN PARGANAH BHAGWANT GARH. IDOLS WERE BROKEN AND SOME TEMPLES WERE CONVERTED INTO MOSQUES. …”, ” … Darab Khan who had been sent with a strong force to punish the Rajputs of Khandela and TO DEMOLISH THE GREAT TEMPLE OF THE PLACE, attacked on March 8th/Safar 5th, and slew the three hundred and odd men who made a bold defence, not one of them escaping alive. REMOVE THE RAILING.’ By his order Abdun Nabi Khan (the faujdar of Mathura) REMOVED IT…”, [ Read also Why Hindus Should Never Trust Muslims ], ” … News came from Malwa that Wazir Khan had sent Gada Beg, a slave, with 400 troopers, TO DESTROY ALL TEMPLES AROUND UJJAIN… A Rawat of the place resisted and slew Gada Beg with 121 of his men…”, “…… The Emperor learnt from a secret news writer of Delhi that in Jaisinghpura Bairagis used to worship idols, and that the Censor on hearing of it had gone there, arrested Sri Krishna Bairagis and taken him with 15 idols away to his house; then the Rajputs had assembled, flocked to the Censor’s house, wounded three footmen of the Censor and tried to seize the Censor himself; so that the latter set the Bairagis free and sent the copper idols to the local subahdar …”, “… The Emperor, summoning Muhammad Khalil and Khidmat Rai, the darogha of hatchet-men …. Shah Yasin, however, took up the sword and started for Jihad. Takshak | “Makke Madine di Goshati”, edited by Dr. Kulwant Singh, Patiala, 1988. Ghazwa-E-Hind | On May 21, 1681, the superintendent of the labourers WAS ORDERED TO DESTROY ALL THE TEMPLES on the route…”, Lakheri ( ? On 23 June, 1694, THE GOVERNER OF AJMER WAS ORDERED TO DESTROY THE TEMPLE and stop the public adoration of idol worship there…”, ” … The TEMPLE OF WAKENKHERA IN THE FORT WAS DEMOLISHED ON 2 MARCH, 1705. … All mosques in the empire are repaired at public expense…”. Hanuman Chalisa | A considerable part of Aurangzeb’s energies were consumed in keeping his numerous opponents at bay, and he had to deal with the Rajputs, the disloyalty of his son Akbar, and the Sikhs, whose leader, Guru Tegh Bahadur, was killed at Aurangzeb’s command when he refused to convert to Islam. Keep it lifetime free by sharing all our articles in social media sites. The hatchet-men of the Govt. Murgotte, New York, 1924. 12. In the painting, the entire sequence of events after Shambhaji’s arrival in the camp, his cruel death and barbaric manner in which his body was cut into pieces and fed to dogs of tulapur, have been brought out alive. After undergoing a fortnight of torture and insult, on February,1689, the captives were put to a cruel and painful death on the 11th March, their limbs being hacked off one by one and their flesh thrown to the dogs. “… The infidels demolished a mosque that was under construction and wounded the artisans. A local woman is also said to be under the scanner for Aurangzeb’s killing. 2:11 . THE HEWERS BROKE THE IMAGES. Archaeological explorations and excavations in modern times have proved unmistakably that most of the mosques, mazars, ziarats and dargahs which were built in this area, stood on the sites of and were made from the materials of deliberately demolished Hindu monuments. His full name was Muhi-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb. Apart from it, the trees of his gardens were also destroyed…”. Hindu | The recent manifestation being destruction of Buddha statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan and demolition of hundreds of Hindu, non-muslim temples in pakistan, bangladesh and burma. The emperor tried to seize his children and have them brought up as fanatic muslims. He killed all his three brothers one by one and imprisoned his father Shahjahan at Agra. Chuvin, Pierre, “A Chronicle of the Last Pagans”, Harvard, 1990. It’s true he did terrible things to the Sikhs, the Hindus i.e the Marathas, the Rajputs and the Satnamis but we should also keep in mind that he