G&B ORGANICS POTTING SOIL is … Potting soil is best used for container gardening. Let me know if you use MG Potting Soil and how it works for you, Sylvia! I am currently using mushroom compost from Lowe's and don't see that problem, but they are for my potted porch plants. Not only bugs, your stored soil can pick up spores of mold or mildew, which takes hold and will then spread to your plants when you use the mix again. Making a perfect balance with garden soil especially for indoor plants is quite tricky but possible. It’s best to use potting mix for any indoor plants. You may have started an outdoor garden before moving to an indoor one. A plant growing in the ground can send its roots deeper or wider to compensate for inadequate soil. When you get specific though, potting soil refers to any growth media which contains dirt, either partially or completely, and which is used to grow plants in a rectangular planters . But the potted plant does not have these options. That is why it is important to use compost with indoor … I think this potting soil is probably fine, but if it seems more like just outdoor garden soil, you could always add a little sand, peatmoss, compost, or other light, fluffy ingredients to make it be a little looser. I have already posted an article on How to make potting soil for indoor plants? The soil is the plant’s lifeline! Soil from the outdoors is heavy and is best used for outdoor gardening. After all, soil is soil, right? Outdoor soil is not recommended because of the things outdoor soil contains. The best approach, like anything with gardening, depends on your own location, time and budget. Use one that gives your plant roots the preferred air, moisture and nutrition balance it needs. Before moving let us first see the reason to use potting soil for indoor plants. Can you use outdoor potting soil for indoor plants? Espoma AP16 16-Quart Organic Potting Mix is an all-purpose organic potting soil for use in indoor and outdoor container plantings. Reusing potting soil can be a great way to cut down on the hassle and cost of purchasing new materials season after season. You can also make your own raised bed mix by mixing all the individual parts of garden soil and potting soil, so topsoil, bark or peat, compost, and perlite or vermiculite. You want to use far more garden soil than potting mix, around a 5:1 ratio. You have an overabundance of outdoor potting soil left over, and now you’re thinking about using this soil for your indoor plants. Nothing is more important to a plant growing in a pot or container than potting soil. Potting mix and potting soil are 2 phrases that are generally used interchangeably to refer to any medium through which a plant can grow inside a container. Potting mix is different from outdoor soil. The key to storing potting soil over winter is to make sure it’s in a good container. https://donotdisturbgardening.com/can-you-use-garden-soil-for-potted-plants Those qualities are good for outdoor plants, too. The Importance of Using Quality Containers. As long as you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your potting soil is clean and sterile and that an adequate amount of nutrients have been added back in, your soil can be used for many seasons. Not really. Compost is made to improve plant life; it does not matter whether it is inside or outside, in soil or in a pot. You can use potting soil with planters or pots because the soil is lightweight and loose. Compared to garden soil, potting soil has better aeration and does not retain as much water. Adding Compost to Indoor Plants. Even the best potting soil can become depleted of nutrients as plants grow. you can go through the details and start working. But, I used MG potting soil and it was filled with gnats and flies every time.