Helpful post! The type of soil you have makes all the difference when you are creating or growing an ornamental garden. Vivid red, purple, pink or lilac colored blossoms are produced prolifically from early summer through late summer, depending on the variety you choose. It spreads faster in loose, sandy loam soils. Salvia likes it hot! Part Shade to Full Shade, Hemerocallis - Daylily Zone - 3 to 8 i.e. Or, if you are looking for shrubs you may like this Easy to Grow Shrubs post. 14” tall x 32” wide, zone 3-9. ‘Superstar’ forms a petite, dome-shaped clump of blue-gray foliage topped with hot pink flowers in late summer and fall. Full Sun, Sedum 'Brilliant' - Stonecrop Asters, ornamental grasses and coral bells can also be planted in clay soil. ‘Orange Smoothie’ has many of the most desirable traits in a daylily: perfect flower form, a sweet fragrance, foliage that remains attractive all season, and reliable rebloom. Rather than vining like many clematis, ‘Stand By Me’ is a bush-type, meaning it forms a bushy upright clump like a regular perennial. Its fragrant blossoms appear in an array of fiery tones from red-orange to pinkish red from summer into fall. This post may contain affiliate links. Summerific® ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Rose Mallow (Hibiscus). Sandy soil: Sandy soil is definitely easier to work than clay soil--but it has the opposite problems: it often drains too quickly and is less able to retain nutrients. You might think this is an astilbe at first glance since it has similar flowers, but this is ‘Chantilly Lace’, commonly known as goatsbeard. False indigo (Baptisia australis) Type Perennial Blooms North American native has blue flowers in late spring Light Full sun to part shade Size 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide HardinessCold-hardy in USDA zones 3 to 9, heat-tolerant in AHS zones 9 to 1 2. Patti, this list is huge and wonderful!!! If your clay soil is very dense, amend it with compost or humus to improve the drainage. Grow this plant in full sun—it is not shade tolerant. Rose ‘Roald Dahl’ All roses like clay soil. It doesn’t love a ton of root competition, so planting it right at the base of a tree or ornamental grass wouldn’t be the best place, but normal competition from other perennials is just fine. Zone - 3 to 8 You’ll find them all abuzz in spring, as this perennial is a magnet for all sorts of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Clay soil is usually heavy, wet and hard to dig in the winter but tends to dry out and crack in the summer. Asters are late flowering perennials that take your garden through to frost. That often means we need to add organic material to our gardens to help aerate the soil and break up the clay. Full Sun to Part Shade, Athyrium niponicum - Japanese painted fern Daylily. … Full Sun to Part Shade, Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' - Beardtongue This perennial will tolerate clay soil, but doesn’t like its roots to stay wet for too long. Clay soil can make gardening tough. Since it grows just knee high, it’s the perfect perennial to include in your patio pots or along the front of your flower borders. Climbers and Wall Shrubs. Rock ‘N Grow® ‘Popstar’ and ‘Superstar’ Autumn Stonecrop (Sedum). Improving clay soil takes some work, but it will make life much easier for your plants. Astrantias are summer-flowering perennials that grow well on clay soil in sun or partial shade, so they’re ideal for linking areas together. Zone - 3 to 8 Best Plants for Clay Soil in Full Sun. 24” tall, zone 3-9. Hostas grow well in almost any soil, including clay, but prefer for their roots to stay moist. Part Shade to Full Shade, Geranium ‘Rozanne’ - Cranesbill Part Shade, Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’ - Tickseed Natural mulch and compost are two great ways to help with clay soil. Full Sun, Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’ - Bugleweed Full Sun, Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ - Leopard Plant That's a pretty big list, right? Your choice is only limited if your clay soil is also in shade. They come in colors of white, green, yellow and blue-green. When I get settled I hope to have a ground garden area where I can load it up with an assortment of blooming perennials. Guaranteed to be one of the most distinctive hostas in your collection, this mid-sized variety has heavily rippled foliage. The soil … And you can grow flowering shrubs in clay soil like: Weigela, Buddleja, Forsythia, Hydrangea, Chaenomeles (flowering quince) Roses are also good shrubs for clay especially if it has been improved with organic matter. There are actually more perennials that fit into this category. 18-20” tall, zone 3-9, deer resistant. Each year, work three to four inches of organic material into the top 10 to 12 inches of soil. Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) Type Perennial Blooms Fragrant, white flower spikes in spring Light Part to full … The mounded plants become completely covered in fragrant blossoms beginning in early summer, repeating throughout the summer months. Full Sun to Part Shade, Primula vulgaris - Primrose Clay soil tends to hold moisture well and they will happily soak up any extra water you provide. Aster (Symphyotrichum) – Zone 4-8; Bearded Iris (Iris germanica) – Zone 3-9; Bee Balm (Monarda) – Zone 4-8; Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) – Zone 4-9 ‘Claret’ is a showy variety with ruby-red flowers held high on dark stems above foliage that’s dark green and deeply lobed. Flowering Plants for Clay Soil. Mostly yellows and tawny oranges, the lily-like flowers of hemerocallis (daylilies) open in … This petite coneflower may be short in stature, but it has huge flower power! It does appreciate having some support nearby to lean on, so be sure to surround it with other perennials or small shrubs. She loves crafting, gardening, decorating and entertaining at her home in Pennsylvania. However, there are many plants that will thrive in the clay, especially once they get established.