We believe - When you succeed, we succeed too! 2. --- No longer will it take 50,000 patients and 10 years to figure out what works best. Course Type: Video Though they may take a little practice to perfect, these points are consistently profound in their effect, treating Tai Yang type neck pain, occipital headaches, spine and brain problems. Acupuncture tips for the 21st century. 4.1 Can Upper Back Muscle Spinal Nerve Pain Radiate To The Woman Sbreast Aleve Back Pain Relief Pad. Master Tung work is purist acupuncture, not the post-1949 blend we learn in school that has come thru an herbal lens, which is useful, but not strictly acupuncture. Our Master Tung book about images, Mirrors and relationships was NOT only written to help explain these concepts, it was written to help you choose the BEST image in your clinic. 2) any neck, shoulder, lower back and lower limb symptoms Neck pain , cervical disorders, back pain, stroke sequelae (most effective) with ROM limitation, Knee pain, hip joint pain, ankle pain , foot pain , shoulder pain, as well as polio. I can recognize a valuable teacher and someone who is the real deal when I see them. Bodymapping Acupuncture Technique is an advanced acupuncture style that is drawn from the Master Tung acupuncture tradition. For this reason, the body’s energetic pathways must be kept clear, so the practitioner selects only a few powerful points for treatment. Anytime, Anywhere, Know how to modify Tung points to treat different types of headaches and migraines, Understand how to needle specific Master Tung’s acupuncture points, Know when to use Master Tung’s acupuncture points for certain pain conditions. More effective … Thanks. Join Susan Johnson in this course as she shares the essential Master Tung’s acupuncture points for treating headache, migraine, neck pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This book has done this for you. Reference . BEGINNER. Purchase this product and receive access to the Lotus Clinical Manual of Oriental Medicine for FREE! If irritability and frustration are also present, ... Few people in the history of mankind have made as significant a contribution as Master Tung, to ease the pain and suffering that is the human condition. However, Double Child/Double Fairy points are particularly good in the treatment of sudden onset neck pain that is worsened by cupping or Tui Na. Related Videos. Fei xin 11.11 Pain on the centerline of the neck is on the Du channel. Jeffrey Russell, M.S., Dipl.Ac. These protocols use imaging and channel association to treat neck pain using Tung's points. Neck pain can be either bilateral or unilateral. This book has done this for you. For lower back strain without neck issues, we would choose from a variety of powerful points specifically for the lower back. Pain is by far the most common complaint an acupuncturist could see in clinic. 3.1 Pain Upper Right Side Back Under Ribs. Of all these aches and pains experienced by the general public, the most common in today’s society is certainly back, neck and shoulder pains. Sciatica, disc, stenosis, muscle and radiation. If the pain is bilateral, needle bilaterally. *contraindicated during pregnancy Most practitioners have probably heard of Ling Gu (point 22.05, at the junction of the first and second metacarpals). I am not sure how can I get this course. Master Tung & Distal Methods for Pain & Internal Disorders Brad Whisnant % COMPLETE $130 Mastering Mirrors & Images All rights reserved. Divide the proximal phalanx into thirds, and locate these two points at 1/3 and 2/3 of the distance between the MCP and PIP joints. Pain relief is almost instantaneous. Master Tung’s Points are located opposite the affected area (points on the head can treat the feet, and vice versa). Used often for frozen shoulder mainly involving lung- large intestine meridians, cervical spondylosis, neck pain, dizziness. Annual Gold Pass - Unlimited CEUs. Access Time: 4 months of unlimited access. *contraindicated during pregnancy Know how to approach a diagnosis with patients using the pulse and ear. Ling Gu is more like a high LI4 & Da Bai is closer to Li3 in TCM.