Peer Tutor Training Curriculum Lesson 3: Strategies to Build Reading Fluency Lesson 3: Strategies to Build Reading Fluency Select one of the two reading-fluency strategies listed below to teach your tutors. Big Idea: One way to quickly see improvement in students' reading fluency is to practice using short texts, such a poems. The Teaching Life. the impact of guided reading instruction on student fluency was conducted by Nes-Ferarra (2005) who wrote, “Fluency is a skill that develops with practice and observation, and permits the reader to grasp larger units and even phrases with immediate recognition” (p. 215). Posts: 1. The strengths of this mini lesson were that the students were participating and reading out loud with me for the choral reading, which I had anticipated. Re-Reading for Fluency with Group 2. Students practice with a partner and observe how their fluency improves after each read. Posts: 1. Grab the book and check it out. Engage the class in choral reading all of the words in the Word Bank to practice reading carefully. Take your guided reading lesson plans to the next level with a collection of printables, templates, and reference tools equipped to support the reading needs of your readers. Malene. Guided Readers provides printable leveled readers, lesson plans, and resources for teachers to download, print, and be ready to teach their students HOW to read! The swimmers just began Advanced Phonics instruction, specifically with the long o sound and its major spellings. Guided Reading is a teaching approach that is designed to help individual students learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging texts with understanding and fluency. * Guided Reading has a great rubric for fluency evaluation. Prior to this lesson all the students should have been taught how to do the guided practice in fluency and how to use the timed reading graphs and tape player. Both strategies are easily taught and have been demonstrated to be very effective in building reading fluency. Point out that many of the words look almost identical, so we have to pay close attention to the beginning and end sounds. 2/20/2018: Malene. Model reading the first two sentences and choosing the word that best completes it. Fluency Development Lesson- This is a strategy where the teacher reads aloud a short passage multiple times in different ways whether its changing the way its read or your voice. This type of teaching and learning is most effective when instruction is delivered in the smallest group possible to address the specific literacy needs of the students. Previous Lesson: Lesson 1: What is Guided Reading? 4 Ways to Improve Fluency in Guided Reading Practice With Fluency Phrases This helpful resource will make lesson planning for small groups fast and focused. Like with the gymnasts group, Ms. Then, the teacher will read the text disfluently to show the difference to the students. Lesson Plan Form for Guided Reading Fluency Lesson. Guided Readers is a brand-new membership site that focuses SOLEY on helping teachers instruct their students during guided reading instructional groups. by . Building fluency during guided reading . References and Resources. Peregrine easily chooses the Re-Reading for Fluency text from yesterday’s Guided Reading selection, “Joe and Joan” from the Reading Simplified Academy. It goes into detail about what fluency looks like in terms of phrasing, evidence of syntax and punctuation awareness, and rereading for problem-solving. Even my focus student was participating and although she was quietly reading I could still see her following along which was a positive sign to me that this was a strength in choral reading.