The headache is so bad in many cases of pneumonia or bronchitis, in fact, in any of the inflammatory or congestive conditions, that very often you will see the patient grasp the head when he knows he is going to cough. Bryonia is a good remedy to choose in cases when affected person just wants to sit still, without moving. Category 1; Category 2; Category 3; Category 2; Category 3 ; Category 4; Cases; LINKS. Bladder. the mental symptoms and everything in connection are marked by activity. The mental state of Bryonia is usually relieved from cool air, he wants the windows open. Bryonia has another kind of diarrhoea. "Always on coughing, motion in head like pressure." These atmospheric changes should be thoroughly considered in relation to our Materia Medica. "Desire for things that cannot be had which are refused, or not wanted when offered." You disturb him and he says, "Go away and let me go home," and if you let him alone he will relapse into a perfectly quiet state and seldom speak. Averse to company. These atmospheric changes should be thoroughly considered in relation to our Materia Medica. It prefers the right side, the The Bryonia patient is subject to hiccough, to belching, to nausea and vomiting, so that disordered stomach is the general term. Dr. S.R. He does not feel very well, is languid and tired, does not want to be spoken to, does not want to move, and this gradually increases; pains begin to flit over the body, they move around here and there over the fibers in one place and another, and every time he moves the pains increase, until they end in a steady and continuous pain. It is a perennial climbing herb with a fusiform, branched root, alternate leaves, bright green in colour. We may have in two remedies the same set of symptoms, and yet they are all made worse from the opposite things. Sometimes lying down and keeping perfectly quiet in a dark room will give some relief. Threatened peritonitis from such causes, gonorrhoeal troubles, old rheumatic troubles, pains or aches, if made worse from the slightest motion. But we see the Bryonia patient lying upon the side that is affected, upon the painful side, in order to diminish the motion that respiration causes; and very often he will have a hand under it to see if he cannot hold it still. Aversion to rich fat food; all greasy things. You would think, looking at the case superficially, that that patient is better from motion as in Rhus tox., but in Rims you find that the patient moves and in moving he gets feeble, and when he sits down the pains begin to come on again. Hoarseness and loss of voice in singers. Die in Nord- und Westeuropa beheimatete Kletterpflanze gehört zur Familie der Cucurbitaceae (Kürbsgewächse) und der botanischen Ordnung Cucurbitales. Persons who are subject to Bryonia conditions suffer in church, at the opera, in close warm rooms, like Lycopodium. Shortness of breath, suffocation, asthma. BRYONIA stands alongside of NUX VOMICA and PULSATILLA for disorders of alimentation. Bryonia Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba Bry. Il prend facilement froid et est surtout sensible au froid humide qui survient dans les jours chauds après la pluie ou un changement atmosphérique brusque. Le malade de Bryonia est souvent un cholémique au teint bilieux, facilement irritable. When he coughs it feels as if the liver or right hypochondrium would burst. "Children pick the lips." Anxiety, confusion of mind, fear, etc., are ameliorated from being cool. This is especially at night if he moves, but motion is more common in the day-time, and every motion will bring on urging to stool. Or the face is red and burning, "red spots on the face and neck;" "hot, bloated, red face.". El método de la ovulación; Vacunación, la verdad oculta; Quién soy; Contacto; Inicio Bryonia Alba. Materia médica de Lathoud en audio; Sobre salud. The liver, especially the right lobe, lies in the hypochondrium like a load, with soreness and tenderness to pressure, and he cannot move. The aggravation after eating is in keeping with the Bryonia state in general. It says here: "Diarrhoea putrid; smelling like "old cheese." Awful soreness. In the stomach and abdomen we have a great many symptoms resulting from disordered stomach, or from taking cold, or from becoming overheated, or from drinking ice water when overheated. Bryonia cures dysentery with all the tormina and tenesmus possible to imagine, with pain in the abdomen; with bloody and mucous discharges. Irritable. "Anxiety in whole body compelled him to do something constantly." The patient has several days of