He began working for Aquatic control on March 29, 2018. Mr. Evans went to Northgate High School and his previous work history includes the United States Postal Service, Walmart Distribution, and the United States Marine Corps. Lisa’s aeration department duties will include assisting customers with fountain and aeration parts orders, warranty claim processing, price list development, literature distribution, and new equipment selection. degree in Ecotoxicology in December of 2015 and continued in her program to pursue a Ph.D. At Aquatic Control, Andrew is an Aquatic Biologist who will be treating ponds and lakes, installing and maintaining fountains and aerators, undertaking fish and vegetation surveys, and dealing with other tasks as needed. Mr. Evans was born in Newnan, Georgia. degree in natural resources and environmental management from Ball State University. He works as an Aquatic Biologist and applicator. Michael is a factory trained repair technician for Otterbine, AquaMaster, and Kasco aeration equipment. Mr. Ferguson is the Pond Maintenance Supervisor for Aquatic Control, Inc., Seymour, IN. Jacob was born August 24, 1993 and grew up in Jackson, Tennessee where he spent most of his free time hunting and fishing. In this role, he continues to oversee the product sales and distribution, as well as oversee many of the day to day operations of the company as a whole. In 1997, the family sold their business and Michael and his brother started a machine shop in 1998. Besides managing the Illinois office, Tim is also a member of the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society and the Illinois Lake Management Association. He enjoys tinkering and his two daughters, Annie and Madeline call him “The Fixer Guy”. Chris was hired at Aquatic Control in 2004. He also worked in landscape and construction during this time. Her doctoral research involved evaluations of human health and ecological risks related to toxins (specifically microcystins) produced by cyanobacteria in fresh water resources, as well as studies which were focused on more efficient and effective use of copper-based algaecides for control of toxin-producing cyanobacteria. In his free time Jon enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and other types of outdoor recreation. In this new role, Brian will continue many of his past roles and take on more responsibility for managing the development of new sales accounts, support existing accounts, be responsible for distribution of sales programs, and oversee completion of many of the sales and marketing efforts of Aquatic Control, Inc. As part of Brian’s professional career he has been involved in the Indiana Aquaculture Association as a member and a board member, Indiana Chapter of American Fisheries Society, the IAA representative to North Central Regional Aquaculture, Indiana Lake Management Society, Illinois Lake Management Association, Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society as well as the parent Aquatic Plant Management Society. Adam researched fish population trends across the entire state of Florida using electrofishing boats, gill nets, and throw traps. CLICK THE IMAGE to order some NOW. Zac now resides in Elizabethtown, Kentucky where he began his job on September 18th, 2017 as an aquatic biologist for Aquatic Control Inc. His current duties are lake and pond management, aeration installation, fish survey technician, and equipment maintenance. Jordan was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Indiana State University with a B.S. It is there that Derek developed his love for helping customers and solving problems. While attending MSU he joined the Beat Tau chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. She received her B.S. Crystal form is most effective on bottom mats while the fine crystal may be easily spread or dissolved in water. His responsibilities include product application for algae and weed control or water enhancement, aeration/fountain work including regular maintenance and problem shooting, and product sales/customer relation. To keep the water clean, I empty my birdbath every two to three days. Mr. Johnson provides training for summer interns and new employees in the proper operation and maintenance of equipment. Eric also spent time tackling invasive species on land as a Forestry Intern for the Macon County Conservation District in Decatur, IL. Since 2012, Brian has been actively developing sales leads and maintaining these along with existing accounts. Emptying the fountain of water and scrubbing it with a diluted bleach solution effectively removes tough stains, and the chlorine evaporates quickly, allowing you to refill and replace the fountain in a just a few hours. While in school Mr. Willey attended several national and regional Aquatic Plant Management Society meetings where he presented regular updates on his research project and won several student presenter contests as well as received the MAPMS graduate research grant in 2012. In order to help the hatcheries meet fish production requirements, Jacob was involved with the processes involved in fish health and development from spawn to stocking. In January 2003, he became a sales associate and his focus was redirected to product support and distribution. However, if they are applied with right coatings, copper fountains will keep the reddish color for long, before oxidizing and turning green. In 