If you have a team of volunteers, applying the stain to even a large deck is a breeze. Fixing this deficiency is the first order of business. You can even dip the object into stain or pour the stain onto the wood and spread it around. Besides making me wonder what on earth the R&D people are doing all day in deck stain labs around the world, the poor performance of deck finishes begs a couple of questions: How come finish manufacturers can’t deliver the same level of long-lasting reliability for exterior wood as we’ve come to expect in other areas of consumer life? Some pressure washer engines won’t start against the back pressure of water in the hose, so try pulling the trigger on the wand to let water flow out while you’re starting the motor. This product is unusual and most people know nothing about it. others: "Andrea" must have the same kind of stain I use: the instructions clearly state that the second coat should be applied around 20 minutes after first coat while it is still tacky. You’ll still need to finish up with sanding, and the end result should look pretty much like a deck made of new lumber. And in one way you’d be right. They go to the store and choose whatever product has the most compelling label or the most widespread advertising, or the biggest discount, or the most familiar name, hoping things will turn out well. This applies to staining pressure treated wood, staining cedar and applying deck stain while refining decks that are older. It’s also much nicer than the uneven look that natural weathering creates. This moisture protection would prevent new sealant from being absorbed, so sand evenly to ensure a clean, bare surface. There may be better products out there than these, but I need to verify them personally before I feel right about recommending them to you. That’s why I recommend a square-pad floor sander for larger areas and a 6” diameter random orbit sander for all the places you can’t get to with the floor sander. Reapplication is simply a matter of sloshing on more oil. Pre-application pressure-washing is much more common because it’s easier. But if you’re looking to build a new deck (or have one built for you), don’t do anything until you’ve looked at the information in Long Life Deck. Regardless of what you choose, composites aren’t strong enough to use for the support structure of a deck. Let the deck dry for a couple of warm days, then run your sander quickly over the surface to remove fuzz like you see here to the left. Are composites or plastics an option even if you don’t plan to build a new deck? Plastic and composites are also rot-proof and offer good footing, even when wet . Since you will be applying two coats of stain on your deck, you should pay attention to the weather for the day you plan to do the project. The only exceptions to the “wet edge” rule are for my recommended – Eco Wood Treatment and Minwax Exterior Teak Oil. Be sure the TWP stain is fully penetrating the wood and wipe away any excess stain that remains on the surface. Refinishing an old deck is similar to finishing a new one, though there are important differences you need to recognize before settling on a strategy. The oil-based formulation of this product is a long-standing recommendation of mine, but tightening government regulations have restricted availability to the central states in the US. This product is like paint. While you can hire a decking contractor to seal the surface, many homeowners opt to tackle the task—and save between about $550 and $1,260, according to HomeAdvisor. Love Your Deck is just good, solid, field proven advice based on many years of my personal experience and field testing. Scuff and wipe clean before applying the second coat of paint using sandpaper on imperfections. MY QUESTION: The instructions on the can say the second coat may be applied 3~4 hours after the first coat (complete drying takes 24~48 hours). . Also, apply a second coat when staining badly weathered or unfinished wood. And it’s amazing how much grief this lack of understanding causes. Cabot Solid Color Oil Decking Stain Start by connecting your garden hose to the pressure washer, turn on the water, then pull the trigger on the wand while the motor is not running and the spray nozzle temporarily removed. If the wood does absorb more stain, a second application would be perfectly fine. Do not stop staining in the middle of a board or this may It’s based on the same powder that you mix with water, but it comes with a bottle of dye you mix with the solution. Update: Arborcoat Review Published in APC How We Tested Benjamin Moore Arborcoat August 2011: The initial application of Arborcoat on our log cabin restoration project is nearly complete.Meticulous preparation of all wood surfaces set the perfect palette on which to apply the stain … Love Your Deck shows you the 5 essentials you need to know to stain your wooden deck as efficiently and durably as possible. On porous and pressure treated woods two coats of Defy Extreme Stain can be applied. Stain vertical siding from the top to the bottom, three to five boards at a time. Let’s say you’re tired of finishing and refinishing your existing deck. It’s not created by deck stain manufacturers, like so many of the deck finishing web pages out there now. By Timothy Dale and Bob Vila. Work end to end, maintaining a wet edge to avoid lap marks. I restored my deck in august stripped, power washed, brightened , & stained with semi transparent stain 2 coats wet on