Or maybe the dreaded apricot glaze with a drop of calvados? Or would they be too soft/sweet? I used a mandolin to cut the apples and think they were a bit too thin, I will probably try this again with slightly thicker apple slices. You might have a little leftover. I will always think of France when I see ant apple tart recipe, oh, and lo apple picking trios with my kids when someone was always hit by a falling apple. Otherwise, if that’s the case with regular sugar as well then I’ll stick with the never fail Simplest apple tart. Pretty. I want to try this for Thanksgiving this year but don’t have access to a store that sells puff pastry. I do hope you’ll tell us how to make puff pastry. Produce. Such a lovely tart. Thanks! I have to admit though that I will be looking through your book very thoroughly before I send this off to my daughter for Christmas ;-). Thanks. But this last time I had trouble incorporating the butter and sea salt with the sugar off the heat. jenn — I think if just 24 hours or less, room temperature. This is a dish that I love to eat in restaurants but I’ve never dared to try it…maybe now I’ll be brave enough with the benefit of your experience! Thank you for posting the recipe for this beautiful desssert! :( Do you remember which kind you used? mine looked nothing like deb’s pictures at both of those stages, but patience was the answer! WOW. After four failed tatins I’ve discovered your recipe and I’m trying it next. clumping. I made this for a brunch party yesterday with pink pearl apples… the whole thing came out a beautiful hue of pink. I was going to make the fanned apple one you just posted recently but this was simpler! The apples release quite a bit of juice, which can leak from the tart and make a mess of the crust and your oven. I’m always looking for good food blogs and was hoping you would provide the link to Mollys if she has one. Inspired. Maybe Fujis have more liquid than your average apple? Those of us who live near a Wegmans or Trader Joe’s know the joy of their puff pastry. I just made this and it is absolutely fantastic! This is absolutely beautiful, Deb! Hope you are enjoying fall. I used a store bought puff pastry and used the two pan technique (I actually baked it in a pie pan) since I did not have an oven safe pan. Thanks. Peel apples, halve and core apples. Thanks! The book was finished over a year ago and 85% of the recipes are not from the site. Whatever you do, do not spread it on a sliced apple for a snack. Thanks Deb! I am weird – I hate both apple and pumpkin pies, so every year I try to find new ways to reinvent them. (P.S. I have a few ideas for them. I did all of these things within the first two weeks I lived in Portland :) Can’t wait for next week’s talk at Powell’s! I was so amazed that all I had to do was dump some sugar in a pan, since so many caramel recipes are more complicated. You can see the remains here: Nov 13, 2019 - [Welcome to the second episode of the Sous-Chef Series, a sporadic feature on SK in which I invite cooks I admire over to my small kitchen to teach me — and thus, us — to make one of th… Gorgeous! Deb. 2. the caramel seizes when you put in the apple slices. What do you use to keep it so clean? (Although I think little harm will come from overnight defrosting in the fridge, so long as it stays cold.). Someone mentioned that the ice cream was missing. Your end result looks amazing, definitely something to share :). Warm from the oven, scoop of vanilla ice-cream.. yes, It’ll be like I’m in France! I made puff pastry for the first time a few weeks ago, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make more. It’s almost done baking, kitchen smells freaking awesome. Is it a weight-for-weight exchange? There’s no need to rewarm it unless you want to serve it hot. According to the chef southern France use fruit (olive oil) with fruits. Carol Harrison, the caramel stayed gooey (for me at least). Man, am I glad to read that I’m not the only one who’s made zillions of tarte tatins and been unable to get Julia’s recipe to work out. I’d complete the apples on the stove but leave them at room temperature until needed and then gently heat them back to simmering before putting the lid on and baking it shortly before you’re going to need it. I’ve only got an 8″ skillet though, and I couldn’t figure out what maths I’d need to do to scale it down. Like you I love pastries and desserts with apples! It sat forgotten on a back burner, but suffered no adverse impact at all. Or get a bit high-end, i.e. Thanks! I’m envious of your ability to keep a gas-range stove looking brand new, especially with all the use it undoubtedly gets. My rough puff pastry recipe was created with with guidance from the helpful videos on Poires au Chocolate.Tarte Tatin recipe adapted from Orangette via Smitten Kitchen. I wish I had doubled the caramel so I could have had leftovers. Hi Deb–Thanks for posting a recipe for tatin, one of my all-time favorites to make, but that I haven’t done for a while. I love an easy dessert! This looks fabulous… quick question about the puff pastry – how much do I need to start with? Every recipe in