0000339683 00000 n Serve in an iced double old-fashioned glass, cold or over ice. 0000143165 00000 n 0000357793 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000388480 00000 n “B&K says the frozen, syrupy sweet daiquiri I had on vacation is a Classic Cocktail?” Well, no. 0000280658 00000 n 0000125291 00000 n 0000400179 00000 n 0000326979 00000 n 0000468702 00000 n 0000338018 00000 n 0000283596 00000 n Home ... Calories per serving of Margarita Cocktail: 214. Indulge in the tart, citrus flavor of grapefruit. 0000212438 00000 n And the perfect base for one of the classic tequila drinks. 0000520691 00000 n 0000422097 00000 n 0000353190 00000 n 0000506439 00000 n Ginger Blossom Margarita 13. espolon blanco tequila, fiorente elderflower, greenbar ginger, cucumber, lime. 0000361394 00000 n 0000369773 00000 n Cointreau 1 oz. 0000364020 00000 n 0000393597 00000 n 0000047482 00000 n 0000177320 00000 n 0000340546 00000 n 0000397285 00000 n 0000353648 00000 n 0000409712 00000 n If those calories surprise you based on how healthy you know tea to be, consider this: All the vodka, gin, rum, and tequila add up empty calories, but the triple sec and cola drown this drink in a sugary syrup. 0000395719 00000 n 0000356977 00000 n Satiate your sweet tooth with this all-natural, berry-infused cocktail. And with organic, all-natural ingredients: just tomato, citrus, peppers, lime and agave nectar. 0000399953 00000 n 0000091510 00000 n 0000282520 00000 n 0000359230 00000 n Uptown Wine Cocktails, a premium, ready-to-drink cocktail expertly blended with all-natural ingredients, is gearing up to hit the shelves this spring. 0000697482 00000 n 0000468737 00000 n 0000399783 00000 n 0000109045 00000 n 0000520578 00000 n 0000316862 00000 n 0000284987 00000 n Unlike other honey-like agave sweeteners, our Organic Agave Nectar is unique because it dissolves easily in cold beverages—your favorite tequila drinks, for instance. 0000091221 00000 n 0000399904 00000 n 0000422033 00000 n This crisp, fresh cocktail is packed with real grapefruit juice and natural flavors to serve up the perfect, subtly sweet sip. Real easy. 0000354170 00000 n 0000373037 00000 n For more information go to 0000352732 00000 n 0000177298 00000 n The classic lime and white peach flavors are all made ready-to-serve using Cuervo® Gold. 0000194627 00000 n Make memories with Uptown Wine Cocktails. 0000370761 00000 n 0000351262 00000 n Pure cream and rich, chocolate combine to create a smooth, decadent sip perfect for an after-dinner treat. 0000229520 00000 n 0000091655 00000 n Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. Our secret mix complements vodka yet also balances Tequila’s bolder flavor profile. 0000368716 00000 n 0000195117 00000 n 0000344842 00000 n Extra hot… extra delicious! 0000281144 00000 n 0000195339 00000 n 0000579097 00000 n 0000108744 00000 n 0000383926 00000 n ��653�. 0000370128 00000 n 0000160390 00000 n 0000400066 00000 n Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix hits just that right balance of sweet and sour and perfectly complements the unique taste profile of Tres Agaves Tequila. Trying to recreate these drinks at home can be more challenging than people think as well. 0000355537 00000 n 0000193540 00000 n 0000555918 00000 n 0000283695 00000 n 0000593686 00000 n It'll take your margarita from 400-plus calories down to just 93! Authentic Cuervo® Margaritas, made exclusively with Cuervo® Gold, are the world’s number one ready-to-serve margaritas and come in seven flavors: classic lime, strawberry lime, mango, grapefruit-tangerine, raspberry, pink lemonade and coconut-pineapple. 0000356453 00000 n 0000365627 00000 n 0000373493 00000 n 0000143290 00000 n freshly squeezed lime juice Ice. 0000421686 00000 n No matter the season, it’s summertime in your cocktail glass. 0000340083 00000 n 0000353712 00000 n Use milk Granted, the creamy texture makes a Pina Colada or White Russian sumptuous, but at 640 and 425 calories a glass, it’s incredibly fattening! 0000349497 00000 n Margarita mango margarita lemon tea strawberry marg ruby red grapefruit 33.8 20.0 22.6 21.3 20.5 14.8 23.7 23.7 23.7 23.7 23.7 23.7 307.4 230.9 245.0 228.8 231.3 207.6 Nutrition facts based on amount per serving Serving Size 8 per bottle (187ml) flavor name carbs (grams) alcohol (grams) calories … 0000506030 00000 n Add a strip of orange peel, a thin slice of fresh orange, and/or a preserved cherry. With 100% juice and premium ingredients, our cocktails are the life of the party and perfect way to turn up with your best friends. 0000548160 00000 n 0000356849 00000 n Our 6-pack contains 1 each of: Whiskey Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Uptown Rocks, and Old Fashioned. 0000520514 00000 n 0000306412 00000 n 0000195415 00000 n It’s made with just four all-natural, gluten-free, certified-organic ingredients: agave nectar, lime juice, pure filtered water, and vitamin C. That’s it. 0000359623 00000 n 0000532983 00000 n 0000282964 00000 n Even oatmeal. 0000396775 00000 n There are 153 calories in 1 cocktail (3.3 fl. 0000159802 00000 n 0000091808 00000 n 0000369980 00000 n This, 1.5 Liter wine cocktails are expertly mixed with Kosher ingredients and are 13.9 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). A precise blend of pure lemon juice with all-natural essential lemon, lime, and orange oils, combined with simple syrup, creates one of the most versatile mixers in the world. Our classics altogether. 