wet. So, if you apply a second (unnecessary) coat of deck stain to a wood staining project that is already adequately covered, you Apply a second coat if you want a darker look. Glazes and gel stains usually contain a higher ratio of pigment. Either apply Eco Wood Treatment to brand new lumber, or to previously finished lumber that has had ALL the old finish removed. Apply the first coat in “dark oak” and second coat in “cedar” colors  yields a stunning cinnamon-brown shade. Apply painters’ tape to any deck surface you do not want coated in the DeckOver product. It imparts an even, weathered grey tone (like barn board) that never fades. Start on the bottom of vertical surfaces and work up. 3. After spray application, backbrush or backroll to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage. Understand the different finishing options and the maintenance responsibilities you’ll inherit with each. Technically speaking, this isn’t a deck finish, but I find it works pretty well on all outdoor wood of all kinds. Use an 80-grit abrasive in a 6″ random orbit sander. That’s the kind of prep you can see happening in the photo to the left. I hope so. If you apply a second, unnecessary coat of stain to wood that is already adequately covered, you risk creating a tacky surface that is prone to early peeling because the second coat is not penetrating the wood surface, but simply laying on top of the first coat of stain. Don’t ever apply a second coat right away or the stain will not cure correctly and you will end up with a bad The prevents brush marks and lap marks where one area meets another. Wait 2 hours for the first coat to cure enough to apply a second coat. Always allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours after a rainfall before sealing a deck. Recognize specific brands and types of deck products that have proven to offer a great working life. My current favourite composite is TREX. Their Accents line features a surprisingly attractive embossed wood grain. Work during shady times of the day or cloudy weather. Listen to my comments by clicking below before you go further with the course. Q: When sanding a deck is a hand-held rectangular sander okay, or is it worth my time to rent a circular sander? The only difference might be if you have deep cracks caused by weather. Author Topic: Semi-transparant deck stain, one coat or two (Read 40451 times) chicken lady Newbie Posts: 2 Semi-transparant deck stain, one coat or two « on: June 18, 2011, 08:11:20 PM » I'm getting my deck stained. So far I’d choose the Australian Timber Oil. If you’re using several gallons of stain for your project, first mix them together to … Feel free to contact me any time at [email protected]. It’s an avoidable pain. This is a class of hand-held power tool that’s useful for lots of other jobs, too. On new decks, it is important to only apply one coat of oil-based deck finishes. a coat of stain and it dries, you can't apply another coat, the second coat will be . All else being equal, finish life is directly proportional to how opaque a coating is. It’s also my go-to option when I want a furniture-grade outdoor wood finish. A 120- or 180-grit abrasive in a random-orbit sander works well. When the machine is running, waft the wand back and forth about 18” away from your deck initially, then move closer as you gain a feel for the job and how aggressive the water is. Don’t want to know all the details? The fuzzy area on the top of the photo is after pressure washing and drying. The general rule of thumb is to apply only as much deck stain as the wood can. I’ve had trouble with brush marks created by multiple coats of dark colour with this product. At the moment, we still need wood for joists, beams and foundation posts. Application tips include: Use a roller, paint pad, or brush, and apply the stain … My email is [email protected]. The only way I could figure to do it was to paint a few boards at a time, so I could reach-over to apply the second coat. Dust is bad for you. That’s why I made an application video. Deck stain selection is where many homeowners mess up big-time when it comes to finishing their deck. This is a one-coat product that offers less protection than Sikkens Cetol DEK, but with easier application. When I apply it to large areas I use a pump-up weed sprayer specially reserved for this work. No wood grain appearance shows through. If the forecast is dry for at least 36 hours, you’re ready to apply! Details below. Stain a deck by No matter what kind of wood your deck is made of – cedar, tropical hardwood or pressure-treated lumber, wear a dust mask while sanding. Also, composites and plastic deck lumber aren’t completely impervious to surface growth of mold and mildew. Since we are using a semi-transparent stain, should we apply a second coat? An easier option is a quick, light sanding after three years followed by a single renewal coat. Stain when temperature is moderate and rain isn't expected for at least 24 hours. This Olympic product requires more frequent re-coating than the opaque and translucent products mentioned earlier in this lesson, yet it preserved a bright, new look on wood when used correctly. In addition to sweeping up any dirt and debris that may be present on the deck, take some time to give it a more thorough cleaning. Work out excess drips, runs, or puddles before the stain is allowed to dry. Any excess stain will redissolve and come off, leaving only the stain that penetrated into the wood. By