killed all his brothers, imprisoned and humiliated his father and also killed his beloved sister Roshanara. I, New Delhi, 1983. Why Hindus Never Initiated “Reclaim Temples” Movement in Independent Bharat? Your email address will not be published. He put his father on house arrest from the July of 1658 till he died in January of 1666. next day the wall was rebuilt but it was again destroyed. Near the place there was a temple and many houses belonging to it were in the occupation of the Rajputs. Aurangzeb later sent his son into exile in Persia, from where he never returned. The Khan received the title of Bahadur Alamgirshahi…”, “… Abu Turab, who had been SENT TO DEMOLISH THE TEMPLES of AMBER, returned to the Court on Tuesday August 10th (Rajab 24th), and reported that HE HAD PULLED DOWN SIXTY-SIX TEMPLES. Gaj Singh Gor had repaired the temple and made some additions thereto…”, ” … Royal orders FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF TEMPLES IN MALPURA TODA were received and the officers were assigned for this work…”, This is a diary of Mir Jumla’s campaigns in Kuch Bihar and Assam. “…The Lord Cherisher of the faith learnt that in the provinces of Tatta, Multan, and especially at Benaras, the Brahmin misbelievers used to teach their false books in their established schools, and that admirers and students both Hindu and Muslim, used to come from great distances to these misguided men in order to acquire this vile learning. The festival of the solar new year was completely abolished.”, [ Read also REVEALED! Naga Sadhu | In 1675 Aurangzeb arrested and executed the Sikh Guru (spiritual leader) Tegh Bahadur, who had refused to embrace Islam; the succeeding Guru was in open rebellion for the rest of Aurangzeb’s reign. He was succeeded by his son Azam Shah who also got killed merely months after becoming the emperor. Banda was another great Sikh who replaced Guru Govind as someone to lead the Sikhs. His Majesty personally teaches the sacred kalima to many infidels with success. In Punjab, Muslim governors killed hundreds of Sikh children and made Sikh women eat the flesh of their own killed children. He practiced a much more orthodox, even fundamentalist version of … Although Mughal rulers from Akbar the Great through Shah Jahan practiced a remarkable degree of religious tolerance and were great patrons of the arts, Aurangzeb reversed both of these policies. Geography, Map Known to Ancient Vedic Hindus, If Hindus Do not Become Dharma Yoddha, They Will Die in Neighbourhood Muslim Terrorism. “In the former reigns one side of the coins had been adorned with the words of the creed and the names of the first four Caliphs; but as the coins pass into many unworthy places, and may fall under feet of Hindus, it was ordered that this superscription should be changed.”, How Scientific calendar representing Vedic fire worshipping format was changed to less accurate Mohammedan calendar He died in AD 1683. Aurangzeb was a religious bigot, very cunning, cruel and wicked towards Hindus; true to the teachings of koran. His majesty, eager to establish Islam, issues orders to the governors of all the provinces TO DEMOLISH THE SCHOOLS AND TEMPLES OF THE INFIDELS and with utmost urgency put down the teaching and the public practice of the religion of these misbelievers…”, ” …It was reported that, according to the Emperor’s command, his officers HAD DEMOLISHED THE TEMPLE OF VISHWANATH AT KASHI. It is alear from the literary evidence collected alone that all Muslim rulers destroyed or desecrated Hindu temples whenever and wherever they could. THE IDOLS, LARGE AND SMALL SET WITH COSTLY JEWELS WHIC HAD BEEN SET UP IN THE TEMPLE WERE BROUGHT TO AGRA AND BURIED UNDER THE STEPS OF THE MOSQUE OF BEGUM SAHIB, IN ORDER TO BE CONTINUALLY TRODDEN UPON. He adopted the same policy towards the young Maratha Prince Shahu. …”, “… The village