5641 N Buckskin Pass Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. photography. EndlessPat - Oct 2, 2011 10:47 pm Date Climbed: Oct 2, 2011 Not Quite . The trail continues through the meadow to a sign for the Maroon-Snowmass/Willow Lake junction. I started this hike about an hour and a half before sunset and I had a goal of getting above the treeline (it can be seen in the bottom of the picture) before sunset, and then reaching the top of this 12,400ft pass called Buckskin Pass before it gets completely dark out. We got about half way up the gulch, but had spent so much time taking pictures of the Bells that weather was rolling in. You can turn around and go back at that point. You begin the ascent to Buckskin Pass at about the 2 mile mark. Terms and Conditions. 5.0. Do you love Hiking? Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. We have some incredible adventures! We hiked 16 miles total over 2 nights (2 miles in night 1, then 6 miles to the lake on day 2) at 5,200 ft of elevation. Day Four: Over Buckskin Pass to the Trailhead. 8948 Westover Blvd Ne, Moses Lake, WA 98837. Get An Early Start On The Wire Pass Trailhead. … Just to be on the safe side, I would recommend stopping by the Kanab Visitor Center at 745 East US-89, Kanab or call (435) 644-1300 ext. The slot canyon is often done as an out-and-back in and of itself but is also a nicer way to access Buckskin Gulch. The most popular route through Buckskin Gulch starts at the Wire Pass Trailhead and ends at the White House Trailhead/Campsite, a 21-mile eastward journey. Even though the Wire Pass Trailhead offers ample parking spaces, it is best to arrive early to secure a spot. Some friendly intel told me there is good camping above Silver Pass near some tarns (follow the boot path to the north). This section can be locked, requiring permission to view. So tear yourself away from the morning views of Snowmass Mountain reflected in Snowmass Lake and return to the main trail to conquer your final pass. Stay left at this junction (right goes to North Maroon Peak and Buckskin Pass) and continue past Crater Lake. Wirepass & Buckskin - conditions? The view across Maroon Lake with Maroon Peak in the background is stunning. When looking at the summit registry I was a little surprised of how few people hike the mountain, considering its easy access. Take the right fork to continue on the Maroon-Snowmass Trail. The lighting turns Buckskin Gulch into the most photogenic of slot canyons, with reflections of warm colors bouncing off the canyon walls. It was a beautiful and bright morning to be on the mountain; surface conditions on-hill continued to ski and ride great, with a mix of loose and frozen granular snow. You’ll notice the farther southeast you travel, the more the canyon will open up, becoming wider, hotter, and more exposed. 1301 to get the current conditions inside Buckskin Gulch. Turn north on House Rock Valley Road just before 89A starts to climb the Kaibab Plateau. Always check with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Kanab or online before embarking this hike...and ask what the flash flood rating for the Wire Pass is. Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by jlk_1953, May 18, 2009. jlk_1953 Guest. After that it's easy going slot canyon to the confluence of Wire Pass & Buckskin Gulch. With some obstacles to climb over depending on the flooding of the gulch, Wire Pass is a true photographers trail. Il faut commencer tôt pour sortir de la foule des Maroon Bells (et trouver une bonne place de stationnement). A really quick time lapse vid from Buckskin Pass of the view and of Maroon Peak. Besides the normal backpacking gear necessary for a 4 day trip in these conditions, the park also requires campers to use IGBC approved bear canisters to store any food, toothpaste, etc. Buckskin spans a divisive ridge between Minnehaha Gulch (east) and the Snowmass Creek drainage (west). The confluence of Wire Pass and Buckskin and back is 3.5 miles. Shuttle Request Form If you plan to hike through the Buckskin Gulch or Paria River Canyon, we offer a shuttle service from the end destination to the start of your hike. Leave Kanab, drive 40 miles east on US Highway 89. Past Address. Buckskin Pass (12,462') is located 4.6 miles from Maroon Lake in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. View Address. Once I reached the top, I took lots of pictures and headed down about two hours later. The Calgary-based singer-songwriter grew up in the Métis settlement of Paddle Prairie in Northern Alberta as part of a tight musical family who loved riding horses, trekking out to the bush, and playing country songs together in their down time. At 32 years of age Bebe Buckskin (aka Danielle Ghostkeeper) is already a confident seasoned performer with a powerful voice and a smokin’ band. Wire Pass Trailhead and Buckskin Gulch Trailhead in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah us about a 1 hour drive from Page, AZ At first, this is an easy 1.7 mile walk to see a very cool slot canyon and other beautiful rock formations and petroglyphs. Permits are required for day-use and (overnight-Use sold separate, and in advance) in this area. quick links. Perfect weekend albeit the temp dropping to 28F Wilderness. Trail is a bit overgrown but still very visible. wire pass. Trail Map | Photo Gallery. almost 3 years ago. While the general dates are set, the times are yet to be determined. In dry weather, drivers should expect some rutted sections and a lot of loose gravel and dust. Begin at the Wire Pass Trailhead, hike through Buckskin Gulch and continue south at the confluence down Paria Canyon all the way to Lee’s Ferry. CHECK AREA WEATHER. Conditions of the trail can change due to flash floods leaving debris and affecting the down climb section. Public Private. The only problems I could see would be the condition of the road down to Wire Pass if there has been recent rain/snow, and the amount of standing water in the Gulch. What it takes is simple awareness of canyon safety, anticipating conditions accurately, understanding your own abilities, and a lot of determination. Southern Utah Map. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. Buckskin Pass est fortement recommandé par un ami et la randonnée n'a pas déçu. Aspen Tourism; Aspen Hotels; Bed and Breakfast Aspen; Aspen Holiday Rentals; Aspen Holiday Packages; Flights to Aspen; Aspen Restaurants; Aspen Attractions Contact the BLM for weather and canyon conditions before attempting this route. You pass over the fifth and final cattle guard after 2.5 miles and cross the wash one last time at 3.1 miles. Asarae Scannell. We plan to start at Wirepass and do Buckskin to as far as the Middle Trail and go back as a day hike the last week of May. Take the left fork which continues to follow the Maroon-Snowmass Trail through the meadow to a series of switchbacks that climb steeply to Buckskin Pass. SHUTTLE SERVICE For one-way hiking through the Buckskin Gulch or Paria Canyon, take our shuttle from Lee's Ferry or White House Trailhead. Trail Map | Photo Gallery. Elevation gain/loss is unnoticeable. Snowy fall conditions up high, but that just added to the ambiance for the photos! $6/person. This trip should take 3-5 days one way. Buckskin pass to Snowmass Lake at Maroon Bells. wire pass. Buckskin spans a divisive ridge between Minnehaha Gulch (east) and the Snowmass Creek drainage (west). Find your hiking adventure! Buckskin pass to Snowmass Lake at Maroon Bells. Paria Canyon Directions From Mount Carmel Junction, drive 17 miles to Kanab. Public Private. The day-use fee is $6.00 per person and $6.00 per dog . Historical Weather. It's one of nine passes over 12,000' in the wilderness, and arguably easiest to reach. Past Address. This section can be locked, requiring permission to view. Day 2 we hiked over Silver Pass over to Buckskin Ridge. A high-clearance vehicle would be best on the rough terrain. The difficulty of the hike is moderate, but depends on weather conditions. From the top of Buckskin Pass the trail drops steeply into a vast alpine meadow (please, no camping in the meadows). You pass the Buckskin Trailhead on the way to the Wire Pass Trailhead. This is all easy to follow, even at night by headlamp. The junction or split to South Maroon Trail, 1.8 miles farther on from the previous trail junction, is harder to see by headlamp and is not signed. I’m a local in the area and I love this hike. Keep an eye on the clock, and simply turn around and return the way you came. The initial climb up to Buckskin Ridge is very steep with few switchbacks. I was wondering how the conditions are in the canyons? From there you can turn back or keep going either left or right into Buckskin Gulch. The trail continues its steep ascent exiting the gulch into an alpine meadow with Buckskin Pass looming ahead. Cindy Barks . If you took the no-fun tour to the trailhead, be sure to start early, because the last bus from the trailhead to Aspen Highlands leaves at 4 p.m. Route Description for Buckskin Pass From the parking area, or the shuttle drop off point, head down to Maroon Lake. Il y avait un peu de neige au début du mois d’octobre de cette année, mais il y avait … This backpacking trip in the Colorado wilderness features mountain-encircled alpine lakes, 360º views at 12,462’ Buckskin Pass, lush wildflower meadows, and unbeatable backcountry campsites. You can hike as far into the canyons as you dare. Wire Pass. A trail sign for the Maroon-Snowmass /Willow Lake junction appears in another 1/2 mile. ). If you wish to hike any part of Buckskin, the first thing to know is the permit system. Ski patrol dropped the ropes on Scoot just before opening this morning and at midday, they opened Hayburner to the public—just goes to show we’re always adding to our open terrain! Some nice flowers out including lots of Commom Yarrow. It is a fee area so have some cash at the trail head. View Address. address: kanab field office 669 s highway 89a kanab, ut 84741. latitude/longitude: 37.0190944, -67.9748111. hiking. 3. Buckskin Pass (12,462') is located 4.6 miles from Maroon Lake in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. Buy Buckskin Gulch Day Use Activity Pass in Buckskin, White House, Wire Pass Day Use (Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness), Utah with Recreation.gov. Some have started at the White House TH and hiked up the canyon, but this would require you to go up the rock jam, which might require climbing gear to get up the 10-15 feet of rocks. (435) 689 2182. Permits . The road is dirt and gravel, and in wet weather it can become impassable. The trailhead can also be reached from Highway 89A, about 18 miles west of Cliff Dweller’s Lodge. 1209 Janes Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. It's one of nine passes over 12,000' in the wilderness, and arguably easiest to reach. Weather. Solo climb of Buckskin BM and PT 13039 via Buckskin Pass/Maroon Lake. Directions to Coyote Buttes Wilderness Area . Hiking Through Wire Pass Slot Canyon. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is ASPEN 1 SW which is approximately 10 miles away and has an elevation of 8,163 feet (4,232 feet lower than Buckskin Pass). The Trail is named Four Pass Loop for its 4 mountain passes each around 1250' of elevation. Casual visitors can hike in from Wire Pass or Buckskin Gulch TH with a simple day-use permit at the trailhead. Day hiking is no problem, simply pay $6 per person and $6 per dog at the trailhead's self-pay station. After the road tops out on the broad sandy plateau of West Clark Bench at 4.2 miles, you pass the first of several right-branching roads, and you bear left at all but one junction ahead. Considering its proximity to Buckskin Pass, Buckskin Benchmark’s summit doesn’t see many visitors, maybe 20- 30 a year. All good things must finally come to an end. At the ~3 mile mark, you pass the treeline and get some great views when you look back towards Snowmass Lake (credit: mrubenstein01) Trip Overview: The Four Pass Loop in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness is one of the premiere backpacking loops in Colorado.