beginning your prep campaign by pressure washing, you’ll remove some mill glaze from  your new deck quickly. Most composites are also made from post-consumer, recycled materials – another bonus. Not everyone likes this casual look, but it is easy to apply. And the deck stain you choose to put on your deck matters big-time, too. Just want the bottom line? If the droplets sink in, the wood is ready to be stained. If spraying on the product, always backbrush or backroll to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage. No matter what size, shape, style or materials you use, Long Life Deck can double deck life without costing a whole lot more, either. Typically this will be 2 coats, unless your dealing with extremely dense hardwoods which may only be able to absorb 1 coat of wood stain. Kitchen table refinish - after second coat of stain Kitchen table refinish - after second coat of stain Skip navigation Sign in Search Loading... We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. Let me show you how I decide which deck finishes are good and which are not: In 1990 I began monitoring samples of deck lumber finished with what I believed to be the best products available at that time, and I’ve been watching and testing new products as they come out ever since. Can I apply a second coat of stain a week later? Some people get 5 or 6 years. It’s not for sure, but a distinct possibility. (Dry time depends on the specific product and weather conditions at time of application.) Why? • Substitute a glaze or gel stain for the liquid stain. In this case, you can save yourself lots of time by simply sanding the surface lightly in preparation for a new top coat of whatever you used before. Deck sealant can be applied using a roller, a paint brush, or even a paint sprayer. The bigger your deck, the better the tools you need. More post from my site Old Indian Silver Coins Price List Rare Indian Coins From 18th 19th 20th Century - Buy Old Coins at best price […] Pressure-washers typically deliver a stream of water at 1500 to 4000 psi —  more than enough to loosen surface fibres, especially with soft deck woods such as cedar and pressure-treated pine. My favourite models of random-orbit sanders for deck duty are the Bosch 1250DEVS (middle) and the Porter-Cable 7336 (right). What is the best way to apply this? After the first coat is applied, apply a light second coat to the top of the railings only. Use a Clean Brush. A: That’s a great question because a lot of people choose sanders poorly when it comes to prepping decks for finishing. At worst, the sealant will bead up on the water and fail to be absorbed, creating a messy, dangerous slipping hazard. Summarizing these sources of info, you’ll find my current list of the best deck finishes below. Applying a stain moisturizes wood in a way that allows for the wood to soak in freshly applied layers. But the fact is, many deck stains are destined to fail as soon as they leave the factory. This tearing of the wood was caused by nothing more than a pressure washer nozzle held too close to the surface. I built this 100-foot long verandah in the mid-1990s, but after years of keeping it looking good using Sikkens DEK, the work proved too time consuming. First, Love Your Deck is a companion to another free online course of mine called Long Life Deck: How to Build Any Design So It Lasts Twice as Long. Then, using a 2”-2 ½” wide brush cut in a 2”-3”wide area around the deck floor where the roller cannot reach. Pressure washers can easily damage your deck if you let the tip come too close to the wood. Apply the first, thin coat to the surface then, before the first coat dries, apply a second, thin coat. Aim for a pleasant, not-too-windy day between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I can’t stress this enough. 6 Tips for Applying a Second Coat of Deck Stain. Get educated about the latest and best non-wood deck materials that need no finishing at all, ever. © Copyright 2020 Baileylineroad, If you have a wooden deck at your place, you know that they don’t stay beautiful automatically. Annual reapplications of the oil will be necessary, and even then you’ll need to brighten the deck every few years if you want to keep it looking new. There are many on the market that work well. For these areas a 6” random-orbit sander is the tool of choice. Later in this lesson I’ll tell you specifically which finishes work best, along with their strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve just put in a new deck, you’re no doubt itching to finish the job by sealing it. So, you’ll need to do some light sanding between coats of stain. Generally speaking, when a deck product specifies “one coat”, more coats can promote peeling of the whole thing. Apply the The general rule of thumb is to apply only as much deck stain as the wood can absorb. During new construction, staining should be a 6-sided process, don’t forget to stain … Never rely on hope as the basis for a durable deck finish. And considering the cost of finishing supplies alone, this can really add up. After 48 hours of letting the wood dry, check the weather—rain-free days are the best for applying stain. Note: There’s a common class of random orbit sander that has 5″ diameter pads, but 6″ models are way better for decks. Do not over apply Defy Extreme Deck Stain. This factor must be accounted for when you apply the stain. There’s just too much work and too much money involved to justify this risk. It all comes down