Red evades Samar's question, but only mentions he will expose the truth soon. The members of the task force start being targeted. According to Reddington and the FBI, her birth name is Masha Rostova, and she was born in Moscow to Katarina Rostova, a Russian intelligence agent whom everyone regards as a "myth". He was killed by Tom, which triggered an investigation that nearly brought murder charges against Elizabeth. Cooper rejects the letter, stating that his name wasn't found on Prescott's client list. She tells him she needed to do what she should've done years ago in keeping Liz away from him and mentions that she has just begun her revenge. Annapurna Sriram as Odette, a lawyer whose mother once worked for Alexander Kirk as a housekeeper. When Ressler finds out and confronts her, she admits to it and to previously tipping Liz and Tom off to help them evade the FBI, arguing that if Liz is arrested, she will inevitably be killed by the Cabal. He was furious with Alan Fitch for lying to him about her death and takes action. After accepting the truce, they let Tom and the Major go. Accompanied by Liz, Reddington goes on the run to gather various resources needed for his plan to bring down the Director and exonerate Liz. Prescott is later killed by Reddington who removed Ressler from the list. He seems relieved by this until Prescott visit him in his van. When a witness in the murder trial of a ruthless cartel boss disappears, Red (James Spader) leads Liz (Megan Boone) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) on a search for the Blacklist's No. Red then scolds her knowing that she almost had her family's killer back in Cairo, but missed one key element that led to both her partner being killed and Samar being hospitalized. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 19:29. In "Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion", Samar investigates Janet after Aram is imprisoned for failing to cooperate with a grand jury investigating the task force. With Red's help, Ressler discovered Prescott's real name and meets him in the park where he's playing football with his family and arrests him. In response, Ressler promptly fires Samar from the task force. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold. Kirk was revealed to be the mysterious client who had hired Susan Hargrave to capture Liz. Karl Miller as Pete McGee, a disgraced doctor who assists Tom in his quest to identify the bones given to him by Mr. Kaplan. In "Zarak Mosadek", Garvey meets at a bar with a woman who is revealed to be Jennifer Reddington and works as a bartender. Prescott mentions that should he refuse, he will expose Ressler's secret and he will go to jail for the murder of Laurel Hitchin. In "Sir Crispin Crandall", while trying to fire at Red and Liz, he finds himself trapped with all of the most intelligent people in cryogenics. After the operative is arrested, Samar comforts Aram and pleases him by admitting she rescinded on her transfer papers. Odette confronted Liz about her parentage during their fight in "Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion". In "Philomena", Samar interviews for a prestigious FBI fellowship. When he tells her off how he truly felt and leaves, only then Samar begins to feel guilty for hurting Aram. He then returns control of the task force to the reinstated Cooper. When Aram discovers this, he regrets how he treated Samar after learning she did love him. When he is shaken again by his actions, Samar comforted Aram and convinces him that he did the right thing in killing the Architect. He changes his mind at the last minute when his men discover Liz is alive. Samar realizes the near-drowning has left her with permanent brain damage. Instead, Laurel offers a plea of involuntary manslaughter with 3 years' probation. She met with Elizabeth Keen, whom Red had said was a career thief. However, Liz and Tom suspected she was alive. In "Mato" Liz gets a clue from her past when she saw her mother, Katarina, putting a few toys and a ribbon bracelet in a coffee can used as a time machine. She became friends with Katarina after discovering she was a Soviet spy and learned that she was having an affair with Reddington. Some criminals are unknown to the FBI, or have avoided leaving behind the needed evidence for conviction, or live a high-profile public life whilst concealing their criminal behaviour. Elizabeth agrees to work on the case but declares it will be her last. His ethics are somewhat murky, and he espouses the use of some crimes (such as extortion, counterfeiting, torture, and murder) in the service of "the greater good". Peter then reprimands him for trying to revolt and forces Solomon's cooperation. The Blacklist Season show reviews & Metacritic score: A politician in Prague is framed for murder, triggering the team's effort to take down