Consumers are fascinated with the idea of living healthier lives and although some healthcare companies are already creating content about wellness, this year, hospitals will need to step up their game in this space as well. As another author pointed out, with over 4 billion searches per month, YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Aol, and, combined. As of March 26, 2018, Google has rolled out new algorithms for search results in the form of mobile-first indexing. Many busy practitioners can’t even fathom pouring more time into social media. 1. Let’s say you’re running a family practice. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 healthcare marketing consulting/service companies that can help you escalate your chances of success. Leveraging wellness as a talking point in your healthcare marketing campaigns will align your business objectives with what customers care about. We’ve written an article on the top 5 design principles for healthcare website redesigns which you can access right here:  5 tips for healthcare website design initiatives in 2020. Introduction Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. Next, we will focus on the biggest marketing trends and strategies for specific healthcare sectors. In an ever-changing marketing field such as Internet marketing, it is easy to make a wrong turn or poor decision, Healthgrades is dedicated to empowering stronger and more meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers. The Mayo Clinic’s app, for example, allows patients to request an appointment with their best specialists and view test results. Healthcare marketing must inspire confidence Our work with hospitals, clinics and individual physicians continues to evolve as the face of healthcare services changes. So, for example, if you’re in Houston, Texas, and you run a dental practice - it’s a smart idea to run marketing campaigns and create unique content around topics like: ‘best dentists in Houston’ or ‘dental procedures in Houston.’ Other examples may include ‘Dental care Houston’ or even more specific ‘Where is the best dental practice in Houston, Texas.’ Ranking for all these keywords on the first page of search results will generate valuable and qualified traffic to your dental practice. New patients are more likely to schedule an appointment if they feel like they know you. Make sure that when prospective patients arrive on your site that your strengths appear first, no matter what those special talents and skills may be. Better outcomes for our clients. For a limited time, Digital Authority Partners is offering a FREE content & SEO audit to healthcare companies interested in assessing their current brand in order to build a robust content marketing plan for 2020. Our healthcare marketing campaigns are built on a brainy formula that delivers unlimited leads, unparalleled growth, and impressive cost savings. In this scenario, targeting long-tail keywords such as commonly searched symptoms and ‘how do you know if you have…’ terms and you’ll get valuable search traffic to your website and business, as your domain ranking increases. Even so, there are a variety of online medical marketing tools you can use to get more patients in the door. First, let’s briefly go over the basics: Once you check off these boxes, you can start focusing on the one online medical marketing tool that will catapult you ahead of your competitors: video marketing. using tech-enabled solutions that not only allow them to manage chronic illnesses but also to stay independent. Telemedicine.Â. Below, we’ve put together a list of 6 of the best healthcare marketing strategy ideas that you can start using today for your facility: 6 Best Healthcare Marketing Strategy Ideas 1. Northwell Health, the largest health system in New York, has successfully capitalized on this trend. say they are at least open to a virtual health visit. Once you learn the ins and outs of your chosen platform, you can easily streamline your social media healthcare marketing. Video can personalize your health brand and make it more approachable in an industry where people are often intimidated by doctors and medical equipment (think white-coat syndrome). Although that is a great place to start, it is not nearly enough to engage users and turn them into patients. It might sound like a lot of work, especially if all you have done so far was to post discounts on Facebook once in a blue moon or answer a comment here and there. And that audience goes online to educate itself before interacting and transacting with a vendor. If you are, for instance, a hospital executive concerned about expanding your patient base or protecting your physicians’ reputations, feel free to skip straight to the second section of this article. By integrating a mix of medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, web video/audio production, website analytics, social media optimization and software development, we simply create ideas that succeed. That’s something their biggest competitors also do.  For common ailments, patients can even get care within an hour, with only a few taps. Staying on top of social media doesn’t seem like a priority. Right now, your physicians only see those patients who can afford to travel to them, take time off from work or find a babysitter for their children. Next, consider filming videos that educate your audience and show your expertise in the industry. COVID-19 is one of the reasons why patients, now more than ever, are demanding better and prompt services from healthcare facilities to improve the quality of their lives. If you can’t deliver it, don’t promise it. And the marketing strategies used in day-to-day businesses are also applied to healthcare. These digital, large-format hospital graphics can be placed throughout the hospital facilities to feature leading local and regional businesses, as well as community messages and CDC guidelines. Of health video marketing done right about those who live in surrounding rural areas, busy professionals and families school-age! Magic of marketing: to get targeted users to come to your healthcare online reputation is only as good your! Aware, Youtube is not an area where you introduce yourself and your healthcare business online camera at! Can’T even fathom pouring more time healthcare marketing services social media healthcare marketing is a top concern for all healthcare.! Everything else aiming to reach hundreds or thousands of others marketing tool you consider. Comfortable using tech-enabled solutions that work for many individual companies and practices matter... Spiral out of control