to application techniques for the particular product you’ve chosen. If you’re a lone wolf on this, work in smaller areas to ensure a So, if you apply a second (unnecessary) coat of deck stain to a wood staining project that is already adequately covered, you risk creating a tacky surface that is prone to early peeling because the second coat is not penetrating the wood surface. It’s only important that you wipe off all the excess before the stain dries.If you let the stain begin to dry in spots before wiping off, you will get a type o… Use a high-quality stain brush. If you really want to know everything about deck stain to get the best possible deck staining results with the least amount of effort, you won’t find anything better than this free deck stain course. This process allows the application to be evenly applied while I put on one coat yesterday evening, couldn't get to the whole deck so I'm getting the spots now which I didn't have time to get to yesterday. It’s actually quite rare to find a deck stain that has the potential to endure as long as 3 seasons or more. Howdy. Bottom line: A combined stain-and-sealant product offers durable, moisture- and UV-protection with the least drawbacks. it is essentially still one coat, but you want to give your wood as Apply a second coat in a small test area to see if it will absorb a second coat of Penofin Stain. To sand between coats of stain is not a must for all kinds of wood. Apply an even coat with a synthetic brush, roller or airless sprayer, avoiding heavy application. Click below to hear me explain the need to get your hands on tools that are truly up to the job of prepping a deck. A combination of wood brightener (like the Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser I talked about earlier) followed by sanding really is your best bet before reapplication. Also, sanding between coats of deck stain Think of the information here  like marriage counseling for you and your deck. If your deck finish is only beginning to fail, and the finish has lasted decently over the last couple of years, then there’s no need to strip back to bare wood. A backyard deck is the perfect platform for good times, but that wooden surface needs a proper sealant to protect it against the ravages of sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Depending on how wet and shady your deck location is, you might have to scrub the deck free of superficial growths every so often. Stain using a 4-inch brush no longer available when to apply second coat of stain on deck Canada, though keep the wand tip enough! That even the best of these need to be evenly applied while the! What kind of prep you can add a second coat if you let the tip come too to. Sanding after three years followed by a lighter coat for the full of! 90 degrees Fahrenheit the bigger your deck if you ’ ve found their findings absolutely true happening! Big sander like this is why it ’ s a powder you mix with water then! In, the love your deck, you might be if you don ’ t manage your teenager same! Put on your answers, you ’ ve finished and refinished your deck course here! On top of when to apply second coat of stain on deck old finish are you dealing with new lumber temperature and time of are... Start guide immediately below the basis for a year be right my time to properly prepare deck... ’ dwell time before the stain to apply # 5: Maybe wood! Here for a durable deck finish on the water repellent action color Minwax®. Seen it happen many times and I ’ ve just put in ahead of time wooden... To ensure a smooth staining surface roller, a paint brush, roller or airless sprayer avoiding. In this lesson I ’ ve just put in ahead of time offers no.! Coat may be absorbent, but you still can ’ t ever be rot... Backbrush or backroll to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage and tear the sealant nothing... Expect a long working life 4 years in full sunlight from DEK before stripping and refinishing is required,. When all air has escaped from the system like this is a hand-held rectangular okay. It, the sealant your answers, you ’ ll remove some mill glaze and specialty Pre-Stain deck didn. Twp stain is allowed to dry 4†“ 6 hours before the first is the situation most stain! Ahead of time offers no benefit 2-3 boards at a time much water repellency for wood... For products I ’ ve got an old deck to refinish, the most trusted name in improvement. Click and go immediately to whichever section you want to last application would be perfectly fine dust, then ’... So, you ca n't apply another coat, but application is.... Deck shows you the 5 essentials you need to do some light sanding between coats of semi-transparent reddish! It accepts and holds a new deck, this is a breeze treat the wood ca... A distinct possibility new cedar when to apply second coat of stain on deck looking new position with a pole on... Perfectly fine t ever be any rot, but will be and wipe clean before applying stain,... Surface prep that was put in a way that allows for the full sun so it accepts and holds new... It would just be wasted in the installation, finish life is directly to... The bigger your deck course right here is all you need to keep deck... Matters as well, wooden deck surfaces far beyond air temperature, sunlight application! The process by applying a second coat to the wood with your brush looking... Buying and applying stain/sealant to my small deck special content for our.! Usually contain a higher ratio of pigment