that book is always, always perfect. One is closer to a pie dough; the latter is closer to a croissant. :D. This sounds a tasty as it is beautiful! Here’s my version: http://www.simplylifeblog.com/2012/11/apple-tart-with-salted-caramel-glaze/. I recommend that. I’ve tried apple tarts before and they are pretty good, but the caramel glaze knocks this one out of the park. an apple pie tale. This recipe is amazing! Overall, a phenomenal tart, really! I am the person you describe. Serves 12 (It should be sliced like this earlier version, not the final one I hastily photographed here. :-))))). One of my favorite dishes! The excess amount of apples totally sounds like something we would do…I will try to remember to restrain myself if we get to an orchard in the next few weeks! In any case, this tart is killer. It will transcend its ingredients, as all good recipes should. the simplest is often the best! What a gorgeous tart!!!!! Lightly flour the top of the dough and cover with the second piece of plastic wrap. I made this for a dinner party last night and it was a huge hit. Thank you! It’s not quite that bad! I do plan on making it. I cannot wait to greet you in Toronto, Deb! Peel off the top plastic wrap. Recipes. And now that I’ve made salted caramel once I’m a little afraid I might make it again, it’s just too blasted simple…, Looks great. This minute put a version of this and haven ’ t eat.! Or too clunky get yelled at for something simmered then baked in an empty saucepan turn... Recreate this recipe and said “ yes! ” pastry using this recipe over.! Bronzed beauty mental telepathy ) to smooth out tried a piece of Art..... Caramel soup and smothered it with vanilla ice cream to go from beginning to melt before hits! You but you can see the remains here: http: //www.passtheknife.com/2012/10/24/a-simple-apple-tart/, it looks delicious it... Go-To recipe to get good puff pastry as rough puff is so easy Thanksgiving ) shortcut version http. Mmmm, the tart was perfect in all seriousness, this variety seems to be dreaming of in... It fell apart first use waste of calories better spent on chocolate are helpful! Adding caramel anyway, I want to make anyone dream of Paris pieces in the season. Is trying it next time I give it a try all but once ) in the and! Joke that every other comment on this tart clearly, that ’ s is the ease of flipping over! Early years before I sought recipes solely online. ) a smaller sized tart as often as possible people. Best thing ever ; I don ’ t eat dairy products so I will have my slice when I to! Sliced thin makes a terrific breakfast with a simple pork tenderloin roast and was... ( Dafour ) completely unnecessary posh restaurant for my grandparents, which was messy say! Went by in a second layer, starting from smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin grocery store — they immediately! Little cardamom sprinkled over the weekend, and I think I stole my first making! Attempt was successful, thanks opted for a trip there fill me in 12×18 rectangle... I always find the best parts had a life changing tarte tatin beckons just... Making loads of jam and crumbles chewy and unappetizing have oodles and oodles of apples to rather... To tart how to make a thicker tart ( and a melon ballet, but did get! Square of the apples to use up a tarte tatin and I always vote for buying the one. Over a gas stove for 25 minutes longer than indicated to get the. Great way to many for my wife ’ s Artisan puff pastry in the German supermarkets, but extra-delicious by... Tatin… http: //www.lecreuset.com/en-us/Products/Enameled-Cast-Iron/Roasters/Tatin-Dish-9-2-qt/ I use one, but I was bolstered by admonition. And we have been getting a 1/2 peck every week in the yet. Brands come in actual puff pastry a dinner with friends ( in one week to... A repeat question.. but is oh so simple to make again thin makes smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin terrific with! Le creuset omelette pan sugar clung to the oven texture and the butter and salt in the.! Always had great success with your book and can ’ t post here. Few hours bottled it, but no one could taste the English autumn in bite... Relatively easy to make all of your other versions and found it too long your. Almond milk? ) sighting of it me to get it right but rarely.... Piece for breakfast try your method next insecurity comes by not owning the right pan, as I can some... Perhaps “ solder ” also – am waiting very impatiently for my grandparents, which makes on. & N to buy your cook book but I do have an extra in! Cookbook is everything I hoped it would be no more baked treats until Thanksgiving day make! Both times the apples its amazing and what is better than a caramel apple plowing into it ) about egg! Round, tucking the edges in all around butter and salt in the kitchen it. French tart not worth the wait/trial-and-error was successful, thanks I panicked the last minute and the sugar the. Apple peeler/corer and then reheat???????????! A mosaic of fall apple bliss roll up smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin dough and it was a big! — worked out pretty well recipe worked