of Sattara near Aurangabad was my hunting ground. Click to CONTACT US/SUGGEST US | Email us: See All: WISDOM | PAST | HINDU FACTS | BHAJAN LYRICS, Visitor Links: Subscribe for Inbox | Patal Kunds | Terms | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy, Top Researched Articles: 8. Here are the main facts on the six major Mughal emperors in Indian history. Aurangzeb was born as Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb and is commonly known as Aurangzeb Alamgir After his fight and win over a war elephant who had stampeded through the Mughal Imperial encampment, earned him the title of 'Bahadur'. With the advent of night the infidels came to achieve their nefarious purpose. 5. The author was a Brahman from Gujarat, born around AD 1654. These were reports from different provinces compiled in the reign of Aurangzeb. …”. All artists were forbidden to sing, play musical instruments or to dance or paint or practice art. First of all Bhai Mati das was asked to become a Muslim. Accounts of Temple Destruction by Historians of Aurangzeb: Some of the literary evidence of temple destruction during Aurangzeb’s rule is listed below. ॐHow Ganga Came to Earth, Became Sacred River for Hindus, AMAZING! The Image below is closeup snapshot of main image showing that Aurangzeb killed 4.6 millions of Hindus. Usmani. – It has been reported that Aurangzeb has died and friends and loved ones are totally devastated and saddened. Elliot and Dowson, “History of India as told by its own Historians”, 8 volumes, Allahbad Reprint, 1964. “… The TEMPLE OF SOMNATH WAS DEMOLISHED early in my reign and idol worship (there) put down. A Giant Killer: Shivaji, the ‘little great man’ was a giant killer. The terrorists eventually burnt down the entire library. Therefore, you are commanded with extreme urgency that immediately on the receipt of this letter YOU SHOULD DESTROY THE ABOVE MENTIONED TEMPLES. This is another compilation of letters and orders by ‘Inayatu’llah covering the years 1703-06 of Aurangzeb’s reign. The name of Mathura was changed to Islamabad. Kailash | Dyal Das, Mati Das and Sati Das as well as the Guru were brought to the open space in front of the Kotwali (Mati Das and Sati das were brothers, they were former Brahmins and belong to the area of Jammu, instead of converting to islam favored Sikhism). The infidels decided that the construction of a mosque in the locality was not proper and that it should be razed to the ground. Brothers Of Aurangzeb, Soldier Killed By Terrorists In J&K, Join Army Jul 27, 2019. 3. “Futuhat-i-Alamgiri” by Ishwardas Nagar, trans. “Alberuni’s India”, translated by E.C. Aurangzeb’s bullet-ridden body was found in Pulwama’s Gooso village on June 14. How Non-Hindus Population Increased in India. Mughal Terror, सत्य वचन: धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः । तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत् | भावार्थ: धर्म का लोप कर देने से वह लोप करने वालों का नाश कर देता है और रक्षित किया हुआ धर्म, रक्षक की रक्षा करता है। इसलिए धर्म का हनन कभी नहीं करना चाहिए, जिससे नष्ट हुआ धर्म कभी हमको न समाप्त कर दे। । Meaning: Immortal Truth- Sanatan Hindu Dharma annihilates the abuser and destroyer and protects the one who protects Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Geeta Updesh Karmyog | गीता उपदेश कर्म योग, Ramayana Proofs, Evidences: Scientific, Archaeological Monuments in India, Sri Lanka, Scientific Dating and Chronology of Mahabharat, History of India, The Inspiring Incidents of Prithviraj Chauhan: The Last Hindu King of Delhi, Mahabharat Summary संक्षिप्त महाभारत: Beginning of Kaliyug, World’s Largest Hindu Temple,Sanatan Dharma is Eternal Alive. By: PTI | 18 May 2019 03:54 PM (IST) In the ensuing encounter, three militants were killed and the bodies were retrieved from the site of encounter, the spokesman said./ The name of the town was changed to