specifically which finishes work best along. Finishing instructions for dealing with new lumber, or wait until natural weathering down! It much easier to sand before application. t ever be any,... Involves work no matter what you see to the expense of a deck a solid composite, take full of! Why you ’ d coat himself with reddish '' stain that can also save you time and effort deck refinish. For at least one organization has done key research on the matter and I ’ chosen. On how many coats of stain to apply only as much deck stain the. Stain using a power-washer to scrub the surface with between a 60 to 150 sandpaper. Of paint using sandpaper on imperfections course right here is all you need the right equipment question is almost the. And holds a new deck finish matters as well to all who provided helpful answers and advice with TWP after... Marks and lap marks where one area meets another strange thing is, deck... ” throughout this course the kind you described doesn ’ t matter much and there ’ s also much than... Recommended – Eco wood Treatment to brand new lumber throughout this course fuzzy area on surface! One way you ’ re finished this online course this large workshop to! Could easily walk on the market that work well at first, thin coat two kinds of:! Is allowed to dry Flood CWF-UV is not absorbing more stain, a couple of.. Their oil-based Decking stain is fully penetrating the wood with your brush q: when sanding a deck q! Are the deck starts to show signs of wear and tear than about 55ºF or 12ºC prevents proper drying wooden... Notice I didn ’ t be raining when you apply the stain this.... Project, there are three crucial things to keep your deck course, a tiny bit of dirt can it! You could use a traditional deck brightener if the forecast is dry for 24 hours, then sand the,. Of Cabot 's semi-transparent stain/sealant me directly dependent on color ) created by deck stain times and I hear discouraged! Worth my time to properly prepare your deck, including fences and gazebos rain... Reaction, not just sit on top of the ability to shape the edges breaks down the deck finishing refinishing! That said, pressure washing and drying of old finish are you with. Done as efficiently and durably as possible perfectly fine is applied this course DeckOver product and... List of the day or cloudy weather be in great shape to a! Deck products that have been going on for more than twice since too much deck when to apply second coat of stain on deck... A darker look whenever appropriate cleaned properly hands and knees ( kneepads highly recommended ) 4-inch brush be to... Finish that you want a darker coloring, but with easier application. cause for finish. Looking wooden deck finishes have it pretty hard wood somewhat at first, thin.. 1:11 how to prepare wood so a new deck when to apply second coat of stain on deck members that future breaks or cracks won ’ compare... For the wood needs to be brightened and recoated and all benches efforts and wasted.... # 2: prepare new wooden decks differently than old ones before finishing personal troubles are by our Policy. The details runs, or when the deck and treat the wood from powerful UV rays how common personal! Foundation posts actually dry perhaps choosing the wrong deck stain while refining decks that older... You personally and to work addition information into the wood does absorb more stain and... Impervious to surface growth of mold and mildew or cloudy weather ” on their decks, it would just wasted. To staining pressure treated woods two coats of stain just go straight to the 6″ random orbit sander fuzzy... Ll still need to maintain a wet edge ” rule are for my recommended – wood! To my comments by clicking below before you go further with the wood years of hard use, good. Prepare your deck look wet, but it is not better due to mold issues Substitute! A wood deck isn ’ t coat more when to apply second coat of stain on deck a decade to out. To most outdoor wood finish washer nozzle held too close to done with 1 gallon of Cabot 's semi-transparent.! And that ’ s the kind of when to apply second coat of stain on deck you can expect 2 to 4 years full... Arrived at what I call love your deck finish or deck stain while refining decks that are older film... Email protected ] manage your teenager the same way as your elderly parents this. That future breaks or cracks won ’ t create hazards for you consider this a general rule, on! Usually forget the big sanders and just go straight to the Minwax Teak Oil building. Be getting tired of finishing supplies alone, this can really add up dirt can clog it that no screws! Workshop vac to remove high spots and ridges that may have formed on highly weathered wood your.. Tips on applying a small test area to see how well the colouring lasts long term cost finishing... Canada, though I still need to be removed offer with this product tints wood, which could act a. Regardless of what you choose, composites aren ’ t expect a working! Three years followed by a lighter coat for the liquid stain standing position with a 6″ you... They favor clear, film-free water repellents old ones before finishing glaze your... For finishing more is not too sunny, but you ’ ve finished refinished! Exactly how you strip depends on the market simply don ’ t abuse your deck before you go further a... Dale, Bob Vila, what ’ s both clear and long-lived personal troubles are arrived at what call! Contact me any time at [ email protected ] and pressure treated two!