The program that is keeping the FCC most busy is Fox's animated sitcom "Family Guy." We don't know if … PTV is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, and the sixty-fourth episode overall.. But because the show airs on a cable network, there is almost nothing the FCC … The organization argues that the episode's sexual content, including explicit dialogue, violated indecency standards and wants people to complain to the FCC. FCC: Family Guy vs South Park. Did Family Guy cause 179,997 FCC indecency complaints? This past Sunday's episode of Family Guy, in which a character was on trial for statutory rape, and featured some pretty detailed discussions of sexual acts, went too far, the Parents Television Council believes. A March 2009 episode alone generated almost 200,000 complaints, according to Doyle's arithmetic. After an incident at the Emmys, the FCC overreacts, so Peter decides to start his own cable network, until the FCC shut him down and start censoring his life. FCC: Family Guy vs. South Park Family Guy and South Park are two shows that have taken a great deal of negative criticism over the years.South Park has been pushing the limits with their content since they first aired. Peter's created network, PTV, got in trouble with the FCC. Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Family Guy Season show reviews & Metacritic score: After a "wardrobe malfunction" occurs during a live broadcast, the FCC begins to censor all of Peter’s favorite television shows. Family Guy is the ultimate rise from the ashes television story; after three seasons plagued with time-slot changes and a lack of faith from the FOX network, the show was quietly cancelled in 2002.However, after strong DVD sales and impressive ratings in syndication (as part of Cartoon Network's then-new Adult Swim block), … Whose fault is it that the FCC received 179,997 indecency complaints in March … Matthew Lasar - Sep 9, 2009 1:10 pm UTC With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. In this episode dealing with television censorship and the Federal Communications Commission, Peter is inspired to start his own TV network of uncensored, indecent programming after the FCC begins an effort to … The episode of Family Guy itself did not get in trouble with the FCC (at least not yet), but the "show-within-the-show" did. When Family Guy returned to the air after its cancellation, it took the new writers a few episodes to find their footing. Directed by Dan Povenmire, Peter Shin. "Joking about child rape on TV shows and using such patently offensive sexual dialogue is a gross violation of a broadcast licensee's public-interest obligation," said PTC president Tim Winter. As a result of this particular Family Guy episode, the FCC received a staggering 179,997 during the month it aired. I missed that episode, but Doyle's story on it said the show included a plot line involving horse semen. To put things into perspective, during the month prior to the show’s airing, the FCC received a total of 505 complaints, regarding various things that aired on TV that someone disagreed with. Fox thinks so, and to prove it, the net's toontoon skeinskein "Family Guy""Family Guy" made the FCC anti-indecency squad the unpixilated butt of its Nov. 6 episode.