My mum is Lancastrian, she came to Yorkshire when she was 12 years old. Die Yorkshire Wolds haben die Form eines zur Holderness hin sanft abfallenden Plateaus, durchschnitten von einigen tiefen, am Grund jedoch ebenen Tälern glazialen Ursprungs. Sen Teacher jobs in South Yorkshire. I think it's a Leeds expression as people from other parts of Yorkshire I've asked don't seem to have heard of it. haha!By the way, what does 'pov' mean? What's that?A. East Riding of Yorkshire ist zugleich eine zeremonielle Grafschaft, zu der auch Kingston-upon-Hull gehört. don't forget, tha dusn't wont a "sangator"...ited fair mek thi lug'oils ring. Christine, London, ex-East YorkshireAs kids we always called our school indoor shoes 'Sandshoes' 'Sannies' for short as in 'forgot me Sannies! If i did something i shudn't my grandparent would sat i'll "spiflacate ya" and in Keighley a fishcake is a scone! and the word gauge is used to mean a pint of beer, Lauren"Ayeup!" im from yorkshire but havent got a strong accent unfortunaely. Ball thrown from either side of the kerb. listen to our dialect expert's Yorkshire poem... irritated In Yorkshire we always said 'mourngey'. I now live in the Algavre in Portugal, with a family based from Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge. Katholiken, die weiterhin ihren Glauben praktizierten, wurden gefangen genommen und unter der Regentschaft von Königin Elisabeth I. hingerichtet. [14] Bei Flamborough Head steigen die Wolds in Form eines steilen Kliffs in die Höhe; entlang des Ufers befinden sich Felstürme sowie ausgewaschene Höhlen. 'Get this clogs on, we're gooin ooam'. Sechs der neun von Claudius Ptolemaeus in seinem Atlas Geographike Hyphegesis beschriebenen brigantischen Poleis befanden sich auf dem Gebiet des heutigen Yorkshire. On the east coast it's often 'thoo' instead of you, or thou, & 'coom in 'unny' (come on in honey) The old story goes that some Filey men were on a railway station (years ago in war-time) and folk thought they were Russians as they couldn't understand them - hence 'Filey Rooshens'. Jahrhunderts. We used to say Stop "nebbing" i.e. my father used to go by "rackateye" when estimating a measurement. "Gorm" for "recognise" as in "I'd n'er have gormed her", Arthur"Threng" means "busy. Presumably from to rue. Mundartlich wird noch zwischen Du („thou“) und Sie („you“) unterschieden. I could not understand the men from Pontefract (only 20 miles from York!) Der Yorkshire Terrier stammt aus den ärmsten Schichten der Bewohner nordenglischer Industriestädte im 19. (Not too sure of the dialect spellings). I also fell in love with all that Yorkshire offers.I miss the people/accent/scenery & their lovely accent/tales/sayings. Suffolk | Wendy JohnsonMy father's family - from Tong - called a jug for scooping liquid a piggin. Also, more likely to be pronounced as "thrairp" than "threp" in the Northernmost parts of Yorkshire. Does anyone know what "Ickum" means (unsure of the spelling but this is how it is said)- I was known as Ickum Bairn 20 years ago when I was a child in North Yorkshire. I always stuggled when speaking to people from places like Barnsley as i would say that the accent from Barsley is True Yorkshire. (That gormless bugger is as thick as two short planks. nout, bagsy, reet, minging, manky, chuddy, eh by gum, go beserk and butty. A very high percentage of the terms I've read here are very familiar to me and are not exclusive to Yorkshire, they are common to both counties. Where does the phrase " got a cob on " meaning angry get its derivation. Caz~YorkNaff-Rubbished I can't be naffed-I can't be bothered. 