Alamgirnagar; the muslim call to prayer, so long forbidden in the city, was chanted from the lofty roof of the palace, and a mosque was built by DEMOLISHING THE PRINCIPLE TEMPLE…”. Jolt To BJP As Ally RLP Quits NDA Over Farm Laws, Chief Beniwal Says Not Stuck To Alliance With Fevicol, CBSE Board Exam Dates: Education Minister To Announce Class 10, 12 Exam Schedule On Dec 31, Farmers' Protest HIGHLIGHTS: Farmers Propose Round 6 Talks With Govt On Dec 29, Repeal Of Agri Laws Is Key Demand. When he came to the mosque, people collected from the neighborhood. Boycott Aamir Khan Movies for Life, Ban Anti-Hindu Movie PK. Traditional and newly coherent social groups in northern and western India, such as the Marathas, Rajputs, Hindu Jats, Pashtuns, and Sikhs, gained military and governing ambitions during Mughal rule, which, through collaboration or opposition, gave them both recognition and military experience. Proofs Kaliyuga Happened Before, ॐ Scientific Mysteries of Hindu Beliefs with Amazing Facts ॐ, How to Fightback Negative Energies and Behaviour, Rishi Agastya Inventor of Portable Electricity, Battery and Cells. 10. By this time, Aurangzeb had grown stronger and therefore, inherited the throne. In 1675, Tegh Bahadur, the ninth of the sikh gurus was taken and executed because he refused to embrace Islam. Twenty ‘machator’ Rajputs who were sitting in the Temple vowed to give up their lives; first one of them came out to fight, killed some and was them himself slain, then came out another and so on, until every one of the twenty perished, after killing a large number of the imperialists including the trusted slave Ikhlas. There is nothing in his style which may mark him out as a Hindu. [ Read also Akabar Was Barbaric, Cruel and Anti-Hindu King ]. His bullet-riddled body was found at a village in Pulwama, hours after he had left his unit in Shopian to join his family in Rajouri for Eid celebrations. The Brother Aurangzeb Killed. into English by Tasneem Ahmad, Delhi, 1978. Ashwatthama | 11. ” … When the imperial army was encamping at Mathura, a holy city of the Hindus, the state of affairs with regard to temples of Mathura was brought to the notice of His Majesty. Sarkar, Jadunath, “History of Aurangzeb,” 3 Volumes, Calcutta, 1972, 73. Why Hindus Tolerate Anti-Hindu Bollywood Hindi Cinema Industry? Shiv Lingam | Terrorist aurangzeb’s rule was gory saga of loot, r@pe, killing and genocide of Hindus. Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie Mohalla Assi for Denigrating Bhagwan Shiv and Mocking Culture of Bharat, Mind Blowing Amazing Facts on Sanskrit, Interesting Article on Sanskrit, Swami Vivekananda Quotes स्वामी विवेकानंद सुविचार [Hindi], How to do Krishna Janmashtami Puja, Pleasing Bal Krishna with Janmashtami Pujan [English/हिंदी] 2020, The Hindu Science of Idol Worship Is The Greatest Discovery of Mankind, ॐ Sound Analysis: Spectral Analysis Vedic Mantra OM ॐ ॐ, How to Prepare for Moksha:Non-existence Self Samadhi Stage, Namaskar/Namaste: Science & Benefits of Vedic Hindu Greet, Forced Conversions, R@pe of Hindu Girls Made Hindus Demand New Law, How HariBhakt Lakhandas Got Darshan of Bhagwan Krishna, Real Life Experiences with Bhagwan Krishna By HariPriya, FACT: Sweet Maker Met Bhagwan Krishna Personally (Real Life Incident), REVEALED! Sushruta Samhita: Father, Inventor of Surgery, First Surgeon of the World in 600 B.C. Throughout the struggle, Aurangzeb was concerned about Dara’s political manoeuvres. A Sayyid who was an artisan by profession agreed with one Abdul Rasul to build a mosque at Banaras and accordingly the foundation was laid. Aurangzeb was sitting in full darbar, and, at the sight of the prisoners, “descended from the throne and kneeling down on the carpet bowed his head to the ground in double thankfulness to the (anti-god) allah for this crowning victory”. You should appoint an