the Kingmaker, a shifty strategist who's behind the rise of … He points out to Gale that he was on another assignment by looking into Wright's murder and had no time to deal with Red's shenanigans. Liz is rescued by Ressler and Samar and with Aram's help, tracks down Kirk's location. The Pavlovich brothers specialize in abductions of high value targets, including General Ryker's daughter (see episode 1). She accepts Tom's marriage proposal, hoping to start a family with him. She asked Kaplan to leave Liz in the care of the man who would become her foster father, Sam. He later calls Prescott to help hide Hitchin's body in a similar manner to Wright's, under the pseudonym Red gave Ressler, Frank Sturgeon. Janet even points out that she is doing a poor job hiding it behind a disinterest and tough façade. Cooper berates Red for this, but Red simply tells him that Kirk is gone and won't be coming back and insists they move on. According to Red, they are in town planning their next hit, Li. (1 episode, 2015) Ami Canaan Mann ... (1 episode, 2015) Michael Waxman ... (1 episode, 2015) Anton Cropper ... (1 episode, 2016) Michael Dinner ... (1 episode, 2016) Eagle Egilsson ... (1 episode, 2016) … In 1991, near the end of the Cold War, Kirchoff took part in a meeting in Kursk with other Soviet officials on how to combat their more progressive countrymen who wanted the Soviet Union dissolved. He and his men surround the church where Liz and Tom are about to be married and demand that Liz come with them or they will kill everyone else and take her by force. The mission is a success and Liz is exonerated of all but the murder of Tom Connolly, for which she agrees to a plea of involuntary manslaughter and is set free. Elizabeth shoots him and stages his death, but keeps him prisoner on a boat for several months to extract as much information as possible. The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 17 'Brothers' Sneak Peek. He was attacked and put into a coma by Berlin's agents at the end of season 1. Despite Garvey shooting first, Red fires back and shoots him. Cast. With the help of Assistant Attorney General, "Smiling Tommy" Connolly, Reddington helps Tom and Elizabeth sweep the whole event under the rug; Elizabeth is cleared while Tom "never existed". He mentions that Red should tell him why the remains are important to him. She appears to be colluding with Reddington for an unknown purpose. Gina Zanetakos (Blacklister No. In the series' pilot, they kidnapped Beth Ryker, the daughter of General Daniel Ryker, by killing six FBI Agents during the ambush. When first confronted by Elizabeth, Tom asserts to her that he was assigned to protect her, and that Reddington "is not who [she] thinks he is". When the FBI rescued her, Kirk decides to continue his revenge on Red by keeping Agnes from him. Eventually FBI backup arrives and Solomon flees as his men are killed. Timothy hung himself a year later. Moments later, Susan enters and tells him about her son, how he disappeared twenty-eight years earlier when he was three years old and she always hopes to see him again. During the mission, Tom and Solomon rob a pharmacy together and Tom shoots Solomon in the gut in revenge for the attempt on Liz's life. Only when a man talks to Red at the beach, that he realized the woman he rescued was a ghost and it was she who tells him that he did save her, through channeling his grief in losing Liz. Piter Marek as Nik Korpal, Liz's former boyfriend and practicing doctor, who was coerced into working for Red. Megan Boone Elizabeth "Liz" Keen. Cast Characters. He is friends with Elizabeth Keen. And proceeded to help Red into the car. In "Zarak Mosadek", while staking out at a pub in Baltimore with Aram, Liz discovers a woman named Lillian who works as a bartender meeting with Garvey. 1–10 Later, she helps Reddington clean up after he kills Diane Fowler at the end of … Macatee successfully pressures Red into mediating a dispute between rival prison gangs. S1, Ep5. He tortures Cooper, but Reddington arrives to rescue him and kill Hutton. Liz is nearly transferred, but the White House Counsel is able to prevent it and Ressler returns to transfer her to the courthouse. At some point, he was being held by the Eberhardt Cartel. 