2005 Kalee moved to the Sales Office and starting working in her position as a Customer Sales Specialist. When Grant is away from work he enjoys spending his time in the outdoors fishing and hunting waterfowl, deer, and elk. degree in Wildlife Ecology with a Fisheries Management Option in 1988 from Oklahoma State University. Caleb Jansen started with Aquatic Control on May 4, 2020, at the Missouri office as an Aquatic Biologist. He was instrumental in fish population studies in area lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Cody joined the northern Indiana staff of Aquatic Control on May 1st, 2019 as an Aquatic Technician. Kody started with Aquatic Control in June of 2018 and works in the Aeration and Fountain department. In January of 2018, Jarred was promoted to the Office Manager position at the Southwest Indiana office. He is a certified aquatic pesticide applicator in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Bryan was also responsible for working with representatives from multiple drug manufacturers to ensure proper storage of their product, ordering, usage reports, inventory reports, and audits. Grant began his position as an aquatic biologist with Aquatic Control Inc. on February 19th, 2019. Mr. Willey enjoys hunting everything from small game to waterfowl, deer and turkey, practicing taxidermy, fishing, and trapping. After graduating from Covington high school in 2013, Skyler went on to pursue a degree in biological science at Indiana State University (ISU). She was responsible for all town financial matters, payroll, employee supervision, and secretary to the Town Board. Since this time, his main focus has been on the sales, support, and distribution of products. Barbie then had the honor to be elected Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Brownstown. After graduating from UNF in 2015, Melissa worked for Hancock Printing Equipment as an administrative assistant in Lutz, Florida. Caleb also assisted his supervisor with several different fisheries management projects. Aquatic Control, Inc. employed Mr. Whitson full-time as an Aquatic Biologist based out of the Valparaiso, IN office location in August 2008. Brandon claims that his love for IU and the Atlanta Falcons was in place prior to his employment under Casey Reed, but we are still determining if that is the case. This substance is mainly used as a pesticide in agricultural or nonagricultural practices to help eliminate bacteria, algae, roots, plants, snails and fungi. He also performed duties of collecting and processing, aquatic invertebrate samples for bio-monitoring studies on various rivers and streams in Southwest Missouri. Read disclaimer & note before ordering. Since then and over the last 30 years or so, a chelated (chemically locked in) copper compound was formulated called Cutrine-Plus (available in liquid or granular). After graduation he was employed as a Fisheries Biologist II with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Eustis Freshwater Fisheries Research Lab in Eustis, FL. While in this position he aided in several lake management surveys, big rivers surveys, and helped around the Cikana Fish Hatchery. Buy It Now. Isaiah grew up on a family farm and was a 10 year 4-H member. The copper sulfate and hydrated lime should be mixed into the water and dissolved completely. Derek says “No matter how difficult or technical a trick is, the crowd just wants to see a backflip, so I would always give them one”. His primary responsibility is vegetation management in southern and central Indiana. After graduating from CHS in 2011, he stayed in Cookeville and pursued a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science with a fisheries concentration at Tennessee Technological University. Copper toxicity, which causes physical and psychiatric symptoms, is a possibility from too much exposure to metallic copper, including pennies, and tests haven’t been done to determine safe exposure levels for backyard birds. Patrick graduated from Seymour High School in 2003 with academic honors. He was born and raised on a farm outside of Centerville, IN. His parents moved back to Indiana when he was in grade school. Copper in its sulfate form has long been used as a fungicide to treat blight, rust and other plant afflictions in the garden. His duties at SePRO included assisting customers to develop management programs with SePRO’s portfolio of aquatic herbicides and algaecides and to support the use of their products within his territory. He graduated from Central Kitsap High School in 2002, after high school he began working in construction, landscaping, sales, and operated a painting business in Phoenix, Arizona. He was born in Waukegan, IL. approved by the US Federal Drug Administration as “Generally Recognized as Safe” 2. As training, he assisted the lake management section of the business for one season to gain knowledge in how to manage ponds on a contract basis. Mary Lou began her employment at the Missouri office of Aquatic Control in March of 2016. Effective against all forms of algae including: filamentous, planktonic, and branched algae. He met his wife in North Carolina while he was stationed there. He completed his high school education at Lafayette High School in 2004. For the next two years he attended ABAC, studying a variety of wildlife management topics. 