log in sign up. You can easily achieve this propagation in water. Climate: temperate to tropical; dislikes cold. Each year we propagate around 1500 hundred to sell in our wholesale nursery. It can grow very quickly, and it attaches itself to rocks, walls or houses, which is where it got its name. Who chooses to let water propagation happen in the fish tank. Aug 12, 2018 - Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation: 2 easy ways in water or soil! So when considering how to best propagate, I research methods used by commercial growers, and no growers use the water method. You can propagate a new rubber tree plant from a cutting. Once the desired form has been achieved, you will need to trim regularly to maintain it. I'm mainly focused on propagation, running the nursery day to day, water gardening and staying active. Then you should split the edges of cuttings for better rooting. As you see, ficus benjamina propagation is rather simple. How to propagate the Rubber Fig (Ficus elastica) witch cuttings. Get an instant, hassle-free designer garden with Un-Real Artificial plants. We have grown them in quite shady areas right through to full sun. "My favorite method is water propagation, because I enjoy watching the roots grow," says Griffin. This method works on other houseplants besides the Rubber Plant. If you would like to read more about why we love this mix read our article best propagation mix. It doesn’t matter what part of the stem you take it … Planning & Projects How To Propagate In Water Firstly, on the parent plant, select the stem you wish to take a cutting from. This depends mainly on the species of Ficus and its stem. As part of the customs, there are some plants traditionally associated with the Lunar New Year festival and thought... A cottage garden full of flowers and colour brightens every home. The main reason we use perlite and peat moss instead of water to propagate in the nursery is because we can fit hundreds of cuttings into a single seedling tray. Philodendron: a warmth-loving house plant enjoying similar conditions to rubber plant. Thoroughly soak the soil with fresh, warm water as soon as the transplant is complete. Get an instant, hassle-free designer garden with Un-Real Artificial plants. Step 1: Prepare Your Propagation Container. Cut a young branch with 4 to 5 leaves at the base right up against the trunk of three. Indoors, the perfect temperature is room temperature—around 21°C. Creeping fig (ficus pumila) or climbing fig is an easy plant to propagate. We have taken cuttings of creeping fig at various times of year. Watering: DO NOT overwater! Nina. You won't need to water it much for the … Those with variegated foliage seem to do best in medium light—bright or direct sunlight bleaches the colour out of their leaves. Allow the top 5–10cm of soil or potting mix to dry out before giving more moisture. Just water the plants properly and place them in a cool place with plenty of ventilation. My Rubber Tree Plant was soon to hit the ceiling so I want to share with you how to propagate a Rubber Plant by air layering. These include: Fiddle-leaf fig (F. lyrata): a popular house plant with large, crinkled leaves. Ornamental figs prefer good indirect light, although some will tolerate full sun. It should be partially dry. For many plants propagating by cuttings in water or mix works just fine. Like any houseplant, the best time to propagate a rubber tree (or any plants) ... You can also try my water propagation method since you can’t find rooting hormone.