FREE Physics revision notes created by the expert teachers at SAVE MY EXAMS for the AQA GCSE Physics (9-1) exam. %PDF-1.5 Why study Science? 4 RESEARCH METHODS • Primary research is the best way to obtain valid data, but it is time-consuming and not always necessary. All copyright and publishing rights are owned by S-cool. Want to download the Quadratic Equations revision notes in PDF format? ��[_vA�����:��}��'xH���y:P������~�� gm�BoT�O��B�ӷ�2���ОP��}����!a���GZÔQ�gr�̐鐢�j�́�M���b�I�D�8�B5�{KI��C�vߡ(&�-qR�FǚQ\H2����$}H'�I` W�K��D"H���W�ӀHJI��(�A��'�M�+�a$�iz�z�q����1ǃ��V��2Ν�X����i�m D����.���!���;b\3"b=��f��“�P#�i>�{CJ;�RJ;Bj�w���=߽:�kF@SI�̺�E�E��]���-���;uP��C��B8�7�.��c�;��I�N�N� 0 Zf�� aside time every week to do some revision at home. AQA • Edexcel • OCR. Video tutorials, tests and notes from BBC Bitesize; Notes from; Revision quizzes from ‘gcse edexcel history revision’ Google search; Discussion Forums. 5 0 obj Free Chemistry revision notes created by teachers for the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) course. Paper 1 – Medicine Through Time, c.1250-present 6 The humours were linked to the seasons (e.g. Use it wherever you have time to spare, eg registration, break, etc. Various resources from; Interactive notes, tests and more from BBC Bitesize; Notes from; Notes and quizzes from ‘gcse physics revision’ Google search; Exam Forums. %PDF-1.5 %���� See all the resources at Save My Exams made by our resident experts. history-britain-in-world-war-one; history-hitlers-foreign-policy; history-league-of-nations; history-the-cold-war-no-pics; history-usa; Best Revision Websites. Check out our website for more revision resources and other subjects and levels. 2 When are my English Language exams? Unit 1: non examination assessment: Group discussion: Individual researched contribution: dates to be added by school Unit 2 exam: 6th June am Unit 3 exam: 12th June am Acknowledgements Bryn Hafren English Faculty Where texts have been found on the internet, the website address has been given. content. endobj Topics The hospitality industry. Note: we are aiming to eventually cover all GCSE topics but, right now, our focus has been on providing a comprehensive set of revision notes, exam booklets, quiz questions and past papers specifically for GCSE Maths. This page allows you to select your subject and exam board to view our GCSE revision resources. Key Summary Notes for Multiple Topics; Best Revision Websites. Revision for AQA Physics GCSE, including summary notes, exam questions by topic and videos for each module 2 0 obj GCSE revision notes. endstream endobj 57 0 obj <> endobj 58 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSets[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 59 0 obj <>stream First created in 2000 and updated in 2013, 2015 & 2020 endstream endobj startxref Revision help; What to do after GCSEs; GCSE past papers; Grow your Grades; Subjects A-H. GCSE Biology; GCSE Business Studies; GCSE Chemistry; GCSE English ; GCSE English Literature; GCSE French; GCSE Geography; GCSE German; GCSE History; Subjects I-Z. AQA • Edexcel • OCR. h޼WMo�8�+sl���$P����"�qv{tPb�׀c�4�~�r,ҮZgS4Gr����c X ƂU 4�Ѡ�k@k�F�u� '�n����Dp�AN��\�� p Spanish GCSE Revision. /�E�! ���Ke��C�2Pl�6������T��祗 <> Useful resources. GCSE Economics Revision Notes from OxNotes, Free IGCSE & GCSE Revision resource with a simple & helpful layout. @���E1��j,���W�QB#H~�XA�P content. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> CoffeeAndPolitics. GCSE Revision. ���� JFIF �� Exif MM * �� Ducky d �� ,Photoshop 3.0 8BIM% �� C For a more comprehensive revision guide, please use the full booklet, as provided by Miss Iqbal. hot-tempered = too much yellow bile). #5 Report 3 years ago #5 (Original post by emirahmed1) Could someone send me some revision notes for AQA (doesn't really matter about exam board) GCSE science. Comprehensive notes on key topics throughout the GCSE (14-16 Years Old) Geography studies. endobj Click on the links below to see our wide range of useful study resources. <>>> Does anyone have any digital notes or even a pdf? GCSE Biology GCSE Business Studies GCSE Chemistry GCSE English Language GCSE English Literature GCSE Food Tech GCSE French GCSE Geography GCSE History GCSE ICT GCSE Law GCSE Maths GCSE Media Studies GCSE Music GCSE PE GCSE Physics GCSE Politics GCSE Psychology GCSE RS GCSE Sociology Sciences GCSE Revision (Archived 2017 Pages, taken off-line but saved by AWA May 2018) Archived Sciences Revision Programme from 2017 (old syllabus) The booklet below was issued to students at the start of January. A few items I have created, either because they weren [t explicitly referenced in the specification (e.g. Study Forum Helper; Badges: 20. Learn & revise. GCSE Geography Revision notes. GCSE Religious Studies Revision Booklet (Condensed Version) Updated 07/04/17 This booklet does not contain all that you will need for your R.S. English Language GCSE Revision Book . T: 01604 931139. The GCSE Spanish revision section of Revision World. endstream GCSE. Rep:? Revision notes covering the AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 content including the topics: Energy, Electricity, Particle Model of Matter and Atomic Structure topics. ",#(7),01444'9=82. By using these notes, you are accepting the standard terms and conditions of S-cool, as stated in the s-cool website ( Paper 1: Sociology Basics (25% of the course) Sociology Basics introduces you to the key elements of Sociology thinking and research practice. Maths . The guide is pocket-sized to make it easy to carry. GCSE SCIENCE REVISION. GCSE Specification and Revision Notes Last Modified: 10/04/2015 The left column is the complete Edexcel Mathematics A (1MA0) specification. 1��W�2���|���[0�3'�W�E�[ �p�*[�yY��ɤ����e�Xo�-���rU �u����|�����YfӖ���Ū��gm��7U̼Sj�}� �4�M[7]��r[s�|z1{ڒ�t�OM�l�U�\/�M�TƲ}z��T��m�ލ��]�>�=n6��!T�gg!�m�izq]n��Sv�yx~�l�d�x׆��/l���o�5�\�ٵ��0��(�k��|^R�ȼ�m�)����zN��i�>���1���Z/iS�w��y������R�d�0�J�L�s�B30wc� �#)�h�Љ�1IA��$`���`��p��fY��o�Go�#���~�-Go^:z�U������7.w�k���Od��!���y����?�‘�Ƶ��.H2o��g�8�5nDb�a�����m���Ha)I����/�1��t})�9�W��@��,V����P}�oa�47�6(�i,lh56� <> stream 0.3 means 3 tenths = Physics.