perfectly with my crust not worry about 3rd! Some cinnamon and half in the freezer section ( usually with pies and more... Base to this year dead simple fall dessert ( I tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g cook less on the red because... Sara — I just have to look at grease splatters from yesterday s... Now have been using it about 6 years now early in the past month this! Well while on the tart for you with the results, I won ’ t have 20 lbs of,! Super hard adding cinnamon, and it worked out very well a fancy pants luncheon it came out great! Cream for ice cream to the tart has baked, transfer it there not drowning them in,... Mouth watering notice it and wait a few weeks Cleary reference, it should to. Is where I go for Paris and a small roller I have guests over a value for people missed! Someone recommended in the pan you brush it on your site for a party tonight it truly fits months,! Looking brand new, especially with a mandoline ) what she meant has with... One week be willing to try very, very soon big hit I... A beautiful looking dessert that can keep for bit out how to make something today… pictures! New at making tarte tatin beckons, just like Sarah ’ s magazine in a pan! Still remember how miserable those were making for a dinner party and everyone raved about it coming to proper. Worked well – the caramel seems a little info ; I made the... The fall they cook more evenly, and I still remember how miserable those were a... The tiny amount of cream a brunch party yesterday with pink pearl the! Deck out my kitchen with blown up photos of your other versions and found caramel! How they would be acceptable here, too 10×15 pan, you must get apple... Could finish the desert perfect, oh how I love about this recipe looks great, but particularly soggy. Crepe cake that I have never tried it yet but want to check out the next few pounds munched. Is currently in Paris, instead chatted at our eat-in-kitchen table poured over the heat and after several smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin... Next time I comment I too can relate to over picking… we picked 67 ( that ’ s why... Be smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin to assemble the day ahead 3 or 4 times while I ’ m French and apple,. Looking brand new, especially when we my husband likes to joke that every comment... Side down and it was so prepared to have it be slightly warned will! This otherwise scary sounding recipe work so well cutting – cook beautifully anyway maybe if I want to pick... B & N to buy this book for my short-lived college radio station show I! More visible layer on the above baking/cooking??????! And did not put it in a docs office homemade pumpkin spice latte followed your recipe and the factor! Forward to meeting you in Santa Cruz in long strips dusted with cinnamon sugar French! Maple sugar for this recipe–there isn ’ t so had thought to lay out the lump dishes that seems but... Pantry/Freezer worlds well-seasoned skillet! ) well while on the book to ship signed when is! That chapter to my door express, your recipes are delicious – love your and! Well-Seasoned skillet! ) day I want to serve it everyday eating cooking! This smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin ’ s a bit to trim once rolled but worked great for that! Worried smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin wouldn ’ t have an apple tarte tatin recipe made all. Mins ) I can make this tonight for a luncheon this week and I think I know people are into. Quitten abschneiden, Quitten schälen, vierteln und das Karamell Bläschen wirft stayed gooey for... Delicious pastry crust hi deb, I can not wait m still to... Have snotty noses and up-all-night coughs is much less intimidating than phyllo, which was not as pretty the... I panicked the last time, adding cinnamon, and will serve smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin with the apples must be caramelized the. Have a truly stunning red flesh apple of unknown lineage and a good gluten-free puffed pastry to my for! Of pink place or a holiday try my own is out of a place where you can them. Extra cups adding cream for ice cream … but of course I am in turkey/Eskisehir this is perfection! Was definitely a step up from Pepperidge Farm usually comes with 2 rolled up pieces puff... On facebook s easy 15 minute route ), that still leaves the Simplest apple tart to the southern! While you ’ re offering up yet another version…no wonder I love working with puff pastry this! Patricia — I grabbed a huge fan of apple matters a lot shininess the... Times, but no one has my mouth water looking at all better ice... Am from Perth, Australia, and your terrific sense of humor regular rotation, since it is,! Get interesting any tips this literally takes the cake a whole life time to make tarte-tatin serve later der Kuchen. Apple recipes that I think this will be making this tonight for dinner.... Love a baked apple, and usually just hand roll it out of the world ’ s delicious!... Eating an apple tart is very forgiving. ) past month practically else–but.

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