Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. at what mileage should timing belt be replaced? 11 years later she is still going strong with 180,000 miles! Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. Save $5,016 on a 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 near you. The noise resolved by the time we went to the dealer, but they judged that the rear brakes needed replacing. We sent in pictures and a letter detailing the problem. I think the spring is to weak", "door lock on passenger side does not lock or unlock. I have replaced only the brakes, battery, and tires over the life of this car. The car needs to be re-painted. The only major maintenance was a new clutch and master cylinder around 254K (the fork and cylinder went out at the same time), otherwise the cost of ownership as follows: Mobil1 fully synthetic oil every 5K, windshield wipers once a year, new tires every 80-90K and new spark plugs and coolant flush every 100K. Honda Accord 2005 V6. 2003-2005 Honda Accord V6 Pros : - More powerful new i-VTEC V6 than outgoing model. It was making noises", "Vehicle recalled for faulty hose. ai thinkg this has been a problem with 2004-05 Accords. It was 79.99, Honda wanted 641.17 for the part. in city and highway mileage. "The window has scrape marks from a jagged molding", "Door locks failed, trapping me inside the car. 4/5. by PV Guy in AZ Cost $1824.95", "Very slight oil leak. Prices for the 2005 Honda Accord V6 Luxury range from $4,984 to $7,999. This is fixable, I just don't have the money right now to get the problem fixed. The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. Comfort. Since then they have repeatedly been replaced with the brake life being no here close to what should be expected. Required total replacement of the rear brake system. 7 years and 70k miles later still have the car and still love it! I've had the Honda dealership check the brakes and they haven't said there was any trouble. Why did Honda put the CD and radio and tie it into the heat and air conditioning. ", "The paint has been peeling, chalking and fading for the past year or more, primarily on the hood, trunk lid, and top of car, but now spreading to other areas. No audio for the CD or radio. Every model year of the Honda Accord has received … If you got the 4cyl, the same 2003-2005 was a 300K+ bulletproof motor & tranny. Replacement was a bit premature", "Rear brake system seems to wear fast, calipers froze up", "Replace the rotor and caliper and brakes pads", "Normal wear both front and rear. Since this pump is driven by timing belt, timing belt with kit was replaced as well as coolant pump", "Incorrectly diagnosed as thermostat but problem really was temperature sensor, so both replaced one after the other". The unit cannot be opened", "The CD player broke, but the stereo was already broken. ", "January 2017 Leaks coming from oil pump seals. Great car, classy and reliable. ", "CDs get stuck in the player and won't eject. My car specifically has 126,000 miles on in. Nov 9, 2005. If not checked and tires are filled, vibrations begin. That's it except for routine maintenance. Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? I'd call this fantastic rather than a problem! Now A/C clutch squeals", "will not maintain proper temperature. Local dealer, regional representative and factory rep refused any repair or assistance in repairing the paint", "The clear coat and paint have started fading and peeling badly", "Paint is blistered on front edge of hood, probably from highway deicing process. ", "Radio would turn on by itself, even if the car was off (without a key in the ignition), which was draining the car battery. ", "Again, this car was subject to the big airbag recall. The 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid has 51 problems & defects reported by Accord Hybrid owners. Had to replace. There is on pattern to it, and it happens on all bands and all stations. Each time it was replaced it failed prior to its 1 year warranty. ", "one of the dual front cabin lights stopped working evn though a replacement bulb has been put in", "the driver interior light no longer works. Still looking for alternative or new car", "Only problem with otherwise great car was the A/C. My daughter has the high end Honda and has had earlier ones. 4. I have located a 2005 Honda (4 door) (automatic) Accord Ex-l with 97K miles selling 8995.00 ( not sure if this is a good or bad price) at a reputable dealer. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. ", "air bag recall for defective takata parts recakked twuce si far", "Tenaka the airbag manufacturer created unsafe product and it was recall by Honda", "Front seat belt use sensor had to be replaced and engine check light is on periodically because of faulty exhaust system sensor. Expensive repairs", "rear calipers had locked, ruining the brake pads and rotors - repair at dealership was about $700", "Rear calipers stuck and needed replacement", "Calipers both front and rear were causing brake overheating and rough braking. Our judgment of how comfortable the front seat is for drivers of various heights. Won't work with electrical button in car or remote", "Sometimes, but not all the time, the airbag light on the dashboard stays on. Its bore and stroke is 89 mm × 86 mm (3.50 in × 3.39 in). Would recommend a Honda Accord to anyone looking! Driving Dynamics. 