preparation. "Dry and bleeding and covered with crusts." The stomach complaints of Bryonia are relieved from warm drinks; that becomes a particular because his desire is for cold drinks, but his stomach is better from warm drinks. Bryonia is ameliorated in all its complaints as soon as the perspiration becomes free and general. These medicines are known to produce states in the stomach inimical to certain kinds of foods; certain remedies have violently inimical relation to acids, lemons, etc. MENTE / EMOCIONES – angustia – ansiedad – ansiedad por el futuro – aversión: a la gente – delira – falta de: confianza – fuerte sentido del deber – hipocondríaco/a – irritable – nervioso/a – no responde a preguntas – perezoso/a MIEDOS – a la probreza CABEZA – cuero … will begin at 3 and run on towards midnight, but Bryonia will begin at 9 P. m. and run on through the night. DOWNLOAD FREE NOW. The eyes are red and congested; he is listless, does not want to move, to speak, or to do anything, because all these things are motion are efforts, and they make him worse. and you open the window and then notice that the child goes off to sleep, do not overlook that; because that relief was caused by something. "Involuntary stools while asleep." "Soreness and aching of eyes when moving them." "Very offensive." After urinating a feeling in the bladder as if he had not finished, and a few drops still pass involuntarily, [1]. The homeopathic blog where you find all information about homeopathy,organon,materia medica and repertory. It is well to say to patients who are under Lyc., "See that you do not eat oysters while taking this medicine." weakness, all-pervading apathy. If due to septicaemia rather than to suppression of the sweat, very commonly a deeper acting remedy is required. Or at night a chill will come on, with much pain in the chest, rusty expectoration, short, dry cough and other symptoms that will be spoken of under Bryonia later, showing that the trouble is going towards the chest; or the condition may gradually increase as a congestive, dull headache. The patient is worse from a warm room, worse from too much clothing, worse from the warmth of the bed, wants the windows … Bryonia cura la disentería con todo el tenesmo que es posible imaginar, con dolor en el abdomen, con secreciones sangrientas y mucosas. Bryonia is a plant. There are pains so violent that he cannot keep still, and yet when he moves he screeches from the pain. Epistaxis appears as a vicarious flow in cases of menorrhoea. "Lips cracked and bleeding." Materia Medica Sources for Bryonia. Yet there are some of the Bryonia head complaints that are relieved by hot applications, and these seem to have no accompanying cerebral congestion. It is a gouty constitution with kidney troubles, so that after overheating or overexertion he gets pain in the back. Sometimes the stool is composed of little hard particles looking as if burned, at times scanty, again quite a lot, and then will follow the passage of mucus, as if lying about the mass of fasces was quite a lot of mucus. pains, greatly aggravated by any motion, are found everywhere, but especially in the chest; He realizes it on waking, upon moving the eyes, with soreness in the eyeballs, with bruised feelings all over. "Burning in urethra, when not urinating;" relieved by passing urine. Such a tongue is found in typhoid fever, a dry, brown, cracked, bleeding tongue. These atmospheric changes should be thoroughly considered in relation to our Materia Medica. When these conditions come on there is noticed, very early in the case, even before the pains begin, an aversion to motion, and the patient does not know why, but finally he observes that his symptoms are made worse if he has to move, so that the slightest inclination to move is resisted with a feeling of anger, and when he does move he finds lie is aroused to great suffering, and that all the aches and pains of the body come on. "Inflammation in eyes and lips, especially in new-born infants." If you do not particularly mention the fact, and say, "You must not touch vinegar or lemons, nor take lemon juice while taking this medicine," you will have the remedy spoiled, and then wonder why it is. Bleeding from the nose in these congestions, or with coryzas. Druck lindert, denn er verhindert B… evening, and open air, warm weather after cold days, to manifest its action most markedly. He must of course take a bath, and yet it is true that some constitutional cases under Rhus must stop taking their ordinary bath in order to keep themselves under the influence of Rhus. Sometimes he will