The Japanese gun is different from the other Krupp guns in Ralph's post since the trail is a simple tubular construction and the breech is a screw type rather than the Krupp sliding wedge. Release Date: May 2013. nuyt . The 75 mm mountain gun was referred to as "rentai ho" (regimental artillery). During the 1920s, despite a glut of artillery systems on the market after World War 1 (1914-1918), the Swedes began development of a new mountain gun that became a well-made, reliable and quite effective system. Post Nov 07, 2007 #2 2007-11-07T14:18. the two pieces acquired by Brazil were sold as infantry guns instead of mountain guns and therefore listed somewhere else? The gun was used in areas of combat where the larger guns were too difficult to manoeuvre, areas such as mountains, woodland, marsh, and forest. The 7cm was used in the First Sino-Japanese War, and was used again in the Russo-Japanese War. 75mm type 41 mountain gun 2.jpg 1,803 × 1,216; 1.04 MB. 75mm type 41 mountain gun 1.jpg 1,276 × 1,045; 579 KB. Contributor: C. Peter Chen ww2dbase The Type 94 75-millimeter Mountain Guns were developed in late 1931 and early 1932 after the invasion of northeastern China proved that existing guns in the Japanese Army's arsenal were lacking in capability and difficult to handle in mountainous terrain. 75-mm-japanese-gun-mt-schleuther.jpg 640 × 506; 156 KB. Mountain hiking equipment with backpack, isoprene, trekking sticks on a mountain rock. Imperial Japanese Army Artillery Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun "Infantry Regiment" (with 4 figures) 1:35 Scale Plastic Model Kit (Assembly is required) Size of gun is approx. A copy of Japanese Type 94 75mm mountain gun. Japanese 75mm mountain gun type 94 1934 and 105mm field gun Type 38 1905 at the Museum of military equipment on Poklonnaya hill in. Imperial Japanese Army Ammunition - 7cm (75mm) Projectiles Introduction to Army 7cm (75mm) Ammunition There were ten or more 75mm guns in use in the Japanese Army. Japanese 75mm Mountain Gun Type 41 (1908) List of known examples. $22.67 USD $28.34 USD. Type 31 75 mm mountain gun. It was a standard pack artillery piece that could be transported complete or broken down into components and carried by 6 pack horses with special harness. The Japanese type 41 75mm mountain gun was a small, highly portable field artillery piece adopted for service in 1908 (The 41st year of the Emperor Meiji's reign) and based on the Krupp M.08 mountain gun. fills the void of Imperial Japanese subjects with an impressive selection of models, including this 1/35 mountain gun with crew. List by Serial Number Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun 717 US Army Field Artillery Museum Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun 1052 US Army Field Artillery Museum . nuyt. Background The Type 41 75 mm mountain gun is a Japanese license-built copy of the Krupp M.08 mountain gun. In Japanese service the gun was crewed by thirteen men, twelve gunners and a squad leader. This is an injection-plastic field gun model kit. 75 mm Meiji 31 mountain gun Hämeenlinna 1.JPG 2,736 × 3,648; 2.32 MB 1 Description 2 References 3 External links 3.1 Notes The Type 31 was introduced in 1898, with the “Type 31” designation indicating that the gun was developed in 31st year of reign of Emperor Meiji.1 Designed by Colonel … Though the weapons vary considerably in design, length of bore, and employment, the bore diameter (75mm) is held constant and in large part the projectiles are designed to be interchangeable for numerous guns. Imperial Japanese Army Artillery Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun "Infantry Regiment" Number: FM39: Scale: 1:35 : Type: Full kit: Released: 2013 | Rebox (Updated/New parts) Barcode: 4536318350392 (EAN) Topic: Type 41 75 mm Mountain gun » Cannons (Guns) Box contents Includes: Plastic sprue, Rope, Decalsheet (waterslide) Markings Type 41 75 mm Mountain gun Ranking insignia Imperial Japanese Army. The type 41 75 mm mountain gun was used as an infantry gun and normally each regiment had four of them deployed.