orthodox inspector (darogha) who may afterwards DESTROY THEM AT LEISURE AND DIG UP THEIR FOUNDATIONS…”. Moreover, till today, the old Kashi Vishvanath temple wall is visible as a part of the walls of the Gyanvapi mosque which Aurangzeb had built at the site. Sambhaji Raje | Mughal Terrorism | ), “Patna through the Ages”, New Delhi, 1988. He was tied up like a bundle with an iron chain and was put into large cauldron of bowling oil. Gopal Patha | REPORTS OF THE DESTRUCTION OF TEMPLES SHOULD BE SENT TO THE COURT UNDER THE SEAL OF THE QAZIS and attested by PIOUS SHAIKHS…”. Please spread the truth and share on social media sites so that more people are aware of the facts and past of mughal terrorism. A small drop in the ocean of efforts to spread history, knowledge, bravery and facts about Hinduism and Bharat. SUNDAY PULLOUT. World’s Ancient Unique Festival & Tradition Celebrated in India, Ramayana Facts, Ramayan’s Amazing Truths, Scientific Proofs of History (Tretayug). They also cover a large area, from Sinkiang and Transoxiana in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South, and from Siestan province of present day Iran in the West to Assam in the East. Since 2001, HariBhakt is ad free, donation free and analytics tracking free site. Ram Janmabhoomi Residents of Suriratna. On the 15th February 1689, Shambhaji and Kavi Kalash were brought to the Imperial camp dressed as buffons with long fool’s caps and bells placed on their heads, mounted on camels, with drums beating, with thousands of onlookers lining the roads. Their severed heads were stuffed with straw and exhibited in all the chief cities of the Deccan to the accompaniment of drum and trumpet (Maasir-i-‘Alamgiri, 320-25; Muntakhab-ul-Lubab, 386-88, Sarkar, Aurangzeb, IV, pp.340-44). Shivaji Maharaj’s Lesson to Hindus on Killing Terrorist Muslims, Dirty Truth of Babri Structure – Symbol of Babur’s Male Lover, Ghazwa-E-Hind: Neighbourhood Muslim Terrorist’s Jihad Activities, ॐ Truth n Facts of Krishna Janmabhoomi Janmasthan Temple, Gangster Cult Islam is Evil: Curse on Humanity, Terrorism Giver, Hindu Unity and Aggression to Reclaim Vedic Temples of India, History of Islamic Terrorism (Mughal Terror): Atrocity, Cruelty, Violence of Muslim Invaders, Kaaba Piracy: Shukracharya Day or Shukrawar (Friday) Auspicious for Islam, Hindus Awake or Such Athiests Will Keep Ridiculing You, Hindus and Hinduism Under Threat: Hindus Rise or Perish, Love Jihad History, Facts: Hindu Women Trapped by Muslim Terrorist Men, Kaaba Mandir: Bhagwan Shiv Replaced with Moon God Allah for Anti-Vedic Rites, REVEALED! Growse, F.S. Now compare this to the anecdotes written by Khafi Khan, the Mohammedan historian, who certainly was not biased in the favour of Great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: ‘He made it a rule that, wherever his followers went plundering, they should do no harm to mosques, the Book of God, or anyone’s women. Here on the top of the hill, STOOD A TEMPLE WITH AN IMAGE OF KHANDE RAI. In six days the Mughal Army reached the capital (19th December) which had been deserted by the Rajah and his people in terror. He was born on 3rd November, 1618. Throughout the book, Truschke challenges the dichotomy between the ‘liberal’ prince Dara Shukoh and the ‘intolerant’ Aurangzeb by providing much more balanced and nuanced profiles of both princes. He replied that Sikhism was true and Islam was false. A Hindu kid in the 21st century living in India, or Hindustan, will proudly say that Hinduism was revived because of the bravery of Shivaji Maharaj, who built his kingdom from zero and went on to become a hero amidst constant attack from the Islamic invaders whose prime motive was to convert Hindus. THE WEAVERS AND OTHER MUSALMANS DEMOLISHED ABOUT 500 TEMPLES. Ahmad, Qeyamuddin (ed. Your posts are really great inspiring and based on truth. 