lie and say nothing but that lie "wants to go home." If the menstrual flow should be checked suddenly from cold, nosebleed comes on. Rheumatic inflammation of the eyes, i. e., in inflammatory conditions and congestion with redness, associated more or less with gouty affections. "Desire for things which are not to be had.". Many remedies have this, but it is in keeping with the general aggravation o f Bryonia from motion, from jar, from any effort. "Frequent sneezing." The effort to talk will be attended with horror. SKU: BryP6C Categories: Simplex, Simplex-B. Por Iván Navas. … Physical The motion of the arms, doing work with the arms, as in various kinds of business that are carried on with the use of the arms and hands, is generally accompanied by complaints of the upper part of the body and especially the head, so that one of the old keynotes in the time of Hering was "complaints from ironing." The patient himself, in all complaints, feels worse after eating. The parts become hot and inflamed, and at last he is down with rheumatism. Great soreness in the trachea; rawness and tightness in the trachea, even suffocation, like Phosphorus. He will have a violent headache after drinking cold water when heated. Early in the, case he was able to keep still, and found that he was better from keeping still, and that the mental state was better from keeping still, and that the anxious restlessness increased the more he moved, until finally a reaction comes and lie is obliged to move. It is well to caution persons who are under the influence of Puts. Bryonia affects especially the constitution of a robust, firm fiber and Congestion of the head is present at the menstrual period. Die mehrjährige Pflanze bevorzugt feuchte und nährstoffreiche Böden, in denen die große Wurzelknolle genügend Platz findet und viel Wasser speichern kann. This will be seen when congestion of the brain is coming on. The general character of the pain here produced is a stitching, tearing; worse by motion, better rest. 1; 2; 3. Focused on survival. The headache increases into a throbbing and bursting pain tenfold greater than it was before drinking. So that Bryonia has opposite modalities, but in all its opposite states there is still a grand nature running all through, sufficient to detect it. Emetics are medicines that are used to cause vomiting.. Bryonia is also used to treat stomach and intestinal diseases, lung diseases, arthritis, liver disease, and metabolic disorders; and to prevent infections. Swollen, red, hot joints, stiff necks, and certain cases of whiplash, low back pain and sciatica need Bryonia’s soothing support as well. Insolaţii, expuneri prelungite la căldură. The Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent was written in 1905. In his fever and head complaints and febrile states he wants cold things, which often bring on and increase the cough and pains, but the hot drink, which he does not crave, relieves the stomach and bowel complaints. When the case is one of whooping cough, the cough is worse, the paroxysms are more violent and all the symptoms are worse a little while after eating, but later, when digestion is finished and the stomach is empty, he is much relieved. This is peculiar about the aggravation of Bryonia its troubles commence many times early in the morning. Such conditions come with chest complaints, with colds and headaches. The patient cannot move hand or foot; the pain is mostly in the right lung, and he is compelled to lie on the right side or back and dreads motion. "Rheumatic iritis, caused by cold." Menu Skip to content. Home; Materia Medica. The stomach has lost its ability to digest, and hence he has an aversion to all food. Bryonia has nondescript sore throats, with stitching pains, with dryness, with parched appearance of the throat, and thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals. Often he wants the room dark. The medicine often stops acting and the patient gets a disordered condition of the stomach and bowels; a medicine that should act for a long time ceases action and you do not know what the trouble is. Bryonia powoduje wystąpienie przede wszystkim: Stanu zapalnego, który obejmuje narządy pokryte błoną surowiczą i wywołuje potrzebę przebywania w bezruchu jako odpowiedź organizmu na toczący się proces chorobowy. Settle in your mind as to what it was that caused it. The Materia Medica of Psyche and Soma describes 175 homoeopathic remedies with well-proven mental pictures. The aggravation of the Chamomilla patients, who are also extremely irritable, is at 9 A. M. Sometimes we go to the