(4) Weighing must be witnessed by two people. The 127-pound, 12-ounce amberjack that reigned atop the Alabama state records for 38 years was landed before Brian Andrews was born. Fish must be identified by a Fisheries Section biologist or other certified fisheries biologist. The fish must be caught on rod or pole using hook and line. The call was picked up by the answering service. State Fishing Records Home Customer Service International Orders Track Your Order Account Login Join Free! The previous record had been there a while.” John Nichols said he considered releasing the fish into a friend’s 17-acre lake, but then he flipped through the phone book and found the number for Tuscaloosa Scale Company and called about 4:45 a.m. Please use the dropdown menu above for statistics and other publicly available functions. Ginger Myers caught an 851.9 pound blue marlin making her not only the pending record holder for the state of Alabama but also positions her to have the largest blue marlin caught by … For fish weighing more than 25 … It’s a very notable state record fish. The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)* was designated the official state freshwater fish of Alabama in 1975 (the fighting tarpon is the state saltwater fish of Alabama). On March 29, 2019, Captain Patric Garmeson broke the Alabama sheepshead state record that was previously held by Brandon Colliers. (3) Fish must be weighed on certified scales. How to Certify a State Record Fish must be caught on rod and line and must be hooked and played by only one person. Record Striper 70-Pound Caught In Alabama. We also have the Alabama Saltwater fishing Records. The fish must be caught legally, including the possession of a valid fishing license, if required. Alabama State Freshwater Fish Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) Adopted on October 10, 1975. Alabama rules state that if a fish weighs less than 25 pounds, the new record must be two ounces more than the existing record. Procedures For The Certification of Alabama State Record Freshwater Fish (1) Fish must be caught in Alabama waters by legal means. The largemouth bass is also a state symbol in Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. New Pending Alabama State Record for Blue Marlin Caught this Weekend in the Mongo Offshore Challenge. The State Crappie Record For Every State In America Crappie fishing is a past time anglers enjoy throughout the country. We are looking for additional pictures and fishing stories of any fish that has been an Alabama state record. All anglers would like to have our names etched into stone for catching a record fish, especially the world record bass.There are some people in this world who go after those big fish day in and day out in hopes of breaking their state records. Alabama has over a dozen river systems which have been impounded to create 563,000 acres of public reservoirs, including 1,438 miles of navigable waterways. On that record-setting night, Bearden of Albertville, Ala., explained he steered the boat around a secondary point, made a wide turn and came back past the point. The Warrior River monster weighed 120.4 pounds. These records must tie or exceed the weight of the existing rod and reel record.) The fish species must be certified by a FWC biologist, and a FWC employee must witness the official weighing, on a … The Georgia Department of Natural Resources announced today that a new men's record for the heaviest pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides, has been set by angler Ty Cobb of Pooler, GA. On July 22, Cobb caught a pinfish while fishing the Grand Banks off Savannah with Captain Dan De Young on the Screamin’ Barnacle. On February 28, 2013, James Bramlett of Dora, Ala. hauled a 69-pound, 9-ounce striped bass from the Black Warrior River near the Gorgas Steam plant in north-central Alabama. Later it became the state saltwater fish because of the 1975 declaration of the largemouth bass as the state freshwater fish. This state-record fish hit the scales at 70.55 pounds. By Act no. Here is a comprehensive list of Alabama’s State Record Freshwater Fish-from Largemouth Bass to Warmouth. The current Alabama record blue came from Holt Reservoir near Tuscaloosa in 2012. About two hours prior to showing the world his catch, Mitchell had posted — also to Facebook — saying he had a large fish (“over 100, possible 140’ish”) and needed a live well and assistance in weighing the titan. Their delicious taste and sporting ability are a … According to the International Game Fish Association , the world record blue catfish was a 143-pounder caught by Richard Nicholas Anderson on June 18, 2011, at Kerr Lake, Va. The blue catfish record has been broken with several 100-plus-pound fish in recent years. The procedure for declaring a record catch requires a state fisheries biologist to clearly identify the species and it must be weighed on certified scales with two people witnessing the weighing. With more than 325 species of freshwater fish in Alabama, a number of record-breaking catches have been made in the state. Out of all the fishing lures that exist, I never expected an Alabama state record largemouth bass would be caught on a goldfish!Subscribe to our channel. Alabama has a new state record for striped bass, and it is a whopper. Once boated, the fish appeared large enough to challenge the current state record. See how your state stacks up against the others when it comes to record setting largemouth bass. This was a fish of a lifetime and one that will not be broken anytime soon. Almost a New Alabama State Record Blue Catfish Photo via Mike Mitchell. One of Myles' co-workers had a copy of the calendar from Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' Marine Resources Division with the state records listed. “Nicki shot. The following list of state record fish is according to the Alabama Department of Natural Resources. Captain Garmeson landed an absolute stud that weighed in at 13 pounds 14 ounces and broke the Alabama state record by 5 ounces. That fish weighed 80 pounds. Fish caught on handheld snagging equipment will be considered if taken from waters where snagging is legal. Please select the button below for the appropriate game harvest or observation data entry. Alabama rules state that if a fish weighs less than 25 pounds, the new record must be two ounces more than the existing record. Nichols' fish shattered the previous state record, a 111-pounder caught by Elkmont, Ala., resident William P. McKinley on July 5, 1996, at Wheeler Reservoir. I hope this is a new record I'd love to see the record come to ALABAMA. After being weighed on certified scales, this fish beat the previous record by more than 14 pounds and measured 46.75 inches long with a 37.75 inch girth. While thumbing through an old issue of Alabama Game & Fish (November 1982), I ran across an article by my good friend Marvin Tye. The flathead record is also long-standing, having been caught by Rick Conner, of Selma, in 1986. Alabama State Record for Black Crappie was caught By Shelley Meadows at a Pond near Fort Payne and weighted 4lb 5oz. “As we were coming back in, that fish swam right across the side of the boat where Nicki was,” Bearden said. 1 ounce : 23 pound 8.32 ounces **** ... Records are recorded by the International Game Fish Association, the record sanctioning and registering authority Compiled through hard work and research from state DNRs . For fish weighing more than 25 pounds, the difference must be at least one-half of a percent more than the existing record. According to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, a 52-pound, 4.2-ounce redfish caught in … Arizona : 67. The article concerned record deer from Alabama, and more specifically was about the then-current state record non-typical taken by Pete Royster in Perry County. Procedures for the “Certification of Alabama State Record Freshwater Fish” includes: Fish must be caught in Alabama waters by legal means. (Except for unrestricted division, which recognizes fish species taken by legal means other than rod and reel such as bow and arrow, gig, spear, trotline, jugline, limbline, etc. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) maintains state records for the heaviest marine fishes caught in Florida state waters or in federal waters extending directly outward of Florida state waters in conventional tackle and fly-fishing categories. The record … (2) Fish must be identified by Alabama Fisheries Section biologist or other certified fisheries biologist. 1183 on October 10, 1975, the largemouth bass, (Micropterus salmoides,) was chosen as the state freshwater fish.The Legislature erred, however in the wording of the legislation. Several other larger fish have been caught that appeared to be black crappie but after a DNA test they were found to be hybrid, and no record was issued. The 46-year-old state record for redfish was officially smashed this week. The fighting tarpon (Tarpon atlanticus), a silvery, saltwater game fish that can reach weights of 100 pounds, ranges off the coast Alabama and the Mobile estuary.In 1955, Act no. The Alabama State Council is happy to share the Su "It's with a saddened heart to inform you all of t. Wishing you a happy Labor Day!⠀ ⠀ #KnightsOfCo. These Award Winners for the 2019-2020 Fraternal Year were announced during the State Organizational Meeting held July 11. Official State Freshwater Fish. Arizona state Record and world line class record Arkansas State Record ... Alabama : 55 lbs : 55 lbs : 25 lbs 15 oz. Certified state record fish must be legally caught using an active hook-and-line method (including a proper license or exemption) by sport fishing methods. Marcus Kennedy of Mobile, who caught the big amberjack on June 19, 1981, will see the last of his state records fall on Friday, August 23, when Andrews’ 132-pound, 12.8-ounce fish takes its place after the record certification process is complete. Customer login The State of Alabama is blessed with an abundance of freshwater fishing opportunities, including some of the best sportfishing in the country. A state-record fish must be legally caught in Arkansas where a sport-fishing license is required (no hatcheries or pay-to-fish lakes). 564 was approved and designated the tarpon to be the state fish of Alabama. An Alabama angler’s trophy catch could be a new IGFA record for an inland striper.. James R. Bramlett, 65, of Dora, Alabama, landed a 70-pound striped bass that shattered a 54-year-old state record and could put him in the International Game Fish Association book of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a landlocked fishery. Baby goat missing from old ‘Big Fish’ movie set in Alabama December 1, 2020 GMT MILLBROOK, Ala. (AP) — The owners of an outdoor recreation destination in Alabama fear a days-old baby goat has been stolen from a free-ranging herd near a former movie set and tourist attraction. Congratulations to all the winners. Species Weight Length Date WaterBody Angler Bait/Lure; Amberjack, Greater 133.00: 68.00: Aug 4, 2019: Gulf of Mexico: Tricia Conner : Angelfish, Blue 2.90: 14.75