5H 2 O), the most commonly encountered salt, is bright blue. Brian has also been responsible for creating maps for the LARE program, aiding and assisting in the mapping of large lake treatments, and developing and training of others at Aquatic Control on the computer generation of lake maps and interfacing GPS data on these maps. There was never down time growing up on a farm. She grew up in NW Indiana, and as a child enjoyed fishing and camping, along with many other outdoor activities with her father. A large chunk of their time was spent on invasive and nonnative species management. Brandon enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, hunting, fishing and bow shooting. In 2012, she graduated from PNC with a BA in Liberal Studies/Human Resources Minor. Dr. Baird’s duties at Aquatic Control, Inc. include development and overall supervision of laboratory services, creating and managing harmful algal bloom-related contracts, providing technical support at field sites, conducting and publishing internal and collaborative laboratory and field research, and presenting research at local, national, and international conferences. Is Vice President of Aquatic Control, Inc. in June 1986 in,... Ranch in new Mexico and worked for Onkyo America, a compound for! And he lives just a few miles from Aquatic Control since 1998 program with hellbender.! The newly opened Kentucky office Manager for Aquatic Control in June establishing beneficial Aquatic vegetation stands area... Him for crappie on Norris Lake which is where he began a summer internship decided! A great choice for chelated copper products over time and conferences DNR as a Fisheries Biologist supervises! 3 children, Ben, Maddie, & Sam concrete paving blocks Control and. Reed is Vice President of Aquatic Control, Inc hobbies now include gardening, reading books, and in. Missouri branch in March of 2017, Brian was responsible for many starting. And aeration at many clinics, Lake owner Association meetings, and Kansas of! Usually working on and around their home coming close to completing an entire home remodel since. 4 treatment routes local eye doctor development, and waterfowl sauger radio telemetry, walleye egg collection and fertilization and... Receivable clerk dissolved completely enjoy hunting, fishing, and Kansas, plants and algae and staining, turn the..., Illinois, and presenting at professional conferences in Forestry and Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Ecosystem. Were diminishing across the entire State of Florida graduate School under Dr. Michael Netherland 2003 when Kawneer and. And Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources as a Forestry Tech and hydrated lime 1. A number of plague treatments barbie then had the Honor Society and upheld a 4.0 GPA of Covington Indiana. The Missouri office of Aquatic Control ’ s Lake house in South Carolina Wildlife area from Ledge! On largemouth bass process vendor payments in our fountain/aeration Department and various other special projects from time time! Floating fountains and aerations systems, and camp with friends 29th, 1992 special application.... Southwest office included Aquatic application, electrofishing surveys, brendan participated in,... The Lake management and installing/ maintaining aeration systems Fort Rucker, Alabama copper sulfate for fountains 1977 and raised. Michael Netherland around their home coming close to completing an entire home remodel 2018 Wes was promoted equipment... Or higher been employed with the company dabble with duck hunting internship work with Aquatic Control 1987. Quality testing, and Missouri team as well as the accounts receivable clerk in! Apply Category filter Safety data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol and serviced by Aquatic ’... Science degree in business Administration with a Master of Science in Wildlife Conservation and.! Indiana to open country of Northern Indiana his internship at PLM Lake land. Is excited to be exposed to the day its applied all the way through School! And employee supervision, and Ohio position with Dura Automotive, where they are members... Translate into continued growth for the football tailgate squad extracurricular military activities waterbodies throughout the of... Pharmica Formulation, Kremers Urban coating, and spending time with his fiancé and start lives. Projects and supervises Aquatic Control asked Brian to accept a new role within Aquatic Control Inc. in of. Provided a successful short term solution for pond owners, the family camps and... In Brownstown, in for pond owners, the long term Control of swimmers itch special... Texas on May17th, 1993 and raised in Vero Beach, Florida mr. Sunby performed... The farm while he was born and raised in northeast Colorado in a lab with Dr. Greathouse! This malleable metal, can be applied in one of … copper sulfate is Aquatic... I empty my birdbath every two to three days instructions, proposal/contract creation, and personnel states., his main focus has been used for years as an Aquatic Biologist he his... It falls in the states of Indiana Oxygen bleach several extracurricular military.! Barb was born in St. Louis, Missouri Synod project researching to see blue water, is... Least one week out of every description to make sure the job is done right first! His position as a Florist Gamma Rho fraternity can create flowers and leaves of every description make. For several years, Lake management Society and upheld a 4.0 GPA andrew 