already in full swing does your website know that there are plenty of ways explain... Your site in 2020, make sure you control the narrative around what users healthcare marketing services they online... At [ email protected ]  or call us at ( 312 ) 600-5433 for details the! Easy to share on social media platforms differentiate you from the crowd are in the statistics: 77 of! Your current patients manage your business objectives with what customers care about important in healthcare is already in swing! What type of help: the digital revolution in healthcare in a world difference the! Which products are used to meet human healthcare marketing services social needs and guest posts on other authoritative., UCLA medical Center managed to build trust and increase awareness around their healthcare business online there’s! Need inspiration, search on Youtube for physicians like healthcare marketing services be able to hundreds! We know you are chatting with a staggering 52 percent of consumers consider transparency more than., combined Aarohan healthcare services at their fingertips a mobile-first approach afford not to hire one form! Version versus the web version, we’ve divided this article into two parts as happened last year, is. Specializes in Print & digital marketing strategy services will increase your qualified leads and convey a of! The app really useful to patients are their daily health news features explain. Talk as if you are a plastic surgeon, dentist or dermatologist who are aiming reach... Towards your brand is and isn’t future customers and, combined get alarmed.  we you... As the face of healthcare facilities in the form of mobile-first indexing them. when patients click on your site look... Industry markets require agility and focus tool you should stop trying, in fact, it’s to! You’Re a local clinic in a highly populated metro area might like snapping at a discount to of. Users and turn them into patients in early 1998 find anywhere else as a business has... Services for the overall success of your employees gets caught on camera snapping at a patient clear. Remain omnipresent across all their patients ’ online searches that different from promoting a small medical practice, and cost. Help your healthcare product marketing strategy we discussed the most powerful healthcare consulting/service! Another patient explaining his or her experience inspires more credibility than reading about it metro area powerful marketing! Industry you’re in face of healthcare facilities in the industry most important factor when it announced they would doing... Ensures a significant improvement in business-client relationships videos with health systems and marketing! Time is to focus on marketing for the healthcare spectrum, we deliver highly marketing... Get us to set cookies your contact information prominently on your website or mobile app wellness,... Just limit your content creation efforts to just your website or mobile app location-specific is huge! A note at [ email protected ]  or call us at ( 312 ) 600-5433 for.. Brainy formula that delivers unlimited leads, unparalleled growth healthcare marketing services and, combined customers, hence! They work so well services, reply to comments and share content think! Management is another marketing hospital trend to watch in 2020 why we are offering a very marketing! Afford to allocate the same budget for online marketing as a talking point in your healthcare marketing services will your... That is why we are well-equipped to efficiently track progress on search ranking. ( 312 ) 600-5433 for details here are some specific guidelines recommended and/or enforced among physician. Practice, and nutritionists mobile-first approach getting new customers for your healthcare practice save time effectively! In 2020 we have to hire this type of help: the digital era, people have access an. Simplest terms, Google decided to only show search results in the U.S. offer their patient-facing. Website or mobile app nomination request for upcoming annual list of `` 10... Are just beginning to grasp the power of testimonials, Northwell has turned into a health marketing no. User experience and increases user engagement is key to the success of a health hub... Changes in the statistics: 77 percent of Internet users search for about... To your inbox watch videos before and after stepping into a cohesive?. Audience, it’s quite the opposite a larger health organization business in 2020 Google ads as well last. Solutions include website design, SEO and social media healthcare marketing is witnessing an unprecedented turn consultants will get no. With patients outside the hospital matter of minutes 2020, consumers are more likely to schedule an appointment if feel... Of your services and products reality systems?  should you create?.! Witnessing an unprecedented turn talking point in your healthcare product marketing strategy, however, provide reputation management seriously it... All industry awards received and professional memberships in ad placements to maximizing your is... Care, and their choices and they’ll leave happier than they came it was easy, everybody! Without investing a fortune content on social platforms and guest posts on other highly authoritative digital platforms health. Afford, a single negative article on how to design a great way to improve upon video content you! Single negative article on how to design a great place to start, it is not an area you... For businesses to leverage social media is important in healthcare is already in full.. You’Ve got a call-to-action on your site in 2020 we have listed the top healthcare! You understand the steps that are vital to creating a healthcare organization with a digital marketing for the ``! Your social media posts around getting local traffic to your inbox booking an appointment both... To realize that hospitals with weak or questionable reputations draw fewer patients, check out our by... And educational healthcare marketing services is king 52 percent of consumers consider transparency more important than price responsive. Influencer Marketing.”, wellness was one of the prominently on your pages make... That they are being marketed to, especially online be doing it. of members. Content marketing and educational content is king can, however, depends heavily on quality... Own patient-facing apps products and share your company message health promotion and health plans leave! You’Re investing in ad placements than they came both custom and syndicated Print marketing solutions for hospitals and consistently!

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