Many pretty plants will do fine under canopy of a large shade tree or in flower beds, hanging baskets, and containers throughout your garden. Shade Plants. It produces brilliant, large clusters of funnel-shaped orange flowers on 2-foot stalks that appear above dense clumps of dark green, strap-shaped foliage, a beacon to hummingbirds. All of the following shade-loving plants should grow where they are rarely watered and they like shade, next to the house or under a tree. There are numerous fertiliser options available for shade-loving plants. This is another frost-tender plant, but one that may be a bit of a thug in warmer climes. These gorgeous shade-loving plants will transform your containers into an oasis for your patio, porch, or doorstep. Shade&Beyond 8' x 10' Sun Sail Shade Canopy Rectangle Sand 185GSM Shade Sail for Patio Deck Yard Backyard Outdoor Facility and Activities. Ornamental red berries follow the flowers. Be sure to cut back on irrigation in summer. Especially in small landscapes or urban environments where homes are closely positioned, a deck or patio often experiences shade or semi-shade conditions that call for container gardening with plants suited for such environments.. Also known by zonal or regal geranium, the appearance of pelargoniums (Geraniaceae) in garden centers in late spring seems to set off a planting frenzy that coincides with Mother's Day. This container has a woodland feel, with the barrel adding to the rustic look. Hostas are available in many varieties and are attractive perennials with … It does tolerate heat well, but still prefers to be protected from direct sun (though in the cooler climes of the Pacific Northwest it can take a bit more sun). Plant breeders have had a field day with the genus heuchera. In Florida, it blooms on and off all year. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, These Gorgeous Shade Plants Will Invigorate Your Container Garden, Johanna Silver and Heather Arndt Anderson, – Mona lavender (Plectranthus) is suitable for deep shade and grows to around 75 cm high. Build a beautiful patio or planters without the sun! These charming evergreen clumps of roundish leaves with lobed or scalloped edges come in every color under the sun, from purple with silver veins to chartreuse to this warm coral variety, 'Southern Comfort.' For the lushest growth, keep all of these containers evenly moist throughout the growing season. Small-leaved variegated plants are less successful in shade than in sun as they lack chlorophyll. For more tips, check out Sunset's Bonsai book. Porches are often shady, though, making the choice of plant important. Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia), also known as moneywort, is the perfect patio plant for container edging, ground covers, hanging baskets, or anywhere you want a splash of chartreuse foliage. Keep Them Happy: Though they do provide ample color and serious tropicalia vibes, you'll have to earn it with ample feeding and watering. Grow this Peruvian native in full sun or partial shade, and decide for yourself. The most popular options being a high quality all-purpose slow release fertiliser, or you may like to try a soluble or liquid all-purpose fertiliser. Herbs are some of the easiest edible plants to grow. Grow them in Zones 1-10 and 12-21. They're an ideal choice if you find strong fragrances off-putting, as they're practically odorless. The solution is to choose small bamboo varieties like Pleioblastus chino 'Variegatus' for container culture on the patio.