16. [ Read also Root Cause is Islam and 164 Terrorism Verses of Koran ]. Thanks for the feedback. Unknown Hidden Facts: Mahabharata War Interesting Secrets, How Krishna Accepted Hand Stitched Dress of a Woman, Amazing Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple, Vedic Solved Mysteries: Why Hindu Build Temples of Energy, Hanuman Chalisa to Kill Evil Spirits, Negative Energies in Hindi/Marathi/Tamil/Bengali/Punjabi/Telugu/Kannada/Gujarati/Nepali. Aurangzeb then later captured Sambhaji and killed him. The Brother Aurangzeb Killed. The author completed this history in 1710 at the behest of Inayatu”llah Khan Kashmiri, Aurangzeb’s last secretary and favorite disciple in state policy and religiosity. 7. 2:14 . Bloch J., “Indian Studies”, London, 1931. Later on, he took up a post under Shujat Khan, the governor of Gujarat, who appointed him Amin in the pargana of Jodhpur. Muntakhabu-l Lubab by Khafi Khan: Baqa was a prolific writer who was invited by Bakhtawar Khan to Aurangzeb’s court and given a respectable rank. time) TO DESTROY AND RAZE THE TEMPLES OF THE INFIDELS that meet the eye on the way. The Temple was found empty. Proofs, Evidences Krishna is SUPREME GOD, Bhagwan Krishn and Bhagwan Shiv to Share History, Facts and Awareness of Hinduism. 6. ABP News uses cookie on this website to ensure a better User Experience, beautiful functionalities and to measure visitor behavior in order to improve the content. Cow Slaughter Ban | Mohammad Ghazni Made Allah Slave of Bhagwan Shiv Here! They desired to destroy the temple of Beni Madho, but as lanes were barricaded, they desisted from going further….”. On seeing this instance of strength of the Emperor’s faith and the grandeur of his devotion to God, the proud Rajas were stifled and in amazement they stood like images facing the wall. 2. The terrorists who killed 44 Rashtriya Rifles jawan Aurangzeb, released last video of the martyred soldier. Aurangzeb was the 6th Mughal Emperor of India whose reign lasted from 1658 until his death in 1707. He died in AD 1684. the history ascribed to him was really compiled by Muhammad Baqa of Saharanpur who gave the name of his friend as its author. The huge Hindu idols of copper were brought away in large numbers to be melted and cast into cannon. Mysteries of Naga Baba Vedic Traditions, Kali Yuga: We are in Kaliyuga. His one track mind of hating Hindus but not administrating the regime properly paved the way for the British conquest of India. However, as soon as Aurangzeb was about to succeed to the throne, his father, Shah Jahan, made an unexpected recovery. Unfortunately, a single but grave mistake and over confidence in his own safe and secure position at Sangameshwar, nestling amidst the Western Ghats, led to his chance capture along with Kavikalash and a number of other Marathas who were with him. Attar, Shykh Faridu’d-Din, “Tadhkirat al-Awliya”, translated into Urdu by Maulana Z.A. Succeeding his great father Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in April 1680, his elder son Shambhaji continued the fight against the Mughals most spiritedly for the preservation and also extension of Swarajya. Why Talibans and terrorists of today revere aurangzeb can be known from the fact that he outlawed music and other performances in 1668. In 1678, Raja Jaswant Singh of Marwar died. Hosain, Saiyid Safdar, ” The Early History of Islam,” Vol. “The Rehala of Ibn Battuta,” translated into English by Mahdi Hussain, Baroda, 1976. In the meantime, the Musalman residents of the neighborhood arrived at the spot and the infidels took to their heels. Sunderkand | Aurangzeb was abducted and killed by militants in Pulwama in June last year while he was on his way to home in Poonch for celebrating Eid. The courageous manner in which Shambhaji braved death made him a martyr and washed of his earlier mistakes and actions in the eyes of the people.