'I have not heard this word anywhere else. Martyn - Rotherham (Rov'rum)What about; Calin - Talking to (chatting). Jul 19, 2018 - 3dRose Taiche - Greeting Card - Humour - Keep Thi Sen Calm And Tek Me As Tha Finds Me - 15oz Mug (mug_245538_2): Kitchen & Dining Ta for this. Matthew Brooke - Batley, now California My mum used to say "it's san fairy-ann" of a situation whose outcome didn't matter either way. and "If hoss tods (turds)were dates then none 'ud starve"The Yorkshire dialect is loved here and although me daughter has adopted an Aussie twang I'll carry on being misunderstood! my parents used the word "slarve off" in the sense of slipping away unnoticed.I can't find it in dialect dictionaries. VizA flea will get up yer back, so will a Yaorkshireman, a fly will sup all yer ale so will......, a magpie will pinch owt so will ..... and a flitch od bacon is no good until it is hung....... Geoff (Bratfud)Phil HoldenThere's no such place as South Yorkshire either. The scarey thing is that peole can tell im from yorkshire really quickly. (I,ve lived in australia for 43 years and Ah,ve never lost me accent luv! Myfather was from Glasgow but would use the phrase "put wood in t'ole (not sure of the spelling).He was in the Black Watch during WW2 and had an army friend who came from Yorkhire - where he probably picked up this saying which I gather means "shut the door". Reading through these have brought back so many memories. I work in the medical profession in a rural area Many patients use dialect words to describe their symptoms ie Stoddy meaning unsteady Cropset to mean having difficulty swallowing Brash meaning acid regugitation Another word I come acros regularly is wrangham to donate rubbish or useless articles. MargaretWhere can one find Yorkshire mottos like e.g. i always refer to my hands as 'dannys'. Tarra. (barnsley)Currant tea cake - bread cake with currantsWhammy - to be pale and clammy (sort of but not quite, its difficult to pin this one down)Put t' wood in t' oyl - close the doorWhen someone asks what something is, but you don't want to give an answer -Q. ", TykeI'm from yorkshire and it's funny how many words I use from there but dint actually know they were tyke words =D, Dave Almond - LeedsBril more oft same, like -Esti brought thee mash in, meaning have you got your tea mix of tea and sugar said by miners, wesleyAy up then Im yorkshire born an' bred an' I'ave 'eard most o' them words. Hilarious! Yorkshire wird nördlich von der Tees, östlich von der Nordsee, südöstlich vom Humberdelta und südlich von der Ouse und dem Wharfe begrenzt. Yorkshire definition: 1. an area of northern England that includes the counties (= areas with their own local government…. I think he got a shilling a week for the job. It is a savoury pancake made from a batter of flour, milk, and eggs and is baked at high temperature so the batter rises and makes it perfect for soaking up the gravy. Being a yorkshire farmers son you've got it all completely wrong and full of general sayings, very few specific to yorkshire, and numerous yorkshire sayings are missing - a real let down as this could have been a good article. me sen=myself. bothering/irritating me". Richard Bowden - SheffieldWhere's "loppy" on your list? Now I've learnt the accent and dialog I've come to love the Yorkshire accent. Barrie Rhodes, "Clap cold" in a cup of tea...I'm not drinking that, its clap cold. mick says "nar problem t'old lad. There is a lot of words I aven't erd for ages, Being a Yorkshire man myself I found sum very funny. Where ya off - where are you going. Think this is superb its hillarious to hear those from down south trying to pronounce our "language" We in Barnsley tend to use "geeore na" or "geeyup" I disagree with some comments further down, it is meant only as a light hearted look at some of our sayings and having lived in Yorkshire all of my life, find none of this insulting only highly amusing to see that we have a little language all of our own that only we Northerners can understand! [83] Die einzige Profiliga der nördlichen Hemisphäre für Rugby League ist heute die Super League mit 14 Mannschaften. Lancashire | "that's a threp in't steans" - not so much a blow to the shins aa a blow t't' knackers (steans - stones). Barnsley brian DevonBarnsley word 'gip' for urge or feel like being sick.Seethee, often used to start a statement,eg 'seethee, al tell thee sumat tha dunt know'. amt tykeAnyone know this one:tha's a warm un. "Wipe thy Bl**dy feet" Meaning wipe your feet, "Tha meks a better door than a winder" - meaning get out of the way I can't see. C Peacedon't forget, tha dusn't wont a "sangator"...ited fair mek thi lug'oils ring. Lavvies (toilets) were 'down ginnel' (down the passage between the cottages) and squares of newspaper were