He make laugh here too. Tazza: The Hidden Card est un film réalisé par Hyeong-Cheol Kang avec Seung-hyun Choi, Yun-seok Kim. Aside from keeping track of an overstuffed plot, the biggest challenge for offshore audiences will be understanding hwatu, the Korean card game around which the … With Seung-woo Cho, Yun-shik Baek, Hye-su Kim, Hae-Jin Yoo. Shin Se-Kyung, this actor is such a bad actor, she can't smile, laugh, love or even cry! Why shin se kyung? Tazza: The Hidden Card (타짜-신의 손) Korean - Movie - Picture. Hey guys! this is indeed a good movie, not as great as The Divine Move, but worth to watch. I noticed yeo jin goo even it's a small role.. WOW TOP and shin se kyung were just hot couple.. but I think the movie seems too slow.. melulu Nov 07 2015 9:28 am hihi. The film correctly displayed a hit flick by using witty dialogue, a attractive storytelling method, and a narrowed sense of emotions. The sequel, titled Tazza: The Hidden Card was directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol, and starred Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P), Shin Se-kyung, Kwak Do-won and Lee Ha-nui, with Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Yoon-seok reprising their roles. In this "Tazza" film, the lead character's name is 'Dae-Gil' who is Go-Ni's nephew..... .... ..... 'Go-Ni' in the "Tazza" TV drama was played by Jang Hyuk .... ..... ..... Jang Hyuk is best known for, will always be associated with, and gave a performance nominated for an international Emmy, as 'Dae-Gil' in the drama "Chuno"..... ..... ...... ...... OK, it's stupid, I know... but still interesting to me...... for someone who has difficulty remembering Korean names, 'Dae-Gil' and 'Go-Ni' are probably the most memorable names of 2 unforgettable dramas.... and Jang Hyuk's name was the first I could remember among the Korean actors.... Rmk May 04 2014 8:29 am window.W4GRB = new Object(); The movie centres around the game of ‘Go-Stop’, a popular Korean card game played with a deck of hwatu (화투) , … Any naked scene in this sequel, G-Girlfriend Aug 05 2014 12:59 pm not anticipating the kiss scene though. So stop your pity whining, grow up, and shut up. Plus d'idées. It began filming on January 2, 2014, and was released on September 3, 2014. Just like the high stakes gambling games they play. I know it's not a drama, but I still wanted to throw out this recommendation. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); ??? i just watch the movie. The sequel