3. English to Turkish. Learn more. What does howl mean? howl definition: 1. 1. (of the wind) blowing hard and making a lot of noise: 2. To bring the foot down onto (an object or surface) forcibly. Definition of howl in the Definitions.net dictionary. 1. English to Telugu. ing, stomps v.tr. To tread or trample heavily or violently on: stomping the ground to even it out. howling definition: 1. Information and translations of howl in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Definition of Howlet in the Definitions.net dictionary. To cause to be dislodged by stomping the feet: stomped the mud off her boots. See more. ... English to Kannada Dictionary - Meaning of Groaned in Kannada is : ನರಳವದು what is meaning of Groaned in Kannada language . Meaning of Howlet. To bring down (the foot) forcibly. If a dog or wolf howls, it makes a long, sad sound: 2. to make a loud sound, usually to express…. Directed by Paul Hyett. howdy definition: 1. hello 2. hello 3. used as a greeting; hello: . Learn more. Howl definition, to utter a loud, prolonged, mournful cry, as that of a dog or wolf. Meaning of howl. What does Howlett mean? English to Thai. 4. 2. (of a dog or wolf) making a loud, sad…. Definition of Howlett in the Definitions.net dictionary. Learn more. v.intr. What does Howlet mean? Information and translations of Howlett in the most comprehensive … Human translations with examples: could, straddling, ligate kahulugan, scenaryo kahulugan, kahulugan ng jubis. Meaning of Howlett. Synonyms for howled include cried, screamed, shouted, screeched, yelled, shrieked, bawled, bellowed, hollered and roared. When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must … Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! With Elliot Cowan, Rosie Day, Calvin A. Contextual translation of "mumbled meaning" into Tagalog. Information and translations of Howlet in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … English to Telugu Dictionary - Meaning of Puff in Telugu is : పఫ్, ఉబ్బుట. Dean, Sam Gittins.