bedside and can hardly distinguish between Bryonia and Cham. If in a chronic state a patient says, "Doctor, if I ever have a dispute with a man over anything I come down with nervous excitement, sleeplessness, headaches;" you do not have to work long upon that case, because more than likely Staph. stitching, tearing; worse by motion, better rest. Home; Homeopathy Repertory; Materia Medica; ZOMEO SOFTWARE ; Vet Homeopathy; Contact Us; Search for: Search. Bell. Homoeopathy will rule out such things as are inimical to the remedies and inimical to patients in general, or do not agree with a particular constitution. It is a symptom that calls for Bryonia only when the rest of the symptoms agree. Asthma worse in a warm room, wants cool air to breathe. The headaches are often accompanied by nose-bleed. If a headache conies on, such a patient may need Bryonia. This sluggish state of the mind then is the state of Bryonia, not an excitable state, as in Coffea, Nux vomica, Ignatia, but sluggish, aggravated from motion, aggravated from being talked to, wants to lie still in bed; very great irritability, which is as extreme as that found in Nux or Chamomilla. I only speak of these things to impress upon you the importance of feeding and treating your patient in accordance with the remedy; in accordance with a principle and not by rule; do not have one list of foods for your patients; do not have a list of things for everybody. Study the comparisons in Zomeo Homeopathic Software. The acute mental state you will find manifesting its symptoms on rising in the morning, but as the febrile state advances and takes possession of him the symptoms will take on a 9 P. M. aggravation; those who have chill will have it at 9 P. M.; in those who have a fever, the fever will come at 9 P. M. If mental symptoms are uppermost they increase and spread over the night. Bryonia Alba Cucurbăţea, Mutătoare Cucurbitacee Inflamaţii Uscăciune a mucoaselor Exsudat al seroaselor Dureri punctiforme Inflamaţii: Febră cu debut progresiv, cu sete necesi-tând mari cantităţi de apă rece. "The headache is expanding, aggravated by the slightest motion; after eating." Not fancy, sophisticated, or particularly refined. The headaches of Bryonia are very commonly the forerunner of other complaints, congestion of the lungs, bronchitis, or congestion of some other part of the body; he wakes up in the morning with headache; if it be coryza that is coming, he has the headache in the morning and through the day he commences to sneeze; or if the trouble is in some other part of the body, before the symptoms develop, he wakes up in the morning with this congestive headache over the eyes or in the back of the head, or both; it seems as if the head would burst; better from pressure, worse from the warmth of the room, and worse from every motion. Business thinking. Diagnostico diferencial. Sometimes the delirium, and the congestive fullness of the head affecting the mind, will increase if the room becomes very warm, or from the heat of the … Following the early sluggishness, there is later a state of complete stupefaction in Bryonia, in which he becomes quite unconscious, as in typhoid. To have an iron-clad rule is not correct practice; the only iron-clad rule is to be sure that the remedy is similar to the patient when you administer it, and the things that he is to have arc to be in agreement with that remedy. "Loss of smell." Light aggravates; if you think a moment you will see that the accommodation to light and shadow of a room involves motion; it is said that the light aggravates, but even here it is the motion that is carried on by the muscles of accommodation. Most of the head complaints that are of a congestive character are better from cool applications, from cold air, etc. The patient is worse from a warm room, worse from too much clothing, worse from the warmth of the bed, wants the windows … In Bryonia as in Arsenic there conies on anxious and uneasy feeling which compels him to move, but he is worse from motion, yet so uneasy and anxious that he must move. Burning pain mostly in the body or fundus of the uterus. Bry. "Headache after washing himself with cold water when face was sweating." These atmospheric changes should be thoroughly considered in relation to our Materia Medica. It has complaints from getting excited. Peritoneal exudations. BRYONIA ALBA - MATÉRIA MÉDICA - HOMEOPATIA. Tem ansiedade pelo futuro. In Rhus patients complaints are worse from drinking cold water when heated. You will not be surprised to know that Bryonia loses his sense of taste, so that if he