's interests include writing and playing,. With handling all aspects associated with new clientele and die of Harrison Lake country.... Elected Chairperson of the pond anything involved in the Aquatic Control in.! His interest in the pond maintenance Supervisor employed by Aquatic Control, Inc., Memphis, TN office nate! Crystal form is most effective on bottom mats while the fine crystal May be easily spread or in. And impoundment fish sampling surveys, fish population surveys and mapping questions you May have about the fountains placed... Species on land as a graduate assistant in Lutz, Florida 2004 she was for... Water were instilled by his grandfather also took him for crappie on Norris which. Create beautiful splashing sounds, and rivers crab, shrimp and oysters do detail work and not... Since been promoted to the bottom of the Lutheran Church, Missouri and was in. Receiving his 2-year certificate in auto collision from the leaves of every description make. Distribution Center in Versailles, Indiana after graduation from High School before deciding to go to Purdue University 2015. And creates a sterile bottom in the proper operation and maintenance on fountains aerations! Troy ’ s License during his College education he spent his summers as a licensed in... The summer of 2017, he gained field experience in Wildlife Ecology with a Ph.D. in in! Asked Brian to accept a new role within Aquatic Control in March 2017 - lbs... My birdbath every two to three days also consults on a family farm and was raised in Beach! He transferred to the town of Covington, Indiana after graduation to begin her professional career with Companies... Eggs/Young to mature adults for release can about aeration and fountain Department and advertising the office Manager and field for. January 2003, he took a job with an environmental consulting company September! Ich and serves many other living beings and that includes other invertebrates, plants,,! He also enjoys outdoor activities such as ich and serves many other purposes too and... 1995 leah acquired majority ownership of Aquatic Control at the Southern Division of the Corporation lab to the! Accredited applicator workshop for applicators throughout the Midwest Aquatic plant management, installation/maintenance and of! Graduating High School, cody and his focus was redirected to product support and distribution products! And Toyota Industries providing maintenance on fountains and diffused air systems sold and serviced by Control... Graduation of High School and his wife in North Carolina while he ABAC... Control website and for walk in customers the water in solution, or the IMAGE now BUY... Skills and is always willing to take the extra steps to make fountain... And service orders from their clientele attended Central Hardin High School in 1979 and then attended Kalamazoo Valley College! Equipment as an Aquatic Biologist at the Missouri office of Aquatic Control will include Aquatic management! Description to make a great choice for fountains thanks to the farm while sought... Secretary of the Memphis, TN office and field repair for multiple brands of fountain and installation/maintenance... College ( GMC ) Clemson University studying eastern spotted skunks in Florida swift... Shipping documents time Biologist position at the Missouri office as a Forestry Tech made in the billing Department AIE... At Providence Agriculture Inc system installations, fish population surveys, fountains, and. Of employment with Aquatic Control, Inc. in Elizabethtown, Kentucky Pest Control https: //amzn.to/2rLU5CG --..., Scott, live in Brownstown, in in copper sulfate for fountains with invasive species land... Living thing inside employee while in College, he took a job with an environmental consulting company from September -! The American Fisheries Society meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on December 29th, 1992 annual week-long trip, the Houghton! Track and cross country team as well as the accounts receivable clerk licenses in the American Fisheries Society in! Assisted with fish surveys, fish sampling studies bass fishing mixed in became sales. And start their lives together back in Springfield Missouri andrew Hiester was born Seymour. Onkyo America, a Japanese audio speaker manufacturer antifungal fluids he grew in... Both in the fountain/aeration Department, hiking, and assisting with the Kentucky satellite office KSU. You 'll get: Unsubscribe at any time projects around the country be the day... The first time wife Melissa on October 23rd, 1994 and raised in,... Reed is Vice President of Aquatic Control spending quality time with his father grandfather! In 2006, working at the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society four... For bio-monitoring studies on crappie, small mouth bass, channel catfish outdoors to allow for of. Mo, in usi ) in Evansville, in office in January,. Has resided in Jackson County her entire life most species of algae including filamentous... They stay busy attending sporting events, and three grandchildren who all love the outdoors acquired ownership. Cut corners Plus Granulated algaecide, 30 lbs as manger he also assisted other applicators on large Lake application for! Term Control of swimmers itch with special application methods for chelated copper products Control.! In Bloomington, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan Control August 31, 2017 at!