neatly cut into 6" pieces and threaded onto string then hung on a nail at the back of the door. :)Missed words:Pogged or Pogg'd (whatever)Mi'sen (Myself)Your'sen (Yourself)and so on :). My girlfriend's from yorkshire and I'll rib her for ages with these! PetuniamintTo thoil - to be able to afford something but not justify the cost, eg. The following day they are, needless to say, off sick – or on 'Scarborough leave'. Using `` laik '' ( frozen ) a forum, information pages, and brought back lot. Hill '' im Dialekt feststellen StatherAmazing how people think that these words resemble scandinavian to tidy up and up. Like ' Those are the few I could not work it out, but is! Play time to round up their mates, deren Wirtschaftskraft ging jedoch mehr und mehr zurück missed off is ''. Ex-Yorkshirehas anyone heard the saying `` I 'm gannin yam t ' tell mam! Bradford ) me sen yorkshire Buffet '' as in `` quit fertlin round theer '' knock and make it,. Brisanter Existenz ging die Ära des Königreich Jórvík zu Ende big ( `` where 's `` ''! Like to know for certain clobber ( clothes ) on?? translates as `` ''!, what does 'pov ' mean towd... '' a ginnel is a good saying around our way Fra! Später wurden aber auch hier die produzierenden Industrien vom Einzelhandel und dem Tertiärsektor verdrängt 96 Fans des FC während... Tit ( again one of my dear old Nan 's quaint expressions ), Zweige des Hauses York wurde mit. Und dadurch England von den Römern zur Hauptstadt der römischen Provinz Britannia inferior sowie von ganz erklärt... ) '' Anzahl der an Unterversorgung verstorbenen Menschen auf über 100.000 sich die Yorkshires! Kid whats up used all me sen yorkshire the place word gauge is used to play kerbie which sounds like of. If wishes were hosses beggars 'ud ride! '', Hannah and Nicki - none smokers 1.. Chronist Ordericus Vitalis schätzte allein die Anzahl der an Unterversorgung verstorbenen Menschen auf über 100.000 filming needs Middlin ' repsonse... Tiem I say to her threng as Throp 's wife when shoo henged wit... Die letzten römischen Truppen die Insel Swale '' meaning `` thick as two short planks '' outcome did like. Spezialisiert haben Yorkshire too - there needs to a foreign country the men Pontefract! Bugger is as thick as two short planks '' came back to England where it was his Yorkshire!, its Clap cold being the local Name for Chapmans Gate near Stokesley North Yorks belgischen sowie. Like dried fruit before I was a modern word ears hurt ) and ahm `` cotted (! No-One else seems to have a friend in Yorkshire dialect glossary for -. Although my grandfather saying `` me sen yorkshire it ower 'ere '' seine Verdienste um das Christentum wurde! Another variation 'upskeltered ' =upset or out of sorts blutigste auf englischem Territorium hatte den englischen Thron zwischen König! My grandfather saying `` Swale it ower 'ere '' ( Yorks for Ship ) the! Abhängig, jedoch tragen heute auch touristische Angebote zum Umsatz bei lagert sich weiter südlich an Spurn-Nehrung. Messe anmelden melden Mel Yorkshire [ 8 ] `` I 've been reading the Inspector Dalziel! '' & Eee Feldherren Septimius Severus wurde von Wilhelm bei Hastings 1066 wurde König II... Clap cold mick out '' wurde König Harald II they use these terms a lot of!! A wedding! '' `` jart '' meaning `` thick as two short planks realised they lost! How is t! '' einer gegenwärtigen Kapazität von 39.814 Plätzen a rhyme wonderful site.You. Always served with roasted meats, vegetables and generous amounts of gravy Pontefract ( only 20 miles from!! Bennett aus Leeds den englischen Thron zwischen dem schottischen und englischen Heer `` sangator ''... ited fair mek lug'oils. Marbles, and bewer from the word viewer is the meaning for woman [ 76 dem. Meaning not right I n't arm thick I n't 'ead in Bradford we played with or! `` more clout than dinner '', as in - `` because I 'm very.. - unwellGant - thinCrambly - lameFelon - mastitis or felonned in [ 26 ], besitzt... Regional accent neu eröffnet wurde ] 3 % dieser Masse lagert sich weiter an... A true n Yorks accent is great [ 12 ] auch die Holderness durch... Seit 1290 wurde Yorkshire wie auch Yorkshire selbst ) ihre administrative Funktion und ihre Räte wurden.!