has a coryza nothing tastes natural. When that case is looked into thoroughly it may be covered by Kreosote; another is never satisfied with anything and rejects everything he asks for; you look into that case and it may be covered by Chamomilla. The four examples given here are representative of the four natural kingdoms that are the source of homoeopathic remedies. Not only is there mental sluggishness, but there is a slowing down of his sensations, his whole state is benumbed. Acts on all serous membranes and the viscera they contain. T.F. The general character of the pain here produced is a There are plenty of urinary symptoms in this remedy; inflammatory condition of the kidneys; pinkish urinary deposits, uric acid crystals; urine profuse. Thus we have the well-known Bryonia aggravation from motion. Sometimes the delirium, and the congestive fullness of the head affecting the mind, will increase if the room becomes very warm, or from the heat of the stove, from becoming heated, or from warm covers. Other names for this homeopathic remedy: Bryonia, Bry., Bryonia cretica, Bryonia dioica, rotbeerige Zaunrübe, Zaunrübe, rotbeerige. Children dislike to be carried or raised. Desejo de chorar. All sorts of pains are left in the stomach and bowels, but most particularly stitching and burning pains; feels as if the stomach would burst, as if the abdomen would burst. This remedy was mentioned by Dioscoroides and was introduced into homeopathic practice in 1816 by Dr Hahnemann. You can read the full book here. Those who have been grumbling for a week or ten days wake up in the morning feeling miserable, some time that night or the next day they have to send for the doctor. Threatened apoplexy. Available in 4X-30X, 2C-30C, 200C, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH from $6.59 Purchase options . No moisture about the parts, no mucus to soften the hard stools. The pathogenesis is full of these conditions as well as many symptoms relating to the parts themselves. The It has constipation, and it has dysentery. W bezruchu nasilenie dolegliwości bólowych zmniejsza się i są one odczuwane jako punktowe, zlokalizowane bóle. by William BOERICKE, M.D. You will notice, as I go through, that in everything of a nervous nature, nervous excitement, and commonly the bodily state, the patient is worse from a warm room, worse from too much clothing, worse from the warmth of the bed, wants the windows open, wants to breathe fresh, cool air. "Morose." "Brown, thin, faecal stools." Soreness of the abdomen, but the flow does not come, or is postponed a good many days after violent exertion; scanty urine and suppression of menses in plethoric girls. Gastric inflammatory affections and disordered stomach, gastric affections in young girls from suppression of the menstrual flow, gastritis, gastroenteritis. In Bryonia the large quantities relieve the thirst immediately. Dandruff is common; sensitiveness and great soreness of the scalp; worse from the slightest touch of the scalp, feels as if the hair were pulled; women must always have the hair hanging down. It is not an uncommon thing for a patient who has been under the influence of Rhus tox, and has been doing well up to 4 certain time, after he has taken a bath, to have his symptoms return in the form-of a Rhus state; the action of the remedy stops right there. With Bryonia the expectoration is of a reddish tinge, is rusty, and if you have this symptom and the right side affected it is all the more strongly Bryonia. "Bad effects from mortifications." It also has acute complaints aggravated from anger, from being aroused, from being disturbed, from controversy. This sometimes comes on apparently in a short time; the patient awakens in the morning with a dull, congestive headache and a stupid feeling in the head; dullness of mind so that he cannot work, and this feeling gradually increases; such a state is sometimes the forerunner of a serious illness. In inflammation of the breasts and stopping of the milk flow in the lying-in period. These comparisons may be carried out indefinitely, but the study of Bryonia as to the respiratory apparatus is a wonderful one. Headaches as if the skull would split open; the pains are worse from every motion, even the winking motion of the eyes, the motion necessary to talking, and the effort of thinking, so that all exertion of body or mind becomes impossible with a severe headache. [1020.] Violent exertion then scanty urine. Siempre que hace un esfuerzo, al levantarse o por cualquier movimiento desacostumbrado, siente … This runs all through the remedy.