For calls and texts made from NZ and data used in NZ only. Skinny also offer Rollover Minutes & Data selected plans which means none of your unused minutes or data will go to waste at the end of the month. Skinny Mobile is a division of Spark New Zealand Trading Limited and uses Spark's 3G & 4G networks. Excludes premium rate numbers. Can any geekzone members advise if Skinny Mobile plans support iPhone hotspots? Skinny also offer prepay 4G wireless broadband and unlimited fixed connection broadband on a 12-month contract. Warehouse Mobile T&Cs apply. They’re backed by the 4G network of Spark, so you can trust that you’ll get good reception, wherever you are. Skinny House Plans. Share. SHARE SHARE TWEET TWEET SHARE SHARE Share. Skinny Mobile is a low cost mobile carrier whose target demographic is teenagers, young adults and low end mobile users.With this audience in mind, Skinny mobile only offer prepay mobile plans which are either weekly or monthly based. Not long ago the idea of a single family home of only 15 feet wide was unimaginable. Check your balance and see if you’re running low on minutes, texts, or data. See all recent answers Skinny are dedicated to making their prices as low as possible for you. Top up using a voucher, your pre-registered card, or a new card. 3. It piggybacks off Spark’s 4G network to provide wireless as well as fixed-connection broadband, with a network that is consistently being improved to extend coverage around the country. Skinny only does prepay mobile plans. I remember the first Skinny house I saw, and I thought it was a prank. 2. Do your thing better with the Skinny app: 1. Skinny homes are a relatively new happening, but have emerged to solve a growing need in many inner cities. Dual SIM Phones on Skinny Mobile. Instead, you can opt to have the changes commence at the start of your next mobile billing period. Low everyday NZ rates. Skinny Mobile are one of the newer mobile providers in New Zealand. Skinny is a division of Spark New Zealand Trading Limited providing both broadband and mobile plans to New Zealanders. Skinny’s mobile plans just got even better with Endless Data 06 May 2020. Selling your Skinny Wireless Modem or acquired a pre-owned one? Top ups start from just $5 and have a validity of 90 days. The plans look great but this is a must have feature that I get from my current provider. The Skinny app makes it easy to manage your account - check your balance, top up, and customise your plan with Add-Ons when you’re on the go. Skinny’s mobile plans just got even better with Endless Data Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 9:45 am Press Release: Skinny Mobile. Looking at Skinny's website the only reference to tethering appears to be in relation to their Data Binge offering. You can change your plan in My Orcon Mobile by choosing your preferred plan and selecting “Buy Plan.” Note: if you choose to have your new plan take effect immediately, any unused allowances from the previous plan won’t be credited. Skinny Mobile Plans.