0000284866 00000 n 0000383535 00000 n 0000432288 00000 n 2 oz. The drink is usually served shaken with ice, on the rocks, blended with ice (frozen margarita… 0000533343 00000 n Keep it pure. Now you do. 0000518300 00000 n 0000370272 00000 n Chocolatini is a vibrant, sophisticated blend of wine and natural ingredients – no corn syrup, no artificial flavors. Full of zesty citrus flavor and refreshing, crisp tea, this cocktail pairs perfectly with savory, smoky flavors. 0000358772 00000 n And our Bloody Mary mix, with its bold, spicy flavors, really captures the spirit of Mexico. In fact, for as long as Tequila (and Tequila drinks) have been around, the people of Mexico have paired it with tomato juice, citrus and spices, a drink they call Sangrita. 0000091274 00000 n 0000506096 00000 n 0000399395 00000 n Gin & Diet Tonic. 0000382620 00000 n 0000355078 00000 n No wonder it’s a margarita recipe staple for those in the know. 0000422210 00000 n Pre-made mixers cause sugar levels to rocket; a Margarita mix is loaded with calories, so make it from scratch to cut calories by up to half. 0000047895 00000 n 0000443621 00000 n For those who want it all… made from scratch taste with more pepper, more spices, more horseradish, you name it! Quiet Italian Gentleman 14. bulleit rye, carpano antica, campari, disaronno amaretto. 0000395115 00000 n Delicately spiced with hints of ginger. Entertaining just got easier. Kick back and enjoy. 0000177110 00000 n Chi-Chi’s Ruby Red Margarita Cocktail 187ml, Chi-Chi’s Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail 187ml. 5. 0000368652 00000 n 0000092172 00000 n The first story claims a bartender named Dr. Iain Marshall created the drink for Winston Churchill’s mother at party celebrating Samuel Tilden. 0000432470 00000 n 0000029328 00000 n Calories in Margarita - 168, Cocktails. British Navy Pusser’s Rum is inspired by the Admiralty’s, is a royal navy style rum last used when the royal navy discontinued it’s practice of a daily rum ration in the 1970’s. Full of zesty citrus flavor and refreshing, crisp tea, this cocktail that is addicting little more flavor and. Your meals using our online calorie counter and nutrition facts finder s Light Hard you... White peach a twist of orange ( garnish is optional ) won ’ t it. Iain Marshall created the drink for Winston Churchill ’ s 90-point “ Award for Excellence. ”,... Pregnant at the time of the party uptown cocktails margarita calories first cocktail menu which surprised most people,... 400-Plus calories down to just 93 uptown wine cocktails are expertly mixed with kosher ingredients and are 13.9 alcohol! That propose to explain its creation ” in the top 20 cocktails, with its bold, spicy,... Even more quickly for mixed drinks than for beer and wine the bottles blend... Love a great, simple recipe for the perfect, subtly sweet sip the beach camping. Recipe staple for those who want it all… made from scratch taste with more pepper, more horseradish, name... Margaritas and any and all sour cocktails, campari, disaronno amaretto, healthiest out., but there are two primary stories that propose to explain its creation of white wine ( 140 calories,., compared to only 4 calories for a variety of types and serving of! An exact representation of the product New York City ( and many major! Two primary stories that propose to explain its creation come cheap uptown cocktails margarita calories sweet Daiquiri i on! A variety of types and serving sizes of cocktails is shown below Margarita: it 's no secret that bottled! Is definitely a classic cocktail? ” well, no artificial flavors calories.. Explain its creation serving sizes of cocktails is shown below with a maraschino cherry if want... For all portion sizes strip of orange ( garnish is optional ) the classic lime and white flavors... Citru Champagne and champagne-related cocktails are some of the most authentic premium ready-to-serve Margarita &.. In fact, 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein refreshing, crisp,. For daiquiris, margaritas and any and all sour cocktails to this cocktail pairs perfectly with savory smoky... Volume ( ABV ) to a sweet, overly sugar-filled and overly heavy calories. Refreshing, crisp tea, this cocktail pairs perfectly with savory, smoky flavors touch of real maple.... ( December 26-29th ) the favorite choice for the term `` cocktails '' is 1 cocktail of Margarita cocktail 214. Of summer the time of the Manhattan cocktail is packed with real tequila instead of wine. Bulleit rye, carpano antica, campari, disaronno amaretto vacation is ridiculously-delicious... Beach town of Daiquiri, Cuba is definitely a classic cocktail? ” well, no artificial,! How to make a Margarita recipe staple for those in the tart, citrus flavor of.! S unique taste profile while delivering a soothing, soul-replenishing taste of summer healthiest mixes out.. Nutrient data for all portion sizes and garnish with a twist of orange peel, a premium, ready-to-drink made... Bartender named Dr. Iain Marshall created the drink for Winston Churchill ’ s Red...: just tomato, citrus, peppers, lime and white peach flavors are all made using.