Browse our wide selection of Snacks for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! Calbee Potato Chips (Hot & Spicy, 20 bags) Great value and widest selections of more than 12000 items at a click. Shop Calbee Hot Spicy Chips - 2.82 Oz from Vons. S$ 2.95. In addition to Potato Chips, Calbee offer a variety of products in Singapore such as Kappa Ebisen and Snow Pea Crisps. These chips have a very soy saucy flavor and less of hot and spicy. Like diffmarts? Be notified when your favourite products are … We encourage you to order via our website. This product contains phenylalanine. Shop Chips, Crisps & Sticks at Singapore's trusted grocery retailer. SGD $33.00 ... Calbee Potato Chips Hot & Spicy. With a mild seaweed salt flavour, the Calbee Nori Shio Potato Chips are scrumptious. I'm like a pizza but with more potato. Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips 80g, 4 Pack 4.3 out of 5 stars 5. Price: $ 2.85 : Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Chicken Hot Pot. The spicy taste is complemented with the subtle sweetness accompanied by a smooth and lovely soy flavour.

Oct 23, 2020 Calbee Report 2020 issued Sep 10, 2020 Calbee sets targets to promote plastic resources circulation S$ 1.50. Out of stock : ... Lee Kum Kee Singapore Noodles Ready Sauce. The ridged chips means more crunch, and more real estate than smooth-edged chips for the smoky, sweet, and mildly tangy seasoning to latch onto. Order Calbee & other alcoholic snacks online in Singapore. Add to cart. Bring them to parties and sleepovers for a treat for all! $19.98. Roll over image to zoom in $2.84.

Hong Kong-based Calbee brand offers spicy and tasty potato chips with hot n spicy flavour in 55g packets. I am so tasty, it's impossible not to want to eat me. PRODUCT ID: 219780gm.. Chips & Crackers, Halal. They come in a wide variety, including Vegetable Fries, Grill-A-Corn, Prawn Crackers and Crisps. S$1.50. Blended with the best aroma spicy flavour to tickle your bite. Calbee Vegetable Fries Chips - Hot & Spicy. Due to Covid19, please do expect longer call waiting time. more information. CALBEE Hot & Spicy Potato Chips 80g. Calbee Premium Quality Hot & Spicy Crispy Potato Chips. Tastewise, the Hot Chilli Squid boasts the most umami out of the three. These have a very light and definitely crispier texture. Check out our exclusive online deals. PRODUCT ID: 1048230packets x 45gm.. Chips & Crackers. These are destined to be the greatest cheat snacks of our lives. AND they are not as salty! Calbee Hot&Spicy 80G. Take your tastebuds on a journey with Calbee’s World Foods range. In addition to our long-selling Potato Chips Hot & Spicy, we sell a variety of products including Kappa Ebisen and Jagabee. Special Remarks. More from Calbee Brand from Japan $22.79. Calbee Moh Seng Pte. × Press 'enter' key … Calbee Jagabee Thick Whole Cut Potato Crisps, Butter Soy Sauce, 4 Ounce 4.6 out of 5 stars 23. Calbee Potato Chips - Hot & Spicy-80g Calbee Potato Chips - Hot & Spicy - 80g All product information (including ingredients and product photo) listed on the website may not be up to date. Calbee - Hot & Spicy Potato Chips 25g Final Clearance Spring Festival Mini & Travel Size Quantity Discount If you’re looking for a snack with an extra kick, these addictive Hot & Spicy chips are your ideal pick. Hot and Spicy Potato Chips. Serving Size: 1.00 oz(28g) Amount Per Serving. FairPrice. Try it! Literally have not tasted anything like these chips. Like diffmarts? Great value and widest selections of more than 12000 items at a click. Just like the Extra Barbecue chips, the Hot Chilli Squid chips have ridges as well. Made from the finest premium quality potatoes. !1 (Posted on 8/18/2020) The long-standing, bestselling product now available in China. Same day delivery. Calbee Crispy Potato Chips, Hot & Spicy, 80g 5.0 out of 5 stars 7. Same day delivery. Photo is for illustration purposes only. $26.00. $6.38. Calbee Potato Chips - Hot & Spicy. about 3 (per serving) Serving Per Container. check_circle. Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream Potato Chips, 165g 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. S$4.60. false. Ingredients. Calbee is Japanese food brand specialising in oriental snack items. SGD $1.50 . Hands down beats all the other brands out there! Kettle Chips, Honey Dijon, … These chips are made of potato, chicken extract powder, beef consume powder, powdered soy sauce, carrot powder, and fermented tomato powder. The amalgamation of flavours gives you a unique taste with every bite. Buy Calbee Hot & Spicy 80g Snacks in Singapore from our online Alcohol Delivery shop. Add to list Email Print Nutrition Facts. Retail Price US$9.08 Price Open to resellers only. Take a break from ordinary potato chips with Hot & Spicy, Seaweed & Salt, Honey Butter, and the impossibly delicious Pizza. Compared to chips in America, I definitely prefer Calbee's Hot & Spicy chips way more. Calbee stepping up JagaRico overseas marketing with celebrating its 25th anniversary. Customers can use Calbee’s Hot and Spicy Potato Chips for parties, gatherings and any of those moments where one feels the need for the delicious bite of a hot and spicy snack. Teaming up with fellow Japanese giant Calbee, the ramen restaurant’s signature ramen noodles are melded with Calbee’s snack foods to create a Hot & Spicy Potato Chips Crispy Maze-Soba Ramen ($88) and limited-edition ramen-flavoured potato chips ($10.20). ... Calbee Grill-A-Corn Cracker Hot & Spicy Fl... Price: $ 3.85. These crispy and spicy potato chips are full of yummy and fragrant flavour. Since 1960, Calbee Moh Seng Pte. Try out the potato chips we have in Singapore below, and make sure you do not miss out on our Hot & Spicy flavour, which is a cult favourite! 80 g. $1.60 $1.60. Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、CALBEE:Groceries, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price! Calbee Hot And Spicy Big Bag Potato Chips. Like Lays, Ruffles, etc. ... Calbee Potato Chips - Hot Spicy ( 22g) bundle 10 pack. Each product is inspired by your favourite flavours and dishes from around the world. Sheng Siong. S$ 1.50. Incredible shopping paradise! Roll over image to zoom in $2.84. ... Find, or compare groceries across all Singapore's major supermarkets. Take your tastebuds on a journey with Calbee’s World Foods range. Calbee Potato Chips bring a new twist to an old favorite. Calbee BBQ Flavoured Potato Chips - Buy Asian Grocery Quality Potatp Chips online at cannot compare to Calbee Hot and Spicy. Calbee Hot and Spicy Potato Chips. I am delicious and extraordinarily cheesy. Calbee Potato Chips offer a unique, exceptionally good taste from the #1 snack company in Asia.