Hunting. 17 Rem Fireball. 225 Win. Bottom line: the .26 Nosler is a shooter, even if it is hard on barrels. 22 Hornet. Powders with slow burn rates and high load densities will work best. Latest. 221 Rem Fireball. 5.56x45 NATO. More Guns. The 26 Nosler Review, Part 2. 223 Rem. Hunting. As a comparison, I've got a Kimber Montana in 300 WSM. I am thinking about having a Kimber Montana rebarreled in 26 Nosler. “I really feel the 26 Nosler has great value amongst the large family of 6.5mm cartridges,” said Bob Nosler, President of Nosler, Inc. “With minimal recoil, tremendous velocity, energy and the ability to point and shoot at the intended target up to a quarter mile away, this is the quintessential deer, antelope and long-range target cartridge available on the market today.” By David E. Petzal. 17 Rem. In other words, the 2-lb heavier Browning/26 Nosler has much more felt recoil to me than the Montana/300WSM. How to Wax-Pluck a Wild Goose for Christmas Dinner. A thousand rounds from a hunting rifle is a LOT of ammo. Hunting. Guns. 220 Swift. 222 Rem. Hunting. The .26 Nosler is pushing the same bullet out of my custom rifle on a Remington 700 action with a 26” Lilga barrel at … February 26, 2020. The 26 Nosler is a cheetah that can out distance the.270 and even the 7mm Remington Magnum for Max Point Blank Range (MPBR) shooting a 129 grain Long Range AccuBond bullet at 3400fps with MPBR of 415 yards with the new Long Range AccuBond bullet. Rifle Cartridges. The 26 Nosler was a significant introduction as it eclipsed the performance of existing high velocity 6.5mm/.264 caliber cartridges such as the 6.5 x 284 Norma, the 260 Remington, and the 264 Winchester Magnum, providing superior velocity in a non-belted case that fits in a 30-06 length action. Fully prepped Nosler brass will be available in 25-count boxes. A side-by-side comparison of the .270 Winchester vs. .27 Nosler vs. .277 Sig Fury. Recoil is stiff but certainly tolerable for a hunting rifle. This is not a long-term target cartridge, though the down-range ballistics are excellent, barrel life is simply too short for extended range sessions, and the recoil is too much for the average shooter to spend the day with. Most interested in getting everything possible out of the 28". The 6.5 Creedmoor load is coming out of the 26” Browning X-Bolt barrel at 2,950 feet per second which is quite a bit faster than most factory loads. Latest. 222 Rem Mag. The .26 Nosler though is likely to be used as a long-range, medium or big game cartridge, not a high-volume shooter. 22 PPC-USA. I recently acquired a Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range version (slightly heavier 26" barrel with break) in 26 Nosler. I have two barrels in 26 Nosler -- one in 26" and the other in 28" length. 26 Nosler Load Data. 204 Ruger. FWIW, Guy As with all hyper-performance magnum cartridges, the 26 Nosler can be a little more exacting to reload than less over-bored rounds. How to Pick the Best All-Purpose Deer Rifle. The New 27 Nosler and .277 Sig Fury Are Creating a .277 Cartridge Comeback. 22-250 Rem. 22 BR Rem. In a pinch, 27 Nosler brass can be formed from 30 Nosler brass, which according to the factory website, is preferable due to the similarity of shoulder dimensions. A large reason to own the 26 Nosler is that you hunt or shoot at long distances. From searching this and other forums, it seems like 89.0 grains of US869 powder and WLRM primer was the preferred choice. 5 Great Scout Rifles. 22 Caliber.224” Diameter. By Ron Spomer. That said, the reward can be much greater if you take the time to really dial in the optimum load for your rifle. 22 Nosler. August 19, 2014. 17 Caliber.172” Diameter. 223 WSSM. 20 Caliber.204” Diameter. A thousand rounds from a varmint or target rifle is a drop in the bucket. But recoil feels pretty stiff to me when bench shooting. All Nosler products are coming out of the company’s Bend, Oregon facilities with Made-in-the-USA quality. More The Gun Nuts. 20 Nosler. 22-250 Rem Ack Imp.