14), born Constantin Rostov, is a powerful billionaire businessman who made his fortune buying up Russian companies after the fall of the Soviet Union. In "Rassvet," it is revealed that Katarina was a double agent working both for the Cabal and the KGB. She then double-crosses him and has him shot, but he survives. In "Anna Gracia-Duerte", Garvey attempts to take Liz and Aram hostage, both are looking for the witness' whereabouts. Diego Klattenhoff Donald Ressler. Solomon tries to stop Tom and Nez, claiming that Susan was set up by Howard and had no knowledge on it. In "Rassvet," Liz tracks down her grandfather Dominic Wilkinson with the help of Ressler and finally learns much of the truth about Reddington and her mother from him. After learning she was involved with Elizabeth Keen's death, Reddington attacks Hargrave's operations to force her to meet with him. Finally, after he confessed to Liz that he had initially hired Tom Keen to enter her life and watch over her, she gave him the Fulcrum, after which he was shot by the Director's agents. She tells Liz that she was her nanny, and warns Liz not to get involved in the fight between her and Reddington. Visited by a hallucination of Tom, Liz reveals what she has learned. Dom states that twenty-eight years before, her mother had promised to send him a letter to a post office box when she was safe, but he has never gotten one despite checking every week. Games Movies TV Video. In "Smokey Putnum", Ressler is informed by Cooper that Hitchin died by hitting her head and there will be no further investigation. With the help of Marvin Gerard, Red makes a deal with Laurel for her to publicly exonerate Liz on all but Tom Connolly's murder. Tom's spying on one of Kirk's men and confrontation leads him to where Kirk's true whereabouts are: Russia. Having taken back the bag containing the skeletal remains, he leaves and has a few of his men get rid of Tom and Liz to send a message to Red. After opening an envelope containing the DNA test and believing it to be Kaplan's secret, Liz confronts Red for not telling her the truth about him being her father and having to find out from Cooper. Afterwards, Samar and Ressler become intimate. He was hired by the Director to get the Fulcrum, and captured and interrogated Liz to find it, subjecting her to therapy to help recover blocked memories from her past that related to the Fulcrum. Following a train derailment at the site, which Red believes to be the work of an assassin known as "The Freelancer," he and Elizabeth learn of the assassin's next target: Floriana Campo (, Elizabeth testifies against drug lord Hector Lorca (, After Tom confronts Liz about the box, and she produces the photo of him in Boston where the murder took place, he claims he is innocent and insists that they turn it in to the FBI so his name can be cleared. While Liz and Dembe are making the exchange for Reddington, the FBI arrives, and Ressler arrests Liz. He refuses to explain why Liz must be involved. The persons are trained to act as spies for various clients. Add new page. In the midst of a virus outbreak inside a bank, Elizabeth refuses to work with Red and sends Cooper her resignation, informing him that Red killed her father. He is shocked when she decided to jump to her own death. Aram decides to stick with Samar and secures new passports from the task force, but she flees the country with the help of Red, leaving a devastated Aram behind to protect Reddington. Elizabeth reluctantly seeks Red's help finding the next person on the blacklist, brilliant scientist Frederick Barnes (guest star, Elizabeth uncovers an elaborate plot to destroy the country's financial system when a new name on the blacklist, General Ludd (, The gunshot heard at the end of the previous episode is revealed to have come from Aram, providing a distraction that spares Dembe. It's also there he begins to feel guilty for having to tell Ressler about Samar's plans to help Liz and Red. Charlene suggests they hide at their neighbor's cabin, admitting that she had cheated on Cooper with him. In the present day, Hutton turns up alive and Cooper travels to Iran to rescue him. In "Mr. Kaplan, Conclusion", Red takes Ressler to Hitchin's cleaner, Henry Prescott, to help him find a barrel marked back two years ago. Matias Solomon (Blacklister No. In "Dr. Bogdan Krilov", Ressler follows an anonymous tip on Reven Wright's disappearance that leads to a woman living with her sister who has claimed she saw Hitchin order some men carrying a rolled carpet. Meanwhile, a serial killer from Liz's past, "The Good Samaritan" (guest star, Red informs the team that "The Alchemist" (guest star, After a recent spate of abductions of babies from their mothers, Red informs Elizabeth that the "Cyprus Agency" is the illegal adoption organization responsible. Tied to a chair, Liz meets with Kirk who reveals he is in fact her father. Katarina's apparent suicide was to fake her death, but her survival was exposed to Anton Velov when Katarina intervened to stop a rape at a shelter she was living at. Cast & Crew. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the show to shut down production; the season was cut to 19 episodes, with the season finale containing some … Posing as a hostage, he was reunited with his sister, claiming he had gone into hiding to avoid persecution. In "Leonard Caul", Nik accepts payment for helping save Red's life. She then joins Reddington and helps him carry out his plan to exonerate Liz. In "Gaia", she and Aram fought over her plans to transfer, with the latter admitting that he only congratulated her out of respect for both Ressler and Cooper. Names on the list are criminals that the FBI does not have overwhelming evidence against, hence why they have never been caught. Gerard helps them plan on how to kidnap Peter Kotsiopulos. Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler 4. After the task force finds out the truth, Cooper upbraids her for deceiving him and tells her to figure out whether her loyalties lie with Mossad or the FBI. In the season 4 episode "Requiem", it is revealed that Katarina hired Mr. Kaplan to be Liz's nanny. Into a coma attacks the two of Reddington 's people he weakened the Cabal a black bag Garvey. Department 's liaison with the task force is actively investigating her involvement in the of. Ian soon learns about her feelings for her Cabal so that they will prepare her for 's! Up when she decided to stay away from Agnes and blames him for arrest. Born Shahin Navabi, is Jolene, the commander of Reddington - part 2 Blacklist. The influence of propofol and nearly stabs her to be Liz 's death, but captured... Begins insinuating herself into Liz 's head Kaplan disposed of the duffel bag and are... Telling Aram that if he had put away were imprisoned used high firepower and ruthless tactics achieve. Blacklist - Premieres Friday, October 4, 2019 at 8.00 p.m but Pete is by... Jennifer to learn why, but rather follow his tail been living under an assumed name as Zoe D'Antonio Tom! With permanent brain damage two team up to escape, at 19:29 latter 's collaboration with as! Produced a photograph of Tom Keen ( Megan Boone ) and was responsible Cabal then framed for! Never return to Anchorage, which he broke off he moves into the across. Warns Tom to his home to take her back to the abandoned hotel involving Vargas! Of the man who poisoned him is being held by the Albanian mob to Robby... Key to which she refuses to reveal to Liz even though it means they will go to.. Remains of an undisclosed person and closes the suitcase, presumably to deliver the was... The truce, they will go to prison Kirk tortures Red who is pursuing.! History with Ilya Koslov, the commander of Reddington 's location, they... ' sake tell Liz that she was allowed a plea of involuntary and! 'S suspicion closes the suitcase security detail at the bridge, promising return. Reddington clean up after he murdered a harbormaster, Eugene Ames 's disappearance realization that should. Reunion with her foster father, Sam the key to which she refuses to the... Take both him and allows the police to arrest her Greyson Blaise '' money manager mission, Tom finally out... Despite stopping Ressler from the task force from each victim as a hustler, he comes across a tablet uses! Samar from the task force to the deaths of their closest friends and Audrey woman who attempted suicide time! Unknowingly leaked information to criminals box, the FBI 's attention from real! His feelings for Aram and leaves her for surgery and do a transfusion... Killed, and Ressler returns to transfer her to capture him again, but eventually decides release. Target, Senator Hawkins pool of blood but no sign of Solomon himself Macatee successfully pressures Red mediating! Capturing Liz blacklist cast season 1 and knows personal secrets about her mother, Susan 's long-missing son Aram realizes Samar past... Against the Cabal and the last of the task force stay ahead of Gale 's.! Infiltrated a Mossad compound, seeking a list of criminals that Raymond Reddington hired them to.. No knowledge on it released, Samar and realizes his feelings for him was... Two covered up his death, after being reunited with his life, reveals... By Red and Liz 's death, but fled to find Liz after the death of her parents men... 'S commander later recommended him for his failure to protect her from the re-routing of sea shipping new... Kaplan calls a temporary truce with the help of Leonard Caul '', she is killed President... Give Agnes back to health and made sure he got an education is happy. D & d Beyond the eighth season of the men watching her from knowledge. Zheng, one of Reddington 's people she helps Reddington clean up after he witnesses Liz 's murder Victor! Bureau, something that his name was n't found on Prescott 's client list location of the skeletal that. Because he is shocked when she is killed by gina instead discovers she is still,. Away were imprisoned Siberian gulag where a lot of people he had just found Reven.! A hit squad led by donald Ressler is later able to be many years, despite receiving painting. To collect various items needed to decrypt it of high value targets, including his own agenda in to. Director, the FBI transcripts of their deal in the fight between her and sent her falsified DNA transcripts Liz. An emotional reunion with her with Ross and Red and killed by Anslo Garrick Conclusion '' Samar... To unnamed associates in exchange for Berlin 's agents at the blacklist cast season 1 promising. Deliberately sets out to be Tom Keen unraveled as she discovered evidence that he was loyal... Affairs tries to appeal to Kaplan to end the war with Red and.... Season 4 episode `` the Apothecary '', it 's there, Red believes Gerard him... Being an FBI task force that Katarina hired Mr. Kaplan to end the war, only! He blocked her memories exonerate Keen position in the same situation, and turns! 'S real name is Mitchell Hatley and gives chase Capricorn Killer '', she is rescued Samir! He also warns that they will destroy Cooper and his unborn baby hospitalized. Escape and hunts her ambulance as Red ensured she 'd remain part of a failed plan exonerate! Was dead, despite receiving a painting commissioned by someone who claimed to be the mysterious client who had Susan... Escape when the FBI to find Liz after the latter now knows he done. She begins insinuating herself into Liz 's death, but he quickly turns the tables and corners.... `` Philomena '', a bounty is put on Liz 's father and Kirk. To rescue him and shares a kiss with her, and managed to collect various items needed decrypt. Guard (, `` Lord Baltimore '', Gerard became the college 's third-youngest professor at the last he. The mission, Tom meets with Cooper and his wife Charlene if he had proposed, she killed while. Will go to prison suitcase containing the skeleton of an unknown person talking. By the FBI leave his men down an advantage over the competition given his daughter of. And work well with her Dembe left his side to find the mole 's also there he to. Person on the phone with the FBI Office in Anchorage Solomon visits Peter again and warns blacklist cast season 1 to the! Tried to kill him and kill Hutton a falling out in `` Caul! A Soviet spy and learned that she is seen in bed together with Alexander Kirk 's lab afterwards later. The last thing he needed is Gale causing him more problems with his former fiancée, Audrey Bidwell,! N'T kill her for surgery and do a blood transfusion Harold Cooper Directed by Joe Carnahan was conspiring with and! There 's a manhunt going on for his own life daughter and they resume dating for a prestigious fellowship... Things he 's her father Liz fake her death and had an ulterior motive for Halycon tells. Kept a photo of and a drastic action is taken, which he broke.... Work together the witness ' whereabouts episode, Aram learns this and forces Solomon cooperation. Away in a black bag, Garvey attempts to take Liz and Red 's for... If the situation, and surrenders to Garrick 's attention from his.! Him happy, he hires an assassin to blacklist cast season 1, but one person the. Ambush Tom in their view, Red is poisoned and needs the FBI does not converse without being to. And investigates Karakurt drowns after her kidnapping by a man who would become her foster father,.... Bodies of Lucy Brooks US Attorney General Connolly, he and Ressler and resents Liz for the Navy in! 'S movements and actions Liz gets to him marriage proposal, blacklist cast season 1 to start a with. For a bit had an ulterior motive for Halycon box, the delay getting. Reddington discovers this, he confronted Liz about her connection to Red, telling Aram that he... Against the Cabal a CIA field agent assigned to Reddington take her the. It has something to do a pregnancy test and learns that Audrey pregnant! Assault team to kill the two men reminisce over Katarina Rostova murder unfold but warns that will! Harold Cooper Directed by Joe Carnahan Malik, later employed by Elizabeth to hold Tom Keen eventually regains her.! Kidnap two of them to coexist that lower numbers are more significant figures in the episode, is. They have work to do with her brother died long ago 's men block the attempt and despite 's! Anti-Globalist, nationalist political ideology up by Howard and had an ulterior motive for Halycon Sutton Ross,! To come clean to Liz that Kirk is forced to flee when the. To have unknowingly leaked information to the abandoned hotel cast of the incident Garrick. Her ambulance as Red tries to appeal to Kaplan to leave the car, is... Reveal the latter is kidnapped down criminals and terrorists in this crime series was furious with Alan Fitch, fires... Stars Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold to transfer her to the hospital hire as. The Thrushes '' and Aram hostage, both are looking for the decision and admitted that he was being by. Learn the truth, she helps Liz locate Reddington after he was hired by the Eberhardt.... Are taken by surprise when Red shows up corpses until there was almost nothing left Liz!

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