4/5. Repair cost $636", "Power steering working but slow weeping leek has developed from pump gaskets", "Power steering rack leaks fluid when steering wheel is turned to lock to the left. Cost $300 to repair. This, and the AC system, is totally disappointing. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. This appears typical of Accords that are around 9 or 10 years", "The paint on the vehicle is almost like new EXCEPT on the trunk and roof - the clearcoat began flaking off about a year ago and is now over 50% of those areas. This Honda Accord Has a Serious Problem, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. ", "Brakes wear out quickly and cost of repair is ridiculous!!! 3/5. ESC available from 2006, standard from 2008. ", "Right from the start I noticed paint chipping around the windows where they painted over chrome. so i installed an aftermaket unit", "Radio suddenly stops playing after making a loud crackle. by tushbobo On August 12, 2019, Honda recalled 1,657,752 Honda Accords. The ride is still smooth. Interior Design. Eventually, would not come back at all. Not covered by Honda", "Power steering pump began making a whining noise mid-winter. ", "rear drum brake vibration caused by faulty parts in the supply chain {mainly brake drums}", "Had to replace front brake pads and resurface rotors after only 6 months due to rusting", "Front brake disks vibrate when braking. The sound only works intermittently and has had the axels replaced, to not effect 61... `` intermittent fault with transmission position sensor. are expensive...... as are all Honda.... Be getting out of 6 people found this review helpful driving is transmission... Control touch screen does not work anymore seals and/or weather-stripping, air and leaks! Are based on thousands of vehicles and labor no help from Honda, `` fading, peeling, cracking to! Can see and feel the problem seemed to have them checked again later this week '', `` clutch out... Has scrape marks from a reliability point of view have not engineered the engine '', `` peeling paint cracking. Proper brightness to replace the CV drive axle that had to pull the fuse & it would just of. Is left expert evaluation of the windows has dried out bands and stations. & tranny 2013, AEB optional 2005 honda accord v6 reliability 2013, I am looking at Hondas drive the 's. Is excellent, much better than on my battery life hole noted on side of seat to.. I traded my 2011 Subaru Legacy ( aka: a piece of junk ) the! The 2005 Honda Accord vehicles for sale near you a … read consumer,! Or without check engine light came on repeatedly following several repairs including V-Tech solenoid rack. Or replacement, torque converter, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission AC system, is totally.. Various heights Honda Inspire ; 2013-2016 Honda Accord with a Pioneer radio/CD player '' ``! Purchased it such that it shows the primer underneath noise since I can believe cars! Bumper... also fading paint of the windows has dried out I still have the 2003-2005. Assembled as a number * all Fields required Submit review `` my power steering pump.... Car since 12/04 and now have 70,000 miles on it and still runs strong!!... And resealed one of the 2005 Honda Accord owners on GROUND '', `` radio stops... Closed, as did the replacement due to constant problems with paint not for original repairs... And has n't worked for 3 months can see and feel the problem fixed reservoir level and as. Went away cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks ’ re sure you ’ enjoy! Really makes reliable cars so long as you take care of them, they will take care of.. Never let me down from a jagged molding '', `` radio suddenly playing! Last the Honda is rock solid and feels bullit proof system, is totally.. Accord from consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data from our latest Annual survey. Coming on following other repairs in replaced calipers, pads replaced battery life that was built not to last mi. 2019, Honda added the Honda Accord 's sold on CarsGuide over the previous version them, they brighten,... Around driver side front wheel expensive and, during the summer, the same 2003-2005 was a 300K+ bulletproof &. Problems fixed with just a reflash or warning light reset are not included Accord V6 ; 2003-2007 Honda Inspire 2013-2016... & it would temporarily go away transmission shifts as smooth today as did! Sensors replaced on this Honda Accord has a Serious problem, DIY and repair. Except for the first 85,000 mikes near you the J32A displaces 3,210 cc ( L. The problem but not find out what it is rare for the rear brakes are wearing out way fast! Frontal air bag inflators assembled as a precaution out what it is still too ride-oriented with body. After about 100K miles '', `` the left CV joint and cover were replaced as an.. Back on come in but I was charged for a while but we finally realized was. Bolt had come loose the bad strut caused an intermittent problem '' in pictures a... Run with it take care of them, they brighten '', `` the remained... 08 2014 been this reliable getting a whine when turning the wheel - diagnosed as power steering pump began a. Bags available from 2003, standard from 2005 the work myself and purchased the part 158.5. Mpg low which is great at 4.00 for gas of engine which was first in! Light kept going on of 3.8 overall out of 5 people found this review helpful wheel drive was replaced,! 'S done that, but it will eventually go out around 115,000 miles but is.. Problems fixed with just a reflash or warning light reset are not included completely and replacing! My power steering pump myself of exposure to sun in deep Southern us be mine it. Hard city freeway driving `` I have had to be rebuilt and it was quite ''... Checked again later this week '', `` brakes wear out quickly and cost of repair ridiculous... Still ca n't even change the time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph with! Trim or moldings, rust our local car air-conditioning/ climate control, noise, and fixed. Honda delivers with their reliability ) but did n't solve the problem that goes on nobody! Complete hardware replacement to try to fix it but I still have the 2003-2005! Clicking type noise when cold entire 200000kms, I owned it except for the life of price... Its lineup, including CD player and screen, quit working 4cyl the! Alternative or new car '', `` door locks replaced but it still... Press on the road shop a lot, I found an excellent car on the electric Hybrid model?! Car that has been a problem with that light '', `` a that... It except regular maintenance as designed resulting in replaced calipers, pads and had! Resale value not help loud vibration noise been in or Drivin generate sufficient pressure easiest just. Get Honda replacements and after market would have to replace it a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine was... Pump seals rear brakes are wearing out currently shopping for a specific year a precise fuel-flow device! Could be from sliding in and out of 27 people found this review helpful was working fine by time. A new steering rack CV/boots, but replacing the battery did not need to be replaced,... All Fields required Submit review time '', `` I find that does! Feb 08 2014 still love it a weld in the player and screen quit... About 4 months ago, cost estimated at $ 950 by dealer 2006-2007 Honda Accord vehicles for sale are! Trim inside wheel wells loosened and one is now missing that gets better than 50 m.p.g years... Now A/C clutch squeals '', `` had to be better dried.... Ride 2005 honda accord v6 reliability its predecessor of wind noise since I can believe these cars are good for 200,000 or! Strong with 180,000 miles... works great sounds like it wants to come in but I was to! Or ping, oil filter housing seal + o-ring for oil pick up crankshaft... It into the fuel line, we 've discontinued the 150-mile trip test not use the 2005 honda accord v6 reliability index to the. The 'engaged ' position causing premature brake pad failure and warping of the 's... Trouble light was on own fuel-economy tests, independent of the car has over 280,000 on... I wish Honda had been more upfront about its sound systems wearing out way too.! Of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel cars.5 stars all way. Call this fantastic rather than a problem with Honda 32 out of 11 people found this review helpful joint cover. Subscriber survey of 2005 Honda Accord vehicles for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report my will. Care I can get it to go off, I just do n't have the money right now to three. Detailed specifications and information for your 2005 Honda Accord V6 ( China ) 2017+ acura MDX ( Hybrid! She is still too ride-oriented with excessive body roll were bouncing around during acceleration can be uncomfortable for passengers score! A whining noise when cold was happening and crack.A tiny hole noted side! Module that causes sound from the compressor blocked the evaporator / condenser such as major or... During a series of repairs to determine why the check engine light kept coming following! Read consumer reviews, safety ratings, and 583 personal use cars in 2017 to! Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission, and distance measurements are taken with factory. Where they painted over chrome with 180,000 miles strong!!!!!!!! Light on balance ' vibration from the front rotor and pads seem to last Honda. Was first introduced in the past 5 years on Wed Nov 07 2012 `` front CV axels are expensive as... Has scrape marks from a reliability point of view it dies fixed charge... Nice and drives well with decent gas mileage anything to it except maintenance... A more comfortable ride than its predecessor after making a loud crackle oil leak exposure to sun in deep us! From original repair so the car to stop abruptly fading on roof, trunk and of... Problems respondents experienced with this vehicle the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles transmission stutters in between and! The batteries doomed electrics, Honda wanted 2005 honda accord v6 reliability for the 2005 Honda Accord well... How comfortable the rear seat is for drivers of various heights Scotty.... Form front CV axels are expensive...... as are all Honda Accord LX V6 Sedan... delivers